How the mix of alcohol into the bloodstream, and how alcohol affect the blood.

1. Alcohol passes through the esophagus directly into the blood start to get complicated.

2. One fifth of alcohol is absorbed lining of the stomach.

3. The rest of the alcohol is absorbed in two or 3 hours in the intestines and blood circulation throughout your body.

How alcohol affects the body;

Brain: Responses may exaggerate, suppresses the senses, numbing the nerves, increases, self confidence and control, but weakens the idea.

Liver: Cirrhosis is a buildup of scar tissue that changes the structure of the liver and blocks blood flow.

Blood circulation: veins expands. Enlarged veins in the body for the fire creates a sense of facial flushing.

Inhalation: Slightly less than twenty percent of alcohol in breath, urine, and excreted through sweat.

Stomach: Alcohol in the stomach stimulates the digestive juice. Can cause indigestion.

Skin: Sweating is thrown out by a small amount of pure alcohol.

Urine: diuretic effect
Drinking alcohol before taking a glass of milk has been observed to reduce the effect of alcohol. Because the milk in the stomach slows down alcohol the blood mixture. And the blood alcohol level rises more slowly. This extends to the duration of alcohol in the blood. Foods, especially fatty foods makes the same effect. Nutrients in the stomach because the stomach is full, the majority of the alcohol takes longer to go through the intestines into the blood thin.

Drinking alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream through the stomach is empty. Drink a glass of milk or eat it halves the speed and blood alcohol level decreases by nearly 50 percent increase. However, this is a  temporary protection. Drunk all the alcohol enter the bloodstream through eventually.

Dark block coffee drink alcohol at a rate antidote cubits. Alcohol on the brain stimulant caffeine in coffee that makes the opposite effect. However, does not change the blood alcohol level. In summary, coffee on the way of a drive to reduce the likelihood of an accident, but alcohol is drunk, occur when alcohol test.
Sexual desire is intertwined with the biological impulses, and a mixture of foreign influences. Sexual desire is a moment that inspired the real and imaginary images. But the dream of many people, played in various erotic imagination have implicated a sexually stimulating. Sexual abnormalities in people's dreams can be determined by asking the sexual requests.

According to the results of such an investigation very fond of sexual intercourse with a partner not usually think about a single, sex-addicted to the fantasies of those who applied by the different relationship (oral sex, coerciveness, group sex, etc.) were found to be prone to different sexual relationship.
Although there is generally defined as a physical barrier when vaginismus woman's fear, anxiety and concern do not allow for sexual intercourse, is unable to define the. If you are having pain during sex, the problem is there is a situation that bother you. Here are findings that can help you with this. Sex couples can not make the woman's pain over the issue, because the contraction of muscles around the vagina to help prevent and sexy. This problem, know as vaginismus person must be primarily self help. Think about sex and how to spend a minute doing Gosden. If yo feel secure and happy, love to relax.

The first relationship, the normal restlessness

Some men think a woman's sexuality is not only limited to the vagina, respectively, but the clitoris is like a rose garden in front of the vagina. A young woman, a young man need 4-5 times more of sexual stimulation. In this case a male partner should engage in sexual intercourse until you are ready. Vaginismus is often the first stories about the relationship of bleeding and pain that is caused by the fear of young girls. Flexible, but first relationship, full of love and not feel pain in women approaching the kind only he will feel a little uncomfortable. The vaginal entrance is surrounded by strong muscles but the muscles relax during sexual intercourse in women, the vagina expands outward. Women can do little or no feeling during sex. The output of the vagina to allow the baby's head structure. If these muscles are tense and stress in sexual intercourse or relationship to the theory a choice, if the pain cause you to hear
Recommendations for reducing the pain first intercourse 

However, to reduce the signs of sexual repression can also do some exercise. First of all, you and your partner must agree to the relationship will not be. You will feel more comfortable without the pressure of sexual intercourse. First sexual intercourse Explore why you'll be happy. Learn about your body's sensitive points in the bathroom or in bed. Body cream. body oil or lotion, apply. Get to know your body is at least half an hour. Make it at least 3 times a week. Touch sexual parts of your body to feel comfortable that the genital region, the clitoris locate your PIN. Orgasm that you're happy as it hit your heart to stimulation of the vagina is such a way that you gonna feel different things.

Sex therapy as a part of your satisfaction that you will learn how. Try wrapping a finger into your vagina. To give in. You will be surprised to see how wide. Try wrapping your finger in. Then, two or 3. Try to feel completely comfortable with your partner to try the same things but do not enter the relationship. Non-Sexual massage once a week, or couple who discover each other's sensitive points. You ready for a finger into your vagina toward your partner that you are suffering my begin to shift, but your time. When you fell that you are ready for intercourse, you should position to be top, so you need to check yourself feel more comfortable. You both need to act fairly in a courteous manner.
Experts expected the date of the birth of a healthy way to perform the natural remedies that may be beneficial, but consulting a doctor before applying these methods, he says. To accelerate the birth of the first and most important way to feel comfortable stating that the person with whom pregnant birth professionals, pregnant woman being tense and sad delay the birth of its decisive role, therefore, is that pregnant women in a warm bath by candlelight, relaxing massage or acupuncture or aromatherapy with certain points in the body with relaxation of the body indicates that it is beneficial for the birth.

Imagine a flower opening slowly

Expected date of birth did not occur the next day you will feel good about yourself to do something special in time for the advice of the separation between the notes and make manicure, go to a nice restaurant, watch a favorite movie or eat ice cream. In addition to these, also try to meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose a few times. Starting from foot up to your face touch your entire body while breathing slowly Imagine a flower that opens, imagine your baby will look like the recommendations are also included.

Birth of sex to start your

To start the birth of one of the most well-known methods, emphasizing that it is the sex according to experts, started the birth of the enzymes in the natural regulation of hormones.

Experts, to use this technique immediately after sex to keep the neck of the uterus and filled up, do not try to lie down for a while. Towards the end of pregnancy, many women are reluctant have intercourse. But the movements of foreplay will help for the birth. Up to 2 inches is the size of the uterus is known that female orgasm.

Mango and pineapple to labor causes

The birth of the changes made in the diet is short and easy to expert who contribute to the expression, mango, pineapple, tropical fruits, such as an enzyme that can cause moderate to labor is located. Spicy food is a natural stimulant in the intestine may help to start labor pains. Finally, your neck of the uterus into action by placing the prostaglandin-based gel packs into your vagina, your doctor can help you. This practice probably 24 to 48 hours after the birth will take place.
First, you sort of sperm count and sperm quality. According to the research, primarily if there is a food rather than to turn to, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, disorderly life, high stress, irregular performed, a negative effect on sperm quality, such as unbalanced diet is required the abandonment of the bad habits. Walnut, hazelnut products, such as the body's immune system and influence the resistance and physically available and can not be denied the benefits of course. However, sperm quality is not the same thing with physical benefits. Besides the physical benefits of those, a direct effect of sperm quality is not in question. A healthy and regular life, regular sleeping hours, regular sport and balanced nutrition from every type of food is laid out as the most beautiful style. Containing these elements into a camp. Mobile phones, computer monitors, large tube television, mocrowave oven emitting devices such as radio activity has a negative effect on sperm parameters.

 Increase sperm count and sperm quality of herbal cure, but currents course as blog promote a product which would like to remind yo 100% vegetable.

Turkey enters a new market, as previously blog Cym Plus is a product called herbal food supplement did promote. CymPlus is a product imported from the Netherlands. CymPlus, sperm quality, motility, and increases the amount. Plus, using the self-confidence, increase the Cym. Cym-Term and more intense orgasms with Plus and the number of discharges with insufficient. Sperm lives and more sexual desire, those who complain about the lack of sperm quality, infertility pill in the world is now in Turkey, plus sensational Cym. Using sperm from men portrayed , increases sperm motility, sperm count and quality of herbal products that may produce the maximum levels for couples unable to have children.


Oats (Avena sativa), Epimediyum, vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Magnesium, Green tea Extract, Vitamin E, L-carnitine tartrate, Zinc (zinc ascobate), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Folic Acid, Selenium, Magnesium stearate, silica, and gelatin capsule is located.

Sperm constitute the most important ingredients are: Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12+C, Zinc. This is some of the other important subtances, Cym Plus herbal formula is enriched with contents and extra folic acid.

Folic acid

Nijmegen is a researcher, for example, often with inadequate nutrient folic acid and zinc materials investigated the effect on the quality of male sperm. The effect of both substances were determined precisely. Food supplements in the semen of men 74% of the sperm cell count increases.

Herbal Contents Ginseng is also such as Dong Quai, Is regarded as a tonic for regulating the energy of life. Ferulik acid, an antioxidant found in Dong Quai'da also increases the mobility of sperm cells. Avena sativa, or oats are a lot of protein and durability. Avena sativa is a rich iron, manganese and zinc are the source, Cym Plus and gives him the viability of using a man in need. Cym Plus is the most complete formula in this context.

You get detailed information about this product or if you want to place an order, the following web site and phone numbers can be found in this product.

Cym Plus Phone: 0 (232) 274 77 87

In addition, Dr. Saracoglu Carob is very effective in curing this issue:

Moving to increase the number and quality of sperm and impotence in men against the Locust Regimen

6-7 pieces of about half a liter of boiling water little by little by breaking carob horse. Boil off the nozzle as a slight fever for 3 minutes. Boiling off the bottom of the cooker and 20 minutes rest time after the completion. after the rest period with a spoon, remove pieces of locust. After cooling, half of the morning on a empty stomach, drink way to bed the other night. This practice should continue every day for a week. Evening every day for 3 months after the first week of going to bed drink a glass of water. Apply the next few months from time to time.
Sperm progression as a doctor you would like to share, please enter contentious. The first part of semen zinc, fatty compounds, contains amino acids and enzymes. In the second part of the sperm in the female reproductive organ to move forward to the contraction of the uterus and tubes, sperm, and feeding the acid environment of the vagina contains neutralizing agents. There are also certainly in Daily Life watchpoints. Non-sperm count, movement and structure of the negative effects. Spouses of men who smoke increase the probability was set low. Alcohol can cause impotence and sperm production. Smaller testes in cases of chronic alcoholism, impaired testosterone production.

Adversely affect sperm quality and production of drugs substances. These substances also cause hormonal imbalance. Many drugs used to treat the disease adversely affects sperm production, the effect is temporary. Many antibiotics, parasite medicine, depression, stomach ulcers, hypertension, and some drugs used to treat allergic diseases displayed a negative effect on male reproductive health. chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, damage to sperm production. Some of the effects of these drugs may be permanent. Sperm samples were collected prior to chemotherapy, these patients can be frozen for future use. Sperm producing cell in the testes of radiation is very sensitive to radiation. The resulting damage depends on the degree and persistence of radiation dose. Sperm production can begin again within 3-5 years in patients receiving radiotherapy. High heat sauna, and hot water baths, especially negative affect sperm production. Pesticides also adversely affect sperm production.

Sperm Count:
Between 100-300 million sperm left in the vagina during intercourse with ejaculation. Close to the sperm reaches the egg, but one of the vacant vagina 25-30. One of them breaks the egg membrane and fertilize the egg. Sperm cells live in the vagina for 2-4 hours, but even 16 hours after intercourse can be seen live sperm samples taken from the vagina. Infection in women during sexual intercourse or when the lubricant is used substances a shorter period of time sperm remains alive.

The number of sperm quality, longer duration of sexual abstinence were to rise even cure, the normal structure of the sperm is reduced. Ideally, the mean duration of 4 days of sexual abstinence. Sperm count and impairs the quality of even a simple cold. Sperm analysis and the analysis should be done taking into account the outcome of diseases passed bad case of sperm analysis should be repeated after three months. Absolute sperm counts of a healthy test tube baby centers, genetic laboratories and their hosts should be made. The amount varies between 1.5 and 6ml  of normal semen. MI, sperm count at 20 million and over, and over 40% of mobility, the rate of the normal structure of sperm in the semen samples of 14% is above normal.


Spermiogram Test What is it?

Examination of semen. Semen is given for the review to be considered:

2-7 days of sexual abstinence
For example, take a clean container with masturbation
Saliva sample for the purpose of getting the slick, using substance such as soap or shampoo
For example, at the latest within 60 minutes of delivery of the laboratory examine
Examination of semen volume, color, odor, viscosity (fluidity), liquefaction time is evaluated. Sperm count is done, and the structure of sperm motility is evaluated.
Examined the presence of semen leukocytes and microorganisms.

What are normal values?
According to the World Organization criteria for normal semen values are shown below.
Volume: 2-6.0 ml
Concentration: > 20 x 106/ml
Total sperm number: > 40 x 106/ml
Movement: 50%
Morphology: 30%
Vitality: 75%
WBC <1.0 x 106/ml

What you need to pay attention before which?
The results of semen examination, sexual abstinence time, season, stress, alcohol and tobacco use vary depending on. Final results before agreeing semen analysis should done three time with one month interval.
Composite Resins

What is a Composite Resin?

The silicon dioxide particle in a plastic mixture. Referred to as tooth-colored filling is white. Although 1960 witnessed not only material used on the front teeth chewing on the development of highly durable and abrasion pressures reduced to a minimum as a filler material can be applied successfully to the back teeth.

How are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are placed in prepared cavities in layers and each layer is hardened with a special light. When this process is shaped and adjusted according to the tooth  composite fillings. All of these operations takes longer than amalgam filling. However, at least twice as much more expensive than amalgam. Composite fillings in the mouth from the time period of 7-10 years, which is close to life amalgams. However, very large amalgam fillings in favor of the

Advantages and disadvantage:

This fills the biggest advantages is that aesthetic. In addition, this supports the tooth fillings for teeth thoroughly connected, helping to prevent breakage and temperature. Composites, not only for the restoration of caries, teeth color, and discuss the event changed the format can be used for cosmetic effects. The most important disadvantage is that post-process sensitivities. Fillers and colors, coffee, tea can vary slightly, such as food coloring.

Composite restorations for patients post-alerts

Composites can also no longer the same polishing process. However, most dental restorations, or for very large series of patients for restoration of the age one more time it you have control to make the necessary adjustment will be much better in terms of both aesthetics and function.
Osteoporosis is a common disease, especially in women after a certain age. A variety of fractures and bone mass is the body decline with the start of the frequency of injuries is increasing.

Osteoporosis medications were listed as follows:

-Corticosteroids (glucocorticoids)

-Blood diluting medications (anticoagulants)

-Cancer drugs (chemotherapy / immunosuppressive)

-Goiter medications (thyroid extracts)

Stomach drugs (proton pump inhibitors and antacids containing aluminum)

-Psychiatric medications (lithium, used as an antidepressant selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)

Scripture, which lead to osteoporosis drugs, Society should be informed about drugs and diseases that can lead to osteoporosis. Examinations in patients with osteoporosis, the clinical laboratory investigations may lead to bone loss and fracture, unlikely to uncover all the factors, such as illness and medications. Because osteoporosis is a disease of other long term use may cause a drug.
A healthy lifestyle and to combat obesity experts talk about the importance of continuous sport in our lives. But they also needed to make the conscious sport and sports issues that need to be aware of when you need to know better.

Especially when women's sports injuries occur more commonly. And women, menstrual  periods, especially due to hormones secreted during sport.

Current Concepts in Sports Trauma " which provides information on the subject in the sport during menstruation. Scientific studies since the start of menstrual period, 10-14. a period of days shows that the more risky for sport injuries. Estrogen hormone is higher during this day period the cell for the anterior cruciate runs slower than the bonds. This also reduces the ability of an injury replacement in the immediately prior or ovulation, the more risky than in the period after the warning was published. In addition, the anterior cruciate ligaments in the range where the bone is narrower, women are more risk during sports.
Complains about crooked teeth, but you're aesthetically disturbing wires attached to the course of treatment?
New technology is applied in the Treatment of Dental Diseases "Invisalign" method, which does not seem as obvious in the mouth with the wire and bracket use, ergonomic and healthy teeth be treated proated properly with transparent plates.

Dental wires from aesthetic concerns, indicating that Pat keep adults away from this treatment, this is a problem in the use of the wire and bracket "Invisalign" method eliminated.

Pinar, invisalign method, in order to fix misaligned teeth attached to the teeth removable mouth, which does not seem as abvious a series of corrective transparent plates, which provide corrections of the teeth without brackets and wires be described as a system. Transparent toppers, with the help of three dimensional computerized systems in accordance with the patients tooth structure modeled exactly, each used for 2 weeks at a trimmer plate.

Pinar, two weeks after the new language is inserted in a corrective, bringing about the process gave the following information: " This new corrective of the oldest, the teeth become more uniform generation is a little different. This process is progressing step by step. The process of examination and treatment of orthodontic specialist will make the six-week intervals are directed.

The duration of treatment, according to the rate of tooth deviousness is between 9-15 months. During this period, approximately 18-30 pieces of transparent plates used corrective Wires and brackets in the classical orthodontic treatment continues to 18-24 months.

Aesthetic Advantage
Emphasizing that it is more advantageous than the method implemented in the Spring wire, wire and brackets according to the classical method, the most important advantage of invisalign "aesthetic superiority," Pinar, "corrective plaques is completely transparent and very difficult to spot. This is particularly want to have orthodontic treatment, but the image of brackets and wires due to increasing popularity of the method of treatment that delay the adults. Another advantage of Invisalign in the "oral hygiene easier to achieve," which stated that Pat, Eating and drinking in the conventional orthodontic treatment Invisalign the restriction are gone. Because, prompted by mouth after brushing can be removed and re-inserting. Invisalign Another advantage of the method previously known for the duration of treatment and it knows the outcome of treatment. Classic orthodontic treatment to the patients and the physician, depending on the duration of treatment and the values averaged to give a clear time is not very possible. On the other hand, much more comfortable undergoing a period of adaptation to treatment.

According to information from Pinar, invisalign method where all the permanent teeth replace baby teeth fell from 12 years can be applied successfully.

Such as upper or lower jaw, the jaw position to be behind the front-interest cases, 8-12 years of age need treatment. It does not matter outside the age factor.

Carbohydrate is the most important.

Communities and families that use sugar and heavy bruises very often.

Sugar-growing microbes breaking down the acid production of plaque bacteria cause materials. These acids decay starts, deepens the existing caries. Therefore, to avoid the buildup of plaque types to avoid sugary foods that stick to teeth and is also useful, especially.

The main element of protection against plaque ant tooth brushing sticky sugary substances.
Periodontal Disease

Disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth, which are the first that comes to mind in periodontal disease. Bleeding gums, pain, desire to begin mixing with a toothpick. Pus is in advanced stage through the gums, teeth begin to swing. gum disease "is the name of gingivitis. Scroll to the periodontal membrane and alveolar bone that holds more semen "periodontitis" the observation point.

There are about one out of every 4 of periodontal disease in our country and after 15 years, which leads to tooth loss. MSA after 30 years of age, loss of teeth is the result of periodontal disease 90%. To the treatment of periodontal diseases for the protection work periodontology science specific requirements. Good oral and dental care is required to protect.
Canker Sores in the mouth, cheek and lip mucosa, often, on the tongue, soft palate, pharynx, pale yellow-red to be seen on the gums become very painful, ulcerated lesions, surrounded by. 18-20% of society more or less faced with the problem of canker sores. More often found in women. Canker usually as a single, albeit at the same time can be seen in more than a few in the region. Make one susceptible to a variety of research has been conducted to determine the cause of occurrence. However, many factors that make one susceptible factors that worsen the course of the formation and detection of the accelerator, but have not identified the exact cause of occurrence. Therefore, factors that delay the healing of canker sores and can be reported to accelerate the formation.

What factors are important in the formation of canker sores?

Today, migraines, high blood pressure, and the cause of many diseases such as gastritis, considered among the most important reasons for the formation of canker sore is one of the stress.
Premenstural ladies tension (pre-menstrual period), the factors that accelerate the formation of canker sores.

Citrus fruits, vinegar, pickles, potato chips, cookies, salty and spicy foods can irritate the lining of the mouth as thrush is one of the important factors that accelerate the formation. In addition, some sufferers may be allergic to buckwheat, barley, chocolate, nuts, shellfish, soybeans, tomatoes, some eggplant, apples, figs, food such as cheese. accelerate the formation canker sores.

Cheek, lip biting, tongue, hard and soft foods without irritation and tooth brushing dentures are not well adapted to cause the formation of ground suitable for canker sores.

Cleaning the property of toothpastes to increases the form structures as a constructive participant "sodium lauryl sulfate" (SLS) is a chemical irritant that increase the breakdown of the mucosal cells. This feature directly on the formation of canker sores with SLS is a substance which is effective.
Especially people with canker sores for use today, to a lesser extent (1.25%) SLS containing toothpastes are produced. (Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste, Oral-B Sensitive Toothpaste fluoride.)

Systemic diseases
Behcet's Diseases: Genital ulcers, conjunctivitis, retinitis, such as leukocytosis, as well as inside the mouth of many systemic symptoms of a disease.

Other reasons
Vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies, smoking, tobacco chewing habits, such as are known to be important factors that contribute to the formation of canker sores.

Applied to any treatment table Canker sores usually heal spontaneously after 7-10 days. faced with the problem of canker sores or more of any of those listed below can apply this more comfortable to spend a Period:

To reduce pain and shorten the recovery period:
1.  Acidic and avoid irritating foods.
2. 2% hydrogen peroxide, canker sores with gauze or cotton dipped in cleaning solution.
3. Carbonate mixture prepared with water spreads on the fine structure of a thrush cream.
4. Half a glass of water with the addition of a half-spoon salt gargle three time a day can be obtained from the solution.
5. Meals of canker sores "xylocaine prepared for oral solution or anesthetic creams can be applied.
6. Aft applied on the orabase, Gly-Oxide, Cankaid, Ambesol such as creams can be applied in the mouth.
7. "Sucralfate" mouthwash tablet can be dissolved in warm water.
8. In particular the initial phase of the tablet becomes "tetracyline" solution obtained by dissolving the tablet in water and gargle, and make one susceptible to control pain and prevent further growth.
9. Again, the initial phase of the region make one susceptible of topical steroid, "0.1% triamcinalone implementation, or a steroid mouthwash" Betamethasone syrup' to make one susceptible to gargle reduces pain and prevents further growth.
10. "Chlorhexadine gargles shorten the period of recovery.
Using Dental Floss

Dental floss, tooth between then in term of the removal of food remains a very useful tool. Starting from a very young age should be taught proper brushing and flossing techniques.

After brushing the teeth and the gum line and between teeth to remove food residues are used dental floss. These residues, the most important cause of tooth decay.

1. Dental floss is taken up to thirty centimeters. The other end of the middle finger of one hand a section of floss in the middle finger of other hand winds. Must remain a part of the rope in the middle.

2. In the middle section of the rope is pushed backward with the index finger. Rope, passed through the teeth. During this movement should not be hard.

3. The same application can be repeated with another piece of rope by taking the lower teeth.
Tooth Brushing Technique

The most effective way to protect our teeth to brush regularly. The first step in the selection of the correct brush teeth brushing. Nylon brush the most appropriate medium hard brushes. Easy access to the back teeth in the mouth moving and not too large for the brush head is preferred. After selecting the appropriate brush teeth brushed at least twice a day on a regular basis. Because of its pleasing aroma and mouth feel of toothpaste to brush your teeth easier. The proposal should not be used unless the dentist tooth polishing powders. Excessive use is harmful in terms of dental health.
Stance is the same as non-essential movement of the brush between teeth: brush along the gum line is placed as the slope. This small, circular movements intact teeth brushed. Then, brush, brushing is continued by moving a brush a length.

1. Tooth brush and gum level is kept to a 45 degree angle starting from the start to brush towards the oral cavity. If brushing is not hard blows from the outer surfaces, soft and to draw circles, the front teeth, back teeth must be done correctly.

2. Then the inner surfaces of the teeth brushed in the same way. In this process, the brush must be forward, the gums are move to towards to oral cavity.

3. Brush the chewing surfaces of teeth, then brushed straight back and froth by moving.

Brushing should last at least two- three minutes. Healthy gums bleed during brushing.

Person's toothbrush is a tool, not shared with other. Tooth brushes a few months, should be replaced every six month at the latest. Interfaces as needed to ensure the effective brushing interface is used brushes. Required to apply them to the dentist to get the relevant proposal.
How to Maintain Oral Health?

Dental diseases and early diagnosis is very important for the preservation of dental health. Therefore advised to see the dentist at least twice a year.

Fluoride in water is sufficient to prevent tooth decay, brushing teeth regularly, flossing eating excessive sweets and sugary foods as they always avoid brushing teeth, the dentist checks the basic practices. Gum disease is important in preventing tooth brushing and regular dental checks.

If you have malformations of the teeth in the early period of treatment required should be provided by contacting the special units, experts in the field of dentistry.

Highly acidic and sugary foods increases the impact of micro-organisms. The teeth should not be confused with hard objects, hazelnuts, walnuts and so on. teeth to break nuts. These are the effect of bacteria and leads to increased cracking of the enamel. Eliminates the protective effect of tooth enamel.
Gum Disease

Outside the visible portion of the tooth, the gum is coated with a hard layer called enamel. Below that there is a softer structure. Most are the interior of the tooth substance. Here is plenty of blood vessels and nerves. The body of the bone under the gum and the tooth into its narrow section. This section is part of the neck of the tooth. In the remaining section of the tooth within the jaw bone is called the root partition. Root of the tooth socket tooth to the jawbone is connected firmly with a special tissue extensions. Gum disease, tooth decay can cause bad breath. When the cause of bad breath should be investigated.

Gum disease is among the most important dental health problems. Oral hygiene is closely associated with the disorder. Form disorder. From early gums bleed easily. Bleeding from gums, dental exams are required. Gums, teeth and mouth holes in the base of the inflammation of gum disease is known in general. On the plaques is the most important cause of tooth. Untreated gingivitis can lead to damage and inflammation in the jawbone.

Tooth decay, gum disease, sinusitis, tonsillitis, respiratory system diseases, digestive problems, lack of oral care can cause bad breath. In this case, the effects of social relationships. Some metabolic diseases in the mouth can make its own scents.
There are three basic factor in the formation of dental caries: a susceptible tooth surface, suitable for micro-organisms and food particles, which would lead to fragmentation and the formation of acid, the presence of microorganisms. Carbohydrates in food may cause tooth decay the most, that is, roughly, sugary foods.

Teeth are brushed regularly and take care treatment is shown, the germs can not hurt then. Dental caries, tooth, and distorts the structure of the tooth cavities by making a self-healing disease.

If a good clean the teeth, accumulates in the food residue and microbes. The bacteria in the mouth sweet food craps in it using the transparent materials, makes a sticky substance on the adhesion and provides teeth. These deposits are called plaque. These plaques on the teeth or bacteria reacts quickly and facilitate adherence. Acid found in sugary substances used for seasoning of foods, can damage teeth, but the bacteria themselves can form acid. Acid can cause tooth enamel to dissolve. Thus, the melting regions of the microbes can easily reach the underlying soft tissue.

Acids on the enamel of the tooth with a protective layer creates a small hole. These holes gradually widens and becomes the small holes. After the melting of the enamel caries progresses rapidly, and the bottom layer creates a hollow, wide and deep. Dental tooth decay goes to the essence of the teeth begin to ache. Further advances, dental decay is in essence and in the jaw bone and stats to accumulate to form. This is called a dental abscess. If you will not be treated by a dentist at the beginning of more to dental caries is more difficult, complex and expensive treatments may be necessary. Dental plaque, the gums is one of the important cause of disease. Brushing teeth and using dental floss after meals to remove food residues tooth decay gum disease and progression of the formation.

Dental pain is a very advanced for the need to have dental caries. Tooth decay can be treated without waiting period to determine the pain occurring at least twice a year by going to the dentist need teeth to be examined. Dentists need to pull the teeth with an invisible film to determine dental cavities.

Early recognition can prevent tooth decay, or at least delay the loss of teeth. This is both in term of health, but also provides important contributions to the social and economic term. Inserted into the mouth reduces the need for dentures. Nothing can not replace your own natural teeth. Early loss of permanent teeth can cause nutrition problems. Natural resistance between the teeth for a long time the importance of oral health care is enormous.

Dental health is very important in term of fluoride received by water. Water of the settlements lack of fluoride increases tooth decay rate is too. Therefore, the recommendation should be followed by health official in relation to fluorine.
Men's 70% is observed premature ejaculation. This is very annoying for men and women. Fit the mood of your relationship to stay healthy long enough to take offers Tantra emerging Far East, following the exercise movement system, you can get rid of premature ejaculation problem.

Now every man can live his life in a man's sexuality, premature ejaculation is a problem to take taste barriers, can undermine self-confidence and long term spouse / partner can disrupt the relationship.

Method is recommended, although many treatments for premature ejaculation, sexual therapy methods other than temporary and useless solutions. Learning to control a person through sexual therapy also develop a new perspective about sexuality and communication in which he and his wife may change in a positive way.

Tantra Technique is technique, the Far East can take place in the sexual therapy. Tantra exercises in applying can learn to control the discharge of men. Sexuality, family and marriage issues to inform our people and aims to increase awareness of the Institute of Sexual Health Association; Tantra ejaculation control techique is a very striking about the press release did.

Tantra ejaculation control technique can be learned

Early discharge from the sexual life of men, and men's nightmare turns everything they have tried to solve this problem, Premature ejaculation man feel bad self, sexual self-confidence erodes and undermines communication with his wife. He would try many methods to solve the problems of premature ejaculation in men, but the most effective method, why people lived in this problem learns to recognize and control the emptying. For this reason, most of the time is sufficient to see an average of 12 sessions of sex therapy.

In this process, obtain accurate information and sexual matters, both leading to premature ejaculation to learn to control negative thoughts and feelings as well as detect and improve communication with his wife. Sexual Therapy, both individually and together with his wife in the men given homework assignment will apply. Rence is the most useful exercises Tantra. Tantra is a simple technique, being the control of ejaculation said is was some of the tips and suggestions. Felt, the proposals, under the name of Tantra technique of thinking, breathing and control of the semen can be summarized in the formula.

What is being meant in this formula is the male head of the difference is approaching discharge erases any thought. Thus, all the sensations of sexual and physical becomes a perforation. While the merger by exchanging the regular and harmonious breath, holds his breath. Breath by rolling your tongue in his mounth the way to clog the works. To facilitate this function of language is the language of experts under the skin, even if they cut some of the Tantra is know. Male, to stop the flow of semen, which pulls the stomach pushes out a little of his penis. Thus, alertness, and happiness which can be defined as the last stage, to establish the mood.

Here is such a mental condition to perform Tantra technique, to provide spiritual and physical integrity in a sexual technique, a technique for the far east. We love this technique is better control the muscles and loosen up enough to know that we use in addition to other technique of sexual therapy.

Sexual therapy, men are taught. Tantra is also the basis of the technique to focus on the person's body sensation takes place. Tantra technique, a technique more compelling need for a preparatory period. Emptying of the man to control the mind and body must establish a certain amount of sovereignty. For her, the men of yoga breathing exercises for a long time to know as asked be made.

Tantra technique of the preparatory period for the man he selected as a co-development in proximity to a sincere woman, one of the prerequisites. Early vacated their sexual pleasure of men saying that the Guidance is not real false pleasure. First, men and women explained the difference between the real delight of pleasure a liar learn real pleasure. Seconds of pleasure in men resulting in a limited sense, we know the hook up early disposal of a superficial and false sense of gratification. Tantra technique to learn and implement all kinds of men, whereas the limit is exceeded. Now that one of nature unlimited, inexhaustible power user.

Sexual power is not to afford your own sweet or as often as his wife wants to know and serve you longer. Now is not limited to discharge his pleasure in seconds. Because the male ejaculation is not the pleasure, the pleasure is focused on foreplay. A real pleasure, an intense pleasure. However, given the intense pleasure of pleasure is also very important as foreplay. Imperceptible without a real pleasure from the pleasure foreplay. Perhaps you enjoy a delicious meal that can be compare to looking at the small finger.

Sex is very important to use the muscle of love

Tantra is an important technique to prevent the discharge of what men can to learn how to love muscles indicating that the Secretary General Guidance. Breech, ovaries, and groin muscle that surround the muscle is called love. One of the important factors that create premature ejaculation muscle that we call the muscles control, In addition, rectum (anus) and is used when closing the penis upward to attract then when the muscles that hard when you masturbate.

Love the muscles responsible for ejaculation, around the area where the internal sexual organs. This muscle contracts, the semen sacs and applies pressure and compresses the urinary tract. In particular, by controlling the muscles of men and consciously relax your body or block the flow of love. More importantly, love to relax the muscles of male sexual activity have continued to control the effective level of excitement during a functional mechanism for the offer.
Promoting properties of spices in women and men have sexual power. As the team searched for you.

Thyme: the benefits of garlic is very much on the issue of sexual power. Thyme enhances the body's resistance and positively affect sexual performance in both men and women. Gives the layout of female hormones in women.

Mint: Especially in men increases the sexual power. of psychological problems but also prevents a decrease in sexual performance in men.
80 percent of women during the premenstrual period pieces and many troublesome.

Fortunately, medicine, women purposes only delay finding a cure for every problem. Some birth control methods and women and provides protection, as well as they know that could reduce the number or pieces.

Prof. Dr. Teksen Camlibel, 'than to women opt if you want to say, they think it is contrary to nature. But this is not medically dangerous situation. Enough that it be known contrary to nature But this is not medically dangerous situation. Enough that it be known that a simple event which is irreversible, he says.

Camlibel, some of the protection they provide women with birth control methods, as well as the number of units, survivors say they know of these methods suggests RIS.
Prof. Dr Women, 99.8 percent of the tubes connecting with RIS Camlibel comparable effective rate of protection provides protection and comfort of one of life offers you saying that conveys the following:

T-shaped plastic object placed into the uterus, very low-dose hormone-releasing up to five years in providing effective providing effection. It thin membrane, which acts on the uterine membrane. 3 to 6 weeks after the removal of RIS in the rituals begin. RIS, prevents anemia, to reduce menstruation too.

Quantity complaints: PMS and dysmenorrhea

Adversely affect the daily lives of women, 34 percent of complaints of severe PMS, 37 percent of the moderate live. Gland hormone secreted by the uterus during the prostatectomy, depending on which pieces of a very effective pain (dysmenorrhoea), finds 61 percent and the proportion each time. In addition, nausea, vomiting, bowel movements, chills, fever, palpitations, as can be observed in some of the complaints.
Here are the factors that cause tooth decay

Getting rid of their mistakes without being aware of people could have said a more healthy teeth.

  • Continuous coffee break all day long, coffee, tea drinking and snacking habits, by activation of the mouth, acid-producing bacteria live on the surface of the teeth and the teeth can cause decay sine Instead of these bacteria. Instead of these beverages should instead be unsweetened coffee or tea and milk and milk products Consumed should be preferred.

  • Smoking, smoking its is the board bad mouth breath, yellowing teeth, and even oral cancer can cause many diseases.
  • Only floss the importance of brushing teeth alone is not enough to clean the mouth. Teeth are cleaned using dental floss toothbrush can not reach.
  • Brushing teeth, brush the mouth's health care the most important. The teeth of all ages, to be brushed at least twice a day. Be renewed monthly, three toothbrushes, brushing teeth should be brushed dry.
  • Other than eating sweet desserts Consumed, consumed in meals is important for dental health.
  • Water needs for the teeth after eating is the best thing to do is to drink water or milk. After dinner drinking a glass of water, eat away parts of the mouth and the mouth neutrals acidic environment. In addition, calcium increases the formation of teeth, drink milk.
  • Chewing gum, sticky sweets and nuts than to be avoided as mush as possible. When ingested, the teeth should be carefully process.
  • Fruit and vegetable gums are very important for the vitamins contained in fruits and vegetable, mechanical cleaning of the front teeth.
  • Sugar-free gum to chew gum prefer sugar-free chewing gums, such as if you have a habit of your choice. Because if accelerates the flow of saliva, the mouth, helps remove.
Bilirubin is normally excreted by the liver, bowel system, giving. However, the liver and jaundice occurs when bilirubin accumulates in the blood fail to adequately intestine.

Causes of Newborn Jaundice

Physiological jaundice normally
Physiologic jaundice of newborn in time of about 50 it rather than the high rates seen in preterm infants.

After the first 24 hours, usually after birth, 2 or 3 . occurs in a day. Liver is not yet matured enough food and consists of bilirubin. Usually disappear spontaneously within the first two or three weeks, and bilirubin levels are harmless.

Poor reception due to breast milk jaundice
Inadequate breast milk intake occurs when approximately 5-10 depending on the newborns.
Mother's milk related jaundice
Breastfed infants is approximately 1-2 Sinden. Some mothers  produce milk leads to a specific inahibitory substance. This matter back to the enzyme to absorb the baby's intestines will cause more than normal bilirubin. This type of jaundice after birth, 4-7. begins 3-day 10. It may take up to weeks. Usually harmless.

Blood group incompatibility
Rh or ABO incompatibility
Rh-negative a woman's baby during pregnancy, the baby's Rh positive red blood cells + immune response in the blood of the mother across the placenta occurs with lead. Rh-positive baby, but this immune response occurs after the birth or the low. The immune response to the severity of each birth, then gradually increases with.

Litigation is the ABO blood group O anenin Almost always, if the baby's blood type is A or B. The sensitivity of anti-A more frequent, more severe sensitivity to anti-B course.

Blood group antibodies in the blood of the mother the baby's blood as foreign material litigation detects and tracks erythrocytes. Fragmentation of red cells, and this occurs, large amounts of bilirubin cause jaundice. Jaundice physiological jaundice of different stars in the first 24 hours. Can cause very serious statements. However, within the first 72 hours after the birth or low injection of RhoGam done more to endanger the lives of babies birthed after the formation of antibodies to prevent.


Physiological jaundice treatment
if you try feeding your baby a bottle-feeding every 2-3 hours.

Inadequate treatment of jaundice due to breast milk
The main treatment should increase the amount of breast milk. Baby should be breastfed more frequently. Thus, increased mobility of the stomach and intestinal system, such as very hour by means of bilirubin from the body more quickly and remove any faeces. Sleeping in the 4-hour intervals that match the baby's nutrition will be useful. Weight gain should be checked frequently. Some cases of breast milk is not enough food can be given but the formula does not help with sugar water.

Treatment of jaundice due to breast milk
By cutting the formula with breast milk to feed baby food for 2-3 days may be useful. However, this time to avoid the mother's breast milk in the mother. In no time for breast milk jaundice and to prevent the cut in full. 2-3 days after the mother's milk begins again. The water repellent effect of bilirubin is more sugary sensation like the formula has not been established.

Heavy jaundice treatment: treatment of blood disputes
The level of bilirurin in the blood of 20 mg / dL higher than the destruction of brain may cause deafness , cerebral palsy or cerebral palsy. Such high levels are usually seen in the blood group disputes.

These complications can be prevented by applying phototherapy. Reduce levels of bilirubin, bilirubin accumulates in the skin, and blue light components.

In some rare cases you may need to go the exchage of blood. The baby's blood is replaced with fresh blood. However, the situation does not turn this heavy physiological jaundice.

Gestational home environment, especially the bathroom and toilet, accidents, falls, and shift-regulated. While in the bathroom and the toilet door.

At home, or at least where the pregnant woman in the room where the cigarette smoking.

Home to be aired on a daily basis.

In addition, infectious disease, contagious diseases with relatives until the measure should be taken to not include the home environment.
Cat and dog at home, etc.... feedings a home must be removed until after birth. Pregnant women can pass an infection called Toxoplazma cat feces, which can cause the baby some disabilities, or miscarriage.(Well-cooked, this infection, eating raw meat may also be passed up. Therefore, be sure the meat well cooked).

In addition, stressful home environment, as well as pregnant women to speak sad subjects should be avoided as possible.
Experts do not respond to Preventive treatment, tooth decay and infection due to reasons such as the filling or root canal therapy applications gone unnoticed unrecoverable removal of teeth, oral and dental health expert  Indicating that brushing one's teeth before the tooth extraction, to act with caution in Patients warned after tooth extraction. Do not shake your mouth for a period of least 30 minutes. shot wound healing and prevents the formation of blood clots, which will cause delay in healing. 15-20 minutes, until the buffer is placed after tooth extraction dentist bite firmly and do the normal swallowing is not ruined. Accumulation of saliva in the mouth and spit blocking the formation of blood clot can cause Continuously bleeding to continue.
Exposure may cause irritation of the hot, spicy food should be avoided, 24 hours after the shooting said that the duration of smoking and alcohol.

After tooth extraction for Patient's, Do not eat anything until the numbness in your mouth. Unconsciously, lethargic after biting the hand and face regions. 24 hours after tooth extraction to continue regular oral care routines of life. pain, over 24 hours of bleeding, bad taste in the mouth and no sense of smell, call your dentist without delay.
Inner surface of the egg to the uterus of each month (of pregnancy), to come her and log the vasculature will allow  for feeding and, if fertilization occurs in a layer or from the new tissue, leaving the bottom of this wall is poured into place to complete the task of the womb so the body is thrown out. Each month, this process in repeated in the same way as long as we cycle menstral cycle? One scheme, the function of the structure, leaving the new loses its place taken out of the pieces of this tissue, blood bleeding menstruation call. Each person's body, such as every order is different in each scheme varies from person to person.
As a result of the studies and the data obtained from years.

-The ideal time 28/7 means it is a day on the first day of bleeding, bleeding after the first day of the period between the normal to be at least 21 to 35 days to consider.

-The average duration of bleeding in menstruation cycle is considered to be 5 to 3 days. That is at least 2 days, which lasted up to 8 days in normal menstruation.

The amount of bleeding is also important, and one for obstruction of the average blood loss was 40 ml, 80 ml of the surplus is less than 20 ml. (Simply the normal three to five pet is accepted)

They accept non bleeding and abnormal bleeding, abnormal bleeding, we say that women constitute 10 to 15% of gynecological complaints.

Or have a small amount of bleeding than normal, more frequent or longer to arrive at intervals, such as intermediate bleeding that might disturb your quality of life, affect the nervous system. Immediately pages  future menstrual craps and premenstrual syndrome called premenstrual tension to be done and not talk about it, because it is also serious problems.

Why the layout is broken and pieces of what disrupts the normal non bleeding, body, and you ladies as well as a sign that we are doctors. These types of problems can be solved with very simple reasons that may occur and a simple treatment, such as lying under the enormous problems that may occur in reality should not be ignored. The problem is, no matter how big the success of early detection is very high.

What one can disrupt the layout of the new units in the first bleeding in young girls starts to menstruate on a regular basis may not, under any other cause we do not make the necessary examination of hormonal system, wait until it is recommended. In our study of wives of menstruation is to be cut in the order stars to deteriorate.

What can we say other reasons;
  • Pregnancy
  • Sadness
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Benign tumors
  • Cancer
  • Birth control pill, hormone pills such as misuse of
  • Spiral
  • Infection
  • Blood Diseases
  • Disrupt the layout of thyroid diseases, such as causing a lot of pieces.
What need to be done?
Must go and find out the cause and solution as soon as possible

Seeing is Important Number One Month?
Stress, illness, loss of weight due to causes such as the one you might not see a couple of months. Physician should be contacted a few months, there is no menstruation.

Bleeding During Piece swim?
I used to entering the sea during this period, and made sport of the many activities normally believed should be avoided. Swimming and other sports can be done provided the necessary protection. The pain and cramps, the young girls should avoid these activities.

Pain relievers increase of menstruation, will you?
Non aspirin pain relievers do not cause increased bleeding. Consult doctor before using painkillers and need to learn the side effects of the drugs. Other that do not cause any problem, a drug may be harmful to you.
Account the many programs on the Internet, as well as being an ideal weight, ideal weight calculation has a number of different formula. There are a lot of weight calculation ideal weight rules or programs based on the formulates the ideal weight plan.

  • Always be applied frequently used simple formula has always been the Following:
  • Ideal Weight By height Age how calculated? 150 removed.
  • Found 100 is added to the figure four, divided by the number ediolen.
  • This figure is the ideal height and weight According to Livingston Out How Calculated? According to Calculated from age edilen How ideal Weight? result indicated that the person is an ideal weight.
Roles value of few pounds lower than those for women.

For Example:
  • Height 1.78 cm. Let's take a man.
  • First 178 to 150 = 28 of the find.
  • 7 It is split into four.
  • 100 add (100 + 7 = 107) across subtract (178-107) gives the ideal weight
  • 71 kg.
  • Here, this value is 10 percent (7 kg) exceeded obesity is entered into. In other words, How to Live By Calculated Ideal Weight? 1.78 cm in length. Considered a man of 78 is obese weight.
  • In recent years, by age, height age Calculated Ideal Weight How? sex, and body structure (by smaller age Ideal Weight How Calculated? medium or large) by Ideal Weight How Calculated according to age? showing the Rules of the ideal body weight have been developed.
As a result of sexual intercourse due to pregnancy in a random event. This event can occur in the penis entering the vagina. But at a very low possibility. Reproductive tract of the penis is placed between the legs of the woman will leave her lips around the sperm, fertility through the womb and there fallopian tube could reach the neck of the bed.

The probability of this event, however, very weak. Semen fertility if left to a place close to the neck of the bed are more likely to conceive, however, still described the entry of the penis into the vagina virgin girls who become pregnant without sexual intercourse rarely witnessed.
Slimming pills are taken under the supervision of a doctor and used in conjunction with a balanced food regimen and weight loss pills as long as the using the high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases as long as there are not harmful.

However, slimming pills, when taken in high doses, other drugs have side effects such as these tablets. Restlessness, dry mouth, can show significant side side effects such as insomnia. Or, on the contrary, excessive sleepiness, drowsiness, fatigue may affect. This relates to the contents of the pill. These symptoms often disappear after cessation on drug intake.

Entered into the long term periods of fasting to lose weight or appetite suppressant pills, use dangerous consequences. In such a situation occurs, obtain medical attention.
Some doctors thought that according to his habit of pills patients. And only 12 week to 16 weeks is presented between the use is approved. However, some doctor in a serious long term use of over-weight problem for confirm, These drugs are usually used in case of disease, namely obesity, excessive weight gain. More serious is a disease requiring treatment and there are various treatment methods.

A lot of long term use of these drugs if a doctor finds dangerous. Some people with weight problems for years living in low calorie diet to maintain weight loss is very difficult to apply. Appetite suppressant drugs should be dropped because it is left to start gaining weight again. This situation is due after they consumed more calories from energy. Breakers can be used under medical supervision to prevent this, at intervals of appetite.

Heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure and depression in patients using drugs is not recommended to use slimming pills.
The desire to have a bronze skin to encourage people to use a solarium. But the solarium is a very serious danger. According to Freedom Frequent solarium use "melanoma" skin disease that cause.

Melanoma is the most common types of cancer and frequency of getting a kind of cancer is increasing.

Machines provide artificial UV rays of tanning machines. UV rays damage our skin cells. Skin from the sun's burning rays that you see in the bronze melanoasitlerin actually here to protect and proliferation of cell in the from of wrap occurs. UV rays can cause skin to darken, as well as the deterioration of the health of the skin and cause permanent skin stain the skin causing premature aging and wrinkles.

According to a study in Minnesota, 2004, 2007, 1167 up 63 percent of melanoma cases among users of tanning solarium use and the risk of developing melanoma was determined in at 74 percent.
Young children, especially children who have not reached yet speaking, eye examination quite difficult. Strabismus, a serous setback in children they become more important to understand as early as possible. Operate in accordance with each other in the eyes squint occurs. Looking at an object near one or both eyes or out of the slide content. Mostly this is a look at the visual function makes all the other lazy eye. Can be corrected by glasses , hang out a stout chassis. Some strabismus the child immediately recognizable look in your eyes. Some children with strabismus in this way is not certain. is continuous with the mother for child knows the situation. In these cases, early diagnosis and treatment is important to go separate ways.
Impotence, male sex organ (penis) as a result of damage to the sex organs, sexual impotency among the people, the language of medicine is called impotence. fatigue, disgust, nervous disorders, alcoholism, diabetes, birth control methods are applied to or caused by obesity. Although the blood vessels in the penis male sexual desire  (not erection) adequate for sexual intercourse. Warm baths, walk around and relax in the open air.

Every man an erection sufficient to provide at all times and all conditions to be expected. Mental tension, fatigue, erection to fail time to time may cause problems in the relationship. If, however, insist the problem of erection with sexual intercourse and there is often prevents the necessity of getting help from a doctor. According to some studies, including mild to moderate impotence of men between the ages of 40-70 is 70% are the cause of impotence that is? A few years before the impotence of the psychological and the biggest reason was thought to be related to lifestyle. Excessive smoking and alcohol use, as a side effect of some medications can cause erectile disorder, such as the recent research, nerves, arteries. Penis are two spongy cylinders. Men sexually stimulated nervous system stimulates the penis to harden. Spongy cylinders that fill with blood from the blood vessels in the penis to relax. This enables an erection.
One of these steps is blocked for any reason you are composed of erectile dysfunction. These reasons could be. Physical Diseases and Disorders, lungs, liver, hies or veins can lead to chronic diseasterves, areart, kidneys, nerves, arteries or veins can lead to chronic diseases. Endocrine diseases such as diabetes is a particular reason. May prevent sufficient blood into the arteries to the pain. Some men testosterone (male hormone) can cause impotence or decreased Surgery or trauma, injuries in the pelvic or backbones can sometimes cause impotence.

Prostate, Bladder or Rectal cancer can cause impotence because of the surgeries performed. Drugs Treatment Antidepressants, antihistamines, hypertension drugs, or some medication used to treat prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction. Substance abuse: alcohol, marijuana or other drugs substances can cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive smoking can damage arteries, leading to the penis. Stress, anxiety or depression: Psychological disorders constitute 10-15% of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Impotence Treatment

Nutrition, exercise and personal habits: smoking and alcohol intake limits, drug habit. Fed food containing low cholesterol and cholesterol levels must follow. Exercise may be risk factors for impotence are very important to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Drug therapy?

Recently released as a very ambitious about some medications can help an erection. Released a few years ago created a sensation all over the world, and sildenafil, verdenafil, tadalafil active ingredients of medicines to increase blood circulation in penis erection and taken 30 minutes before intercourse to be effective in providing 80% of patients are claimed. However, there are some side effects. 10% of the patients continuing the relationship even after hours of flushing, % 17 of the complaints of headache and visual disturbances. In rare cases, composed of up to 3 hours-long erection.

The Effects of Herbal Food Supplements, on this issue is important not to exceed.

Recently, with the slogan harden the Final Solution's product showing the effect of between 96% of users had very few complaints of side effects. complaints of headache persists after 3% when the relationship has been reported. Hearburn has been reposted in 1% of the Although the choice of being completely herbal product ease-ation only in pharmacies in major cities that have distinguished the inhabitants of Anatolia and in rural areas has put in a difficult situation. Internet advertising sales made over the period but was stopped at the moment.
In women, orgasm is not easy as men. Therefore, access of women to orgasm, you need more stimulation and for a long time. Some the fantasies of women will help in achieving a quick taste. Here are 10 effective sexual fantasy for women.

1. Sexual Obedience - Women are often difficult to use and control into the hands of her partner's desire to take. Real sex in your life in such a situation, you may not want to face all the time. However, sometimes these power fantasies with your partner to add color to your sexual life.

2. Voyeur Sexy -Women can being followed in some case, having sex or watching other do have sex they can provide a more rapid stimulation. Someone you know by talking to your partner can be a part of this fantasy. Anyone else to learn in this situation can embarrass you. Nevertheless, This is what fantasy fun.

3. Armored Knight - This is quite a romantic fantasy for women. Every women who irritated him, fulfilling the desires of a man who desires to have sex. For this reason, this fantasy of a knight to be the most appropriate character.

4. Bad Girl - Daily life of women who meet all the rules may be a bad girl in bed at night in violation of the rules. Met a new man seducing women for sex you can imagine.

5. The control women - Some women can imagine to keep on hand control during sexual intercourse. Many men do in bed salve woman's dream. Connect to your man to bed and give him orders to cherish women orgasm more quickly.

6. Dear Old Sex With - Some women left their former lovers to have sex, Suddenly begin to imagine, meeting with dear old woman to have sex can provide more stimulation.

7. Group Sex - Some partners may apply different methods to spice up sex lives. One of these groups. Sometimes I watch a pair of three women who have sex to have sex or can activate impulses.

8. Lesbian Sex - Sometimes, even though women are not lesbian sexy lesbians take pleasure of imagining. For this reason, a partner in bed with another woman during sex is to imagine a more enjoyable sexual life for women can make.

9. Sex on the beach - Hot summer holiday, Hot sex on the sand at the beach or night, You will feel yourself like heaven.

10. Obscene Sex - No one else should share with your partner to share your desires by in a very daring consider. Destroyed all the rules of morality, the social tabooz of a sex that breaks, but will spend a wonderful time. Run your imagination and your partner may be interesting to try to establish a fantasy.