Sperm Test Where and How-to

Sperm progression as a doctor you would like to share, please enter contentious. The first part of semen zinc, fatty compounds, contains amino acids and enzymes. In the second part of the sperm in the female reproductive organ to move forward to the contraction of the uterus and tubes, sperm, and feeding the acid environment of the vagina contains neutralizing agents. There are also certainly in Daily Life watchpoints. Non-sperm count, movement and structure of the negative effects. Spouses of men who smoke increase the probability was set low. Alcohol can cause impotence and sperm production. Smaller testes in cases of chronic alcoholism, impaired testosterone production.

Adversely affect sperm quality and production of drugs substances. These substances also cause hormonal imbalance. Many drugs used to treat the disease adversely affects sperm production, the effect is temporary. Many antibiotics, parasite medicine, depression, stomach ulcers, hypertension, and some drugs used to treat allergic diseases displayed a negative effect on male reproductive health. chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, damage to sperm production. Some of the effects of these drugs may be permanent. Sperm samples were collected prior to chemotherapy, these patients can be frozen for future use. Sperm producing cell in the testes of radiation is very sensitive to radiation. The resulting damage depends on the degree and persistence of radiation dose. Sperm production can begin again within 3-5 years in patients receiving radiotherapy. High heat sauna, and hot water baths, especially negative affect sperm production. Pesticides also adversely affect sperm production.

Sperm Count:
Between 100-300 million sperm left in the vagina during intercourse with ejaculation. Close to the sperm reaches the egg, but one of the vacant vagina 25-30. One of them breaks the egg membrane and fertilize the egg. Sperm cells live in the vagina for 2-4 hours, but even 16 hours after intercourse can be seen live sperm samples taken from the vagina. Infection in women during sexual intercourse or when the lubricant is used substances a shorter period of time sperm remains alive.

The number of sperm quality, longer duration of sexual abstinence were to rise even cure, the normal structure of the sperm is reduced. Ideally, the mean duration of 4 days of sexual abstinence. Sperm count and impairs the quality of even a simple cold. Sperm analysis and the analysis should be done taking into account the outcome of diseases passed bad case of sperm analysis should be repeated after three months. Absolute sperm counts of a healthy test tube baby centers, genetic laboratories and their hosts should be made. The amount varies between 1.5 and 6ml  of normal semen. MI, sperm count at 20 million and over, and over 40% of mobility, the rate of the normal structure of sperm in the semen samples of 14% is above normal.


Spermiogram Test What is it?

Examination of semen. Semen is given for the review to be considered:

2-7 days of sexual abstinence
For example, take a clean container with masturbation
Saliva sample for the purpose of getting the slick, using substance such as soap or shampoo
For example, at the latest within 60 minutes of delivery of the laboratory examine
Examination of semen volume, color, odor, viscosity (fluidity), liquefaction time is evaluated. Sperm count is done, and the structure of sperm motility is evaluated.
Examined the presence of semen leukocytes and microorganisms.

What are normal values?
According to the World Organization criteria for normal semen values are shown below.
Volume: 2-6.0 ml
Concentration: > 20 x 106/ml
Total sperm number: > 40 x 106/ml
Movement: 50%
Morphology: 30%
Vitality: 75%
WBC <1.0 x 106/ml

What you need to pay attention before which?
The results of semen examination, sexual abstinence time, season, stress, alcohol and tobacco use vary depending on. Final results before agreeing semen analysis should done three time with one month interval.

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