Aesthetic Fillings

Composite Resins

What is a Composite Resin?

The silicon dioxide particle in a plastic mixture. Referred to as tooth-colored filling is white. Although 1960 witnessed not only material used on the front teeth chewing on the development of highly durable and abrasion pressures reduced to a minimum as a filler material can be applied successfully to the back teeth.

How are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are placed in prepared cavities in layers and each layer is hardened with a special light. When this process is shaped and adjusted according to the tooth  composite fillings. All of these operations takes longer than amalgam filling. However, at least twice as much more expensive than amalgam. Composite fillings in the mouth from the time period of 7-10 years, which is close to life amalgams. However, very large amalgam fillings in favor of the

Advantages and disadvantage:

This fills the biggest advantages is that aesthetic. In addition, this supports the tooth fillings for teeth thoroughly connected, helping to prevent breakage and temperature. Composites, not only for the restoration of caries, teeth color, and discuss the event changed the format can be used for cosmetic effects. The most important disadvantage is that post-process sensitivities. Fillers and colors, coffee, tea can vary slightly, such as food coloring.

Composite restorations for patients post-alerts

Composites can also no longer the same polishing process. However, most dental restorations, or for very large series of patients for restoration of the age one more time it you have control to make the necessary adjustment will be much better in terms of both aesthetics and function.

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