What Causes Celluite

What is and What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite, above ass, doctors do not accept as a special case, the more calories you as a result of human. Get too much food, the body can cause weight gain. And this is the new oil tank easily. Because fat cells to grow in number and volume of available cells. Clusters of fat cells expand and proliferate under the skin, connective tissue fibers is ejected and the surface looks rough skin.

Causes of cellulite

Doctors and bad eating habits as well as the situation caused by lack of movement of the opinion. In addition, smoking and too much as it does not deal with ones own health status is a fact to be harmful. But to this day there is a link between obesity, body, damaging any evidence that these substance were found.

In a study of cellulitis in the UK experts examined sample of tissue taken in the body that fat cells in these section only, there is more water, connective tissue, found that if an exception.

Cellulites is not correct to suggest women gathered in certain parts. Anywhere in the body of a slight tightening of the case of fat fingers of a department under pressure due to displacement of fat cells, such as orange peel skin a rough appearance. Poor women and infants, even in this situation can be observed even 18 months.

However, a fact that the oil is collected more quickly in some parts of the body. not with standing accumulation in women but for men this is more hip and neck and is part of the stomach, especially in the abdominal area.

Cellulite is thought to be hereditary and partly controlled by hormones.

Body fat in men and women is relatively smaller than those that were available. Not with standing weight% of the men, the consists of fat. For this reason, cellulite is not event surprisingly present in women more that men limitations.

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