Halitosis (Bad Breath odor) Causes and Precautions

Halitosis is caused due to many reasons. Diabetes, Kidney failure, stomach and liver disorders, dental disease, hunger and many other reasons can cause bad breath.

Although simple such as bad breath may herald serious disease, such as in the case of human psychological problems may lead to serious. Also adversely affected the social life of the individual is an incontestable fact.

The name of the medicinal smell of the mouth and "Halitosis" I searched for you, as a term, In this paper, we will share with you ways to prevent bad breath causes and the smell of the mouth.

  • Living bacteria in the oral cavity with residues of sulfur compounds causing bad breath. The bacteria are dead or dying reveals sulfur compounds.
  • Bacteria and food debris layer deposited on the back of the tongue. A very rough surface structure of the language and has a property suitable for bacteria accumulated in these areas.
  • If the tooth surface is cleaned as soon as it becomes convenient to live bacteria.
  • Illness, those with severe gum temizleyebilmesi unlikely on its own without the person, are inaccessible areas. in such areas such as deep gum pockets can cause bad breath.
  • Especially sinus and lung infections
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Fasting, diet, dry mouth, to be fasting (Liquid  food deficiency in the body begins to dissolve fat and protein, the metabolic by-products, as reflected in bad breath).
  • Garlic, onions, curry, fish, cheese, and some types of breath can convert a toxic structure.
  • Sinusitis and nasal discharge
  • Reduction in salivary secretion: Saliva prevents the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth and clears debris.
  • Oral thrush in the wound and inflammation
Bad Breath Treatment Methods

Treatment of bad breath, the cause depends on the availability. A definite cause is found, it will be tread in eliminating bad breath. Is considered to be related primarily to inflammation of the tonsils if bad applied to drug therapy but is usually a chronic problem in the tonsils, tonsils need to be connected to the mouth smell. Dental and gum problems can be eliminated by providing proper oral hygiene. Brushing the teeth for dental care is not enough. Most people, even brushing teeth is made literally. Dental floss is a very useful method of cleaning. Cleans debris between teeth. Sometimes I long for your teeth cleaned or pockets between the brush occurs. This sometimes requires the withdrawal of the tooth. Mouthwashes for bad breath to be effective on the bacteria make a positive impact.
If conditions such as sinusitis and nasal discharge examination or drug or surgical treatments for films that are applied is determined. Treatments for diseases that reduce the secretion of saliva if they are planned. Drink plenty of water during the day, dry mouth and bad breath can affect positively. Tongue brushing, will smell like garlic and onions avoid, stay away from cigarettes is beneficial. Lung, kidney liver, and odor related to diabetes is less common and usually associated with other symptoms, depending on the actual disease. This disease is suspected, the patients should be directed is suspected, the patients should be directed to the branches.

Warning and precautions against bad breath

  • Apple, pear, carrot
  • Mint sprouts
  • Cinnamon or mint-flavored chewing gum
  • Lemon, lemon candies
  • Parsley
  • Anise, cardamom, coriander, fennel
  • Yogurt, such as foods and foods that are helpful in preventing bad breath.
Treatment of bad breath, to pay attention to oral hygiene, teeth and tongue brushing, cleaning between teeth, gum inflammation move based on the principle of treatment. Patients with bad breath, be encouraged to reduce smoking, should stay away from harmful foods, regularly fed, teeth should visit their doctors regularly.

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  1. Dieting can cause bad breath in the form of a hunger odor, a.k.a. "morning breath," which goes along with the sensation of hunger. Some evidence leads to the conclusion that this odor is a product of the decomposition and rotting of pancreatic juices, which passes into the stomach while the body fasts. The odor worsens if one skips breakfast. Find Out More about Gum disease

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