How to insert spiral Birth Control

The spiral path of offspring must be inserted by a doctor. Before inserting the spiral is a general examination. It is checked whether the woman is pregnant. Measure the depth of a thin bed of offspring. The status is determined. Women my feel discomfort, but pain is felt throughout these procedures.

Then, the spiral tube is placed in a small piston. Progeny progeny bearing tube is passed through channel is placed in the bed. The piston is pushed against the walls of the spiral is based on the free bed is released offspring. Tube is withdrawn. Spiral threads, so that the path is cut 3 cm part of the offspring. All these operations take only a few minutes.

After placing the spiral, abdominal pain or back pain may be mild. May be bleeding. But they do not last long. Contractor placed the body of a woman than spiral can be just as troublesome. Women should loosen up the spiral phase tripping. Spriralin the removal phase, the spiral is drawn by keeping off the ropes with a special instrument. But in this process should be made permanent by a physician.

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