How mixed with blood alcohol

How the mix of alcohol into the bloodstream, and how alcohol affect the blood.

1. Alcohol passes through the esophagus directly into the blood start to get complicated.

2. One fifth of alcohol is absorbed lining of the stomach.

3. The rest of the alcohol is absorbed in two or 3 hours in the intestines and blood circulation throughout your body.

How alcohol affects the body;

Brain: Responses may exaggerate, suppresses the senses, numbing the nerves, increases, self confidence and control, but weakens the idea.

Liver: Cirrhosis is a buildup of scar tissue that changes the structure of the liver and blocks blood flow.

Blood circulation: veins expands. Enlarged veins in the body for the fire creates a sense of facial flushing.

Inhalation: Slightly less than twenty percent of alcohol in breath, urine, and excreted through sweat.

Stomach: Alcohol in the stomach stimulates the digestive juice. Can cause indigestion.

Skin: Sweating is thrown out by a small amount of pure alcohol.

Urine: diuretic effect

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