Mixing alcohol and blood in the body

Drinking alcohol before taking a glass of milk has been observed to reduce the effect of alcohol. Because the milk in the stomach slows down alcohol the blood mixture. And the blood alcohol level rises more slowly. This extends to the duration of alcohol in the blood. Foods, especially fatty foods makes the same effect. Nutrients in the stomach because the stomach is full, the majority of the alcohol takes longer to go through the intestines into the blood thin.

Drinking alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream through the stomach is empty. Drink a glass of milk or eat it halves the speed and blood alcohol level decreases by nearly 50 percent increase. However, this is a  temporary protection. Drunk all the alcohol enter the bloodstream through eventually.

Dark block coffee drink alcohol at a rate antidote cubits. Alcohol on the brain stimulant caffeine in coffee that makes the opposite effect. However, does not change the blood alcohol level. In summary, coffee on the way of a drive to reduce the likelihood of an accident, but alcohol is drunk, occur when alcohol test.

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