Solarium Melanoma Cancer Causes

The desire to have a bronze skin to encourage people to use a solarium. But the solarium is a very serious danger. According to Freedom Frequent solarium use "melanoma" skin disease that cause.

Melanoma is the most common types of cancer and frequency of getting a kind of cancer is increasing.

Machines provide artificial UV rays of tanning machines. UV rays damage our skin cells. Skin from the sun's burning rays that you see in the bronze melanoasitlerin actually here to protect and proliferation of cell in the from of wrap occurs. UV rays can cause skin to darken, as well as the deterioration of the health of the skin and cause permanent skin stain the skin causing premature aging and wrinkles.

According to a study in Minnesota, 2004, 2007, 1167 up 63 percent of melanoma cases among users of tanning solarium use and the risk of developing melanoma was determined in at 74 percent.

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