Impotence, male sex organ (penis) as a result of damage to the sex organs, sexual impotency among the people, the language of medicine is called impotence. fatigue, disgust, nervous disorders, alcoholism, diabetes, birth control methods are applied to or caused by obesity. Although the blood vessels in the penis male sexual desire  (not erection) adequate for sexual intercourse. Warm baths, walk around and relax in the open air.

Every man an erection sufficient to provide at all times and all conditions to be expected. Mental tension, fatigue, erection to fail time to time may cause problems in the relationship. If, however, insist the problem of erection with sexual intercourse and there is often prevents the necessity of getting help from a doctor. According to some studies, including mild to moderate impotence of men between the ages of 40-70 is 70% are the cause of impotence that is? A few years before the impotence of the psychological and the biggest reason was thought to be related to lifestyle. Excessive smoking and alcohol use, as a side effect of some medications can cause erectile disorder, such as the recent research, nerves, arteries. Penis are two spongy cylinders. Men sexually stimulated nervous system stimulates the penis to harden. Spongy cylinders that fill with blood from the blood vessels in the penis to relax. This enables an erection.
One of these steps is blocked for any reason you are composed of erectile dysfunction. These reasons could be. Physical Diseases and Disorders, lungs, liver, hies or veins can lead to chronic diseasterves, areart, kidneys, nerves, arteries or veins can lead to chronic diseases. Endocrine diseases such as diabetes is a particular reason. May prevent sufficient blood into the arteries to the pain. Some men testosterone (male hormone) can cause impotence or decreased Surgery or trauma, injuries in the pelvic or backbones can sometimes cause impotence.

Prostate, Bladder or Rectal cancer can cause impotence because of the surgeries performed. Drugs Treatment Antidepressants, antihistamines, hypertension drugs, or some medication used to treat prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction. Substance abuse: alcohol, marijuana or other drugs substances can cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive smoking can damage arteries, leading to the penis. Stress, anxiety or depression: Psychological disorders constitute 10-15% of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Impotence Treatment

Nutrition, exercise and personal habits: smoking and alcohol intake limits, drug habit. Fed food containing low cholesterol and cholesterol levels must follow. Exercise may be risk factors for impotence are very important to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Drug therapy?

Recently released as a very ambitious about some medications can help an erection. Released a few years ago created a sensation all over the world, and sildenafil, verdenafil, tadalafil active ingredients of medicines to increase blood circulation in penis erection and taken 30 minutes before intercourse to be effective in providing 80% of patients are claimed. However, there are some side effects. 10% of the patients continuing the relationship even after hours of flushing, % 17 of the complaints of headache and visual disturbances. In rare cases, composed of up to 3 hours-long erection.

The Effects of Herbal Food Supplements, on this issue is important not to exceed.

Recently, with the slogan harden the Final Solution's product showing the effect of between 96% of users had very few complaints of side effects. complaints of headache persists after 3% when the relationship has been reported. Hearburn has been reposted in 1% of the Although the choice of being completely herbal product ease-ation only in pharmacies in major cities that have distinguished the inhabitants of Anatolia and in rural areas has put in a difficult situation. Internet advertising sales made over the period but was stopped at the moment.

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