Snoring Causes And Treatment

Snoring Is a Serious Problem?

Social, yes. This family life is seriously threatened. Snoring is taunted by people. Other family members are responsible for sleepless nights. Holidays and business trips is undesirable person snoring roommate.

Medically, yes. The damage is greater than oneself. Nights spent has to be listened. Excessive snoring in people with high blood pressure, snoring is seen by the people dahasık. The most severe form of snoring is obstructive sleep disorder type. Cut with a period of severe snoring, breath Buarada remaining. 10 seconds in an hour on the over-breathing episodes in children 5, adults over 10 seriously affect the life to see. In this case, sleep center must make a review. Thus, excessive blood oxygen level falls asleep. Decreased oxygen in the heart of this, has to pump more blood. Such identifying heart rhythm after a while, Luke, is placed over the years, high blood pressure and heart growth. This group of sleep in a minority of patients can pass the deep sleep phase. Deep phase is the only way to true relaxation. A night spent relaxing in the day, sleepy, tired, and is inefficient. Sleepiness while driving or at work can be seen.

Snoring can be treated?

Observe the following suggestions for people who are in adult snorers. 1-choose a lifestyle sport to increase muscle tone. 2-snoring persons sleeping pills, sedatives, and antihistamines should not take the so-called allergy meds before sleep. Alcohol 4 hours before bedtime 3-4-sleep 3 hours before taking a heavy meal avoided avoided. 5-over these sorts of exhaustion. 6-Sleep lie on your back heel should be preferred instead. A proposal to the old plant is still a useful method for the tennis ball in the back of pajamas. So to lodging srt above shall be prevented. 7-your bed so that all sides of the head above the bed Turn down on one side of approximately 10 cm. 8-at home before you sleep, snoring individuals Allow them to pass. People snoring in all positions, "severe snoring" is called. These people need more help, there are suggestions above. Snoring becomes harmful to individuals and families will be available to speak with an expert doctor. Asphyxiation during sleep, especially when the problem becomes even more important to contact your doctor. Treatment is based on the diagnosis. This is as simple as the treatment of allergy or infection or tonsils, nasal surgery required in the form of gum or nasal disorders.

Simple snoring treatment alternatives:

1-Life style arrangement
2-waves with the use of radiofrequency shrinkage and tension of the soft palate and tongue that may help increase small and testing conditions can be technical.
3-4-UPPP Tonsil and nasal passages to be called meat uvula, soft palate and tonsils taken some type of surgery.

Snoring Treatment

Simple snoring treatment alternatives:

Life style arrangement

With the use of radiofrequency waves to shrink the soft palate and tongue, and a small increase in tension can be done to help and technical conditions of inspection.
Tonsils and nasal passages to be meat
UPPP call the uvula, soft palate and tonsils taken some type of surgery.

Radiofrequency: Somnoplasti What is it?

Recently, radiofrequency waves, called somnoplasti developed a working method. By radiofrequency waves into the soft palate tissue, especially in the area of ​​the scar tissue healing phase, are used. 700 Joules of energy are 3 different point on the patient's palate. Each application lasts up to 2 minutes. Aimed at calming the respiratory tract, thereby pulling up the soft palate. To this day, this technique is a technique used only in patients with simple snoring and mild apnea. Conditions applied in practice a few minutes, pain-related research with this method is that very little progress. There is no activity in apnea patients, yet degrees of intermediate and advanced.

Laser applied to the soft palate surgeries, such as knives, many tools have been tried. The word laser is considered to be almost a magic wand. However, a sensible pain in patients after laser intervention in the problem has emerged. Therefore, the use has decreased significantly. Studies comparing the effect of the laser treatment of snoring and apnea Somnoplastinin against the two methods are equally effective in terms of cutting the resulting laser Despite the limitations of somnoplasti degree of pain was more than 4 times.

Somnoplasti patients applied 2 or 3 times the severity of snoring spouses according to the evaluation of 10 units 4 units decreases. 1-2 days of bleeding and infection after the application not being there a feeling of fullness in the throat. Is considered to be the most attractive side to be painless. In addition, nose, gums at the same session by applying a degree of nasal obstruction.

As a result, the risks of serious disease with obstructive sleep apnea types, a complex disease with a risk of sudden death. There is also a standard treatment. The disease was recognized and we believe significant progress in treatment.

Other application areas are as follows;

Tonsil tissue
Language roots
Inferior turbinate
This purpose in all of the tissues to reduce the amount of tissue.

The advantages of radiofrequency ablation technique;

Fact that less effective methods of trauma
Fact that the method of recycled
The practice of a method can be applied to conditions
The small number of post-operative pain
Lack of job loss
Swallowing and speech affected
Lack of mucosal injury
Lack of infection risk
Fact that the effect of reducing the volume of tissue
Fact that can be controlled
Control of temperature can be monitored

Radio frequency disadvantage;

Application requires more than one
The so-called body mass index body weight / surface area of ​​the high rate of success is lower in cases where

Radio frequency indications;

Habitual snoring
Mild sleep apnea syndrome
Inferior turbinate hypertrophy
Obstructive tonsillar hypertrophy
Hypertrophy of the tongue base

What is Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Cessation of breathing during sleep apnea is called more than 10 seconds and more. Slowing of respiration is called a hypopnea. If more than 5 hours on top of cutting the number of breathing during sleep, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome type mentioned. Purely physical mechanism of this phenomenon works in accordance with the rules. Emerges as a partial cessation of breathing during sleep snoring, apnea leads to completely cut. Snore too much will not mention here. A complaint and the treatment of snoring alone, because the social is social. Are tired, people who drink alcohol and non-snorers know. Otologist as our war is emerging with more snoring, sleep breathing interruption Muscle tissue tumors. Because of this, people with this disease carry a risk of a table with a very vital.

What causes snoring?

The back of the tongue, soft palate, and a small narrowing of the language itself and who knows where the junction is a region genizle part. I came on top of each other, with the titer of these respiratory monitor and snoring occurs.

Snoring is one of the at least one of the following problems.
Language and decreased tension in the muscles of the throat. Loose lay on your back muscles are not hampered by a shift of language towards the back of the throat. This event is one of relaxed sleep, alcohol or drug taking is characterized by loss of control of muscle. For some people, depending on the relaxation phase of deep sleep, snoring can be seen again.
Tissues in the throat is too large. Large tonsils and nasal passages, chicken, children, the most common cause of snoring. Fat tissue in humans cause is shown as a thick neck. Cysts and tumors as rare in this way can make snoring.
Soft palate, and small airway narrows to the throat of the language is too baggy and long. Dangling from the road, such as a valve for the air causes the snoring.

Nasal congestion nasal cavity to the air over the person who creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls the airway in the throat tissues that may collapse. Thus, while an open nose snoring snoring began to appear in person. This is why some people are only allergic sinusitis periods or times when influenza is explained. Deformations of the nose causes of this type is known as nasal congestion.

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