Pregnancy should be, how the home Environment

Gestational home environment, especially the bathroom and toilet, accidents, falls, and shift-regulated. While in the bathroom and the toilet door.

At home, or at least where the pregnant woman in the room where the cigarette smoking.

Home to be aired on a daily basis.

In addition, infectious disease, contagious diseases with relatives until the measure should be taken to not include the home environment.
Cat and dog at home, etc.... feedings a home must be removed until after birth. Pregnant women can pass an infection called Toxoplazma cat feces, which can cause the baby some disabilities, or miscarriage.(Well-cooked, this infection, eating raw meat may also be passed up. Therefore, be sure the meat well cooked).

In addition, stressful home environment, as well as pregnant women to speak sad subjects should be avoided as possible.

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