Newborn Jaundice Disease

Bilirubin is normally excreted by the liver, bowel system, giving. However, the liver and jaundice occurs when bilirubin accumulates in the blood fail to adequately intestine.

Causes of Newborn Jaundice

Physiological jaundice normally
Physiologic jaundice of newborn in time of about 50 it rather than the high rates seen in preterm infants.

After the first 24 hours, usually after birth, 2 or 3 . occurs in a day. Liver is not yet matured enough food and consists of bilirubin. Usually disappear spontaneously within the first two or three weeks, and bilirubin levels are harmless.

Poor reception due to breast milk jaundice
Inadequate breast milk intake occurs when approximately 5-10 depending on the newborns.
Mother's milk related jaundice
Breastfed infants is approximately 1-2 Sinden. Some mothers  produce milk leads to a specific inahibitory substance. This matter back to the enzyme to absorb the baby's intestines will cause more than normal bilirubin. This type of jaundice after birth, 4-7. begins 3-day 10. It may take up to weeks. Usually harmless.

Blood group incompatibility
Rh or ABO incompatibility
Rh-negative a woman's baby during pregnancy, the baby's Rh positive red blood cells + immune response in the blood of the mother across the placenta occurs with lead. Rh-positive baby, but this immune response occurs after the birth or the low. The immune response to the severity of each birth, then gradually increases with.

Litigation is the ABO blood group O anenin Almost always, if the baby's blood type is A or B. The sensitivity of anti-A more frequent, more severe sensitivity to anti-B course.

Blood group antibodies in the blood of the mother the baby's blood as foreign material litigation detects and tracks erythrocytes. Fragmentation of red cells, and this occurs, large amounts of bilirubin cause jaundice. Jaundice physiological jaundice of different stars in the first 24 hours. Can cause very serious statements. However, within the first 72 hours after the birth or low injection of RhoGam done more to endanger the lives of babies birthed after the formation of antibodies to prevent.


Physiological jaundice treatment
if you try feeding your baby a bottle-feeding every 2-3 hours.

Inadequate treatment of jaundice due to breast milk
The main treatment should increase the amount of breast milk. Baby should be breastfed more frequently. Thus, increased mobility of the stomach and intestinal system, such as very hour by means of bilirubin from the body more quickly and remove any faeces. Sleeping in the 4-hour intervals that match the baby's nutrition will be useful. Weight gain should be checked frequently. Some cases of breast milk is not enough food can be given but the formula does not help with sugar water.

Treatment of jaundice due to breast milk
By cutting the formula with breast milk to feed baby food for 2-3 days may be useful. However, this time to avoid the mother's breast milk in the mother. In no time for breast milk jaundice and to prevent the cut in full. 2-3 days after the mother's milk begins again. The water repellent effect of bilirubin is more sugary sensation like the formula has not been established.

Heavy jaundice treatment: treatment of blood disputes
The level of bilirurin in the blood of 20 mg / dL higher than the destruction of brain may cause deafness , cerebral palsy or cerebral palsy. Such high levels are usually seen in the blood group disputes.

These complications can be prevented by applying phototherapy. Reduce levels of bilirubin, bilirubin accumulates in the skin, and blue light components.

In some rare cases you may need to go the exchage of blood. The baby's blood is replaced with fresh blood. However, the situation does not turn this heavy physiological jaundice.

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