How to clean stains teeth

How to clear spots on teeth?

Simple procedures can eliminate the problem

Tooth stains are usually removed by a simple cleaning. Applied by dentists after dental scaling is a procedure called polishing.

Polishing process on the teeth by applying a paste special with the help of a tire is the process of making teeth whiter. After the polishing process does not move or rotten teeth are spots or stains teeth deeply processed.

Penetrated into the tooth whitening way to clean stains. There are several toothpastes to prevent tooth stain formation. This gives a positive result when used in regular toothpastes.

Teeth, especially in smokers carrying the products is very effective anti-yellowing properties. But the basic principle is always to brush teeth after meals.

Leaves a stain on the teeth, especially caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee. According to the news in Milliyet, when choosing a toothpaste containing fluoride and the female is necessary to select those preservatives.

Never use abrasive toothpastes that contain the female elements. Is also very important to use dental floss. The remaining particles of the tooth can cause tooth decay and permanent color changes. Suitable for children from an early age to use dental floss and take care of your gums.

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