What is vaginismus?

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What is vaginismus? in fact the question can be given various definitions but in general, although not a physical barrier problem of vaginismus woman's fear, anxiety and concern do not allow for sexual intercourse, defined as granting.

The vagina (refer to female genitals), the size of the penis during intercourse, or prepares itself to smallness. Expands on the state of sexual intercourse.

Men and women and men in fear and anxiety of his penis the vagina, while others experience these feelings in just the entrance to the vagina.

Causes of vaginismus occurrence varies according to the people;

"The vagina is too small or too tight due to the barring from the relationship" is a concept that often is not correct, because the vagina as the structure is flexible and expandable enough to lift her head at birth of a child (which is about 10-fold expansion).

Mention under the fear of Consciousness in the vagina with the woman's body and consists of non-contractions, and lockups. contraction of the muscles throughout the body at the entrance to the vagina as well as contractions, anxiety, fear, and consists of a state of panic. In this case, which will enter into the relationship of women's legs tight shut off and now does not allow the relationship or not.

Some women are very thick membranes Vaginusmus the maiden, and therefore believe that the relationship could not enter, and unfortunately also convinced that their spouses are aware of. Couples who believe in the removal of the hymen, to resolve the problem, resorting to a gynecologist. Formula in the physical sources of the problem is due to some reason, the opening of the hymen, rather than the solution, which in turn couples who do not work, more hopelessness, pessimism, in turn, leads to deterioration in relations.

The majority of women with vaginismus problem, a doctor can not be examined, as well as panic and fear in the relationship just gets carried away, closes her legs and get into a crisis crying. However, some of them can easily be may examine the relationship but may not allow them into practice.

Sometimes the problem with drugs or general anesthesia (fainting) is believed to be resolved under entering the relationship. Thus, muscle relaxation can be achieved, and even, as a method vaginusmuslu wrong for women to have sexual relations with partners, drugged and provided with general anesthesia knows. Solve this problem instead of me more aware of the zoom. Women's awake again, fear of sexual intercourse when the woman vaginismuslu caktır and wife, meanwhile, has established a relationship with his wife before the anesthesia, followed by an attitude against the challenge. This can increase the fear. Also entered in the women's relationship under anesthesia are beyond its control such as bad psychologically affected by living in a relationship.

One of the reasons this approach is that vaginismus, "contraction of the muscles around the vagina entrance of the vagina during sexual intercourse, and thus gain entry into the" thought of that. Such approach is useful to emphasize that often the wrong approach.

Again, this way of thinking made recently with the vagina and the vaginal muscle spasm botox applications are blocked. Vaginismus, in this approach does not provide real solutions.

This type of sedative troubled people, this problem is not resolved to provide antidepressant medication, but some of these types of drugs have the effect of reducing sexual desire, so as not resolved the problem another problem is added to the sexually reluctant likte trouble.

Muscle relaxants or alcohol to get drunk and took the efforts of sexual intercourse always results in sadness.

Vaginismus can be treated very easily with a problem of this type of false information and trials, grows, grows.

Women, distress, tension starts, with a sense of guilt begins to hear itself is missing, hopelessness, and pessimism is reduced.

The majority of women in the face of this situation shows the response is excessive and unnecessary in a university system knows, the reaction against the excesses of fear and of know logically it is not enough to solve it unnecessary in a university system to accept and live in an inner turmoil, I love my wife, I want him by law, my wife, my family accept it, I agree, so why can not we live in such inner confusion can, and crises.

Some women think that there are not sexual requests, I do not even want the relationship, not myself, but I do hear the complain of it, this is a completely self-defense system, the human fear of hurt or harm could be been picked what he believes, or believed may raise revenue?

Sometimes the solution such as a shot in the lives and loves me, loves me not necessarily need to live in sexual intercourse, such as defense mechanisms by developing a team tries to comfort him, but the problem has always been and will grow every day, I carry both of the spouses becomes a day, and the relationship ends.

Men who can not enter the relationship at the outset, the moderate approach them from their wives, and sometimes of incomprehension and anger and feelings of vulnerability. Although there is no physical problem and sometimes also start with erectile dysfunction in men. Male ultimately intolerant, force or deceive his wife.

Development work they want to be a woman, even though sometimes treat their wives did not mind the problem, head to hit the delayed treatment, or support their wives can not see the event approached the solution to this very surprised at the difference. Anxiety and fears related to sexual intercourse is not only women that some men may be grandfather. For women it is very difficult to understand or feel because they are focused on solutions to their problems as well. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to understand or feel, but other people think like this, sometimes you can not tell you about it. But the real problem is that out there. Here is a similar approach can tell you approach it, this solution makes it easy. Ten of the relationship, afraid to know and bent penis.

Ladies, as well as in treatment, if necessary, with the anxiety and fears of men, destroyer, supportive therapy should be made.

Men and women, vaginismus is a common problem.

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