Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth nightmare!

Wisdom tooth, wisdom tooth another name, for many people is a frightening phenomenon. A very large part of the general population living in the twenty years of age and dental clinics refers to teeth problems. Does this phenomenon is exaggerated? Or Is there really nothing to be afraid? This is somewhat related to our expectations.

20 years does not harm the teeth and surrounding tissue occurs in the correct position of the tooth in place, this is not a drawback in maintaining the report says.

Radiographs in the wisdom tooth which began to be 9 years old, 14-year-old "crown" of the so-called top formation is complete.

By the age of 16, 50% of the root formation is completed. After that, keep your chin when the room for development with the wisdom tooth starts to occur. 18 years old, completed root formation. 24 years old, all the movements of wisdom teeth, 95% complete. At this stage, teeth, or to continue to follow the path of the output completes, or works in a different direction to create its own way out. Problems can occur in any of these stages.

From different directions, buried alive, or any pathology that causes the teeth of the twenty-hat is the difference, why can not go on regular voyages? In fact, this is a very different explanation is made to describe the situation over time. To give a basic example of them;
Wisdom teeth out if you have more than one root cause of these different process can not continue the normal course of development of teeth.

Other reason than the width of the tooth, but in the jaw area is less. Accordingly, the tooth can not reach the area will be completed to continue.
Problems that occur during the development of these causes can be counted on.

So what does all wisdom tooth pulled? Wisdom tooth pulled, or what?

Unfortunately, the embedded wisdom tooth, patients often gives rise to very serious problems. For example, the female around the age of twenty half-buried anti-inflammatory (Pericoronitis) caused very severe pain chart

Rotten teeth, causing the formation of the Environment
Tightness in the teeth so that orthodontic problems, causing disfiguring
Preparing the groundwork for the formation of cysts or tumors from wisdom tooth
Infection in bone-like formations in the region where melting
Lead to a fracture of the jaw to become

Table of unexplained pain, wisdom teeth can create problems come at the beginning. But despite all the risks that we "all wisdom teeth pulled." We can not make such a determination. If a wisdom tooth wisdom tooth has lasted and is actively being used or embedded to any problem in terms of what the patient in terms of what the dentist if doing so does not necessarily capture.

But unfortunately that is embedded in a wisdom tooth is like a bomb ready to explode. We need to do a six-month randomized to go to the dentist for regular checks and inspections on a regular basis, this clearly shows the wisdom teeth, do not worry.

Twenty years of age if the female's shooting of a decision, in accordance with the rules of sterilization should be prepared to do a tooth extraction, tooth extraction and surgical principles should be applied according to the area under local anesthesia should be made as appropriate.

The biggest fear of our patients during wisdom tooth extraction, the idea that to feel any pain. Local anesthetics, because they block the nerve messages between the brain and the attraction of such a possibility, it is not possible with a local anesthetic applied to the right. But only in the sense of touch and pressure are blocked by general anesthesia, the patient feels a sense of touch and pressure. This is a very mixed pain accounts for a fitting. For this reason, the distinction between patient and physician need to better reach.

Twenty years after tooth extraction surgery, prescription drugs, which must be used regularly and on time. Tobacco and tobacco products consumed for a period of 24 hours on the subject. Consumption of hot food and beverages should be avoided. After the operation, application of cold compresses to the region outside of the face, is to minimize swelling after the operation.

As a result, regular Dentist control you will save a lot of trouble early diagnosis. Properly implement the patient's post-operative care at least as important as the implementation of the correct surgical technique.

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  1. wisdom tooth wisdom tooth has lasted and is actively being used or embedded to any problem in terms of what the patient in terms of what the dentist if doing so does not necessarily capture. wisdom teeth extraction