Major cause of tooth decay

Here are the factors that cause tooth decay

Getting rid of their mistakes without being aware of people could have said a more healthy teeth.

  • Continuous coffee break all day long, coffee, tea drinking and snacking habits, by activation of the mouth, acid-producing bacteria live on the surface of the teeth and the teeth can cause decay sine Instead of these bacteria. Instead of these beverages should instead be unsweetened coffee or tea and milk and milk products Consumed should be preferred.

  • Smoking, smoking its is the board bad mouth breath, yellowing teeth, and even oral cancer can cause many diseases.
  • Only floss the importance of brushing teeth alone is not enough to clean the mouth. Teeth are cleaned using dental floss toothbrush can not reach.
  • Brushing teeth, brush the mouth's health care the most important. The teeth of all ages, to be brushed at least twice a day. Be renewed monthly, three toothbrushes, brushing teeth should be brushed dry.
  • Other than eating sweet desserts Consumed, consumed in meals is important for dental health.
  • Water needs for the teeth after eating is the best thing to do is to drink water or milk. After dinner drinking a glass of water, eat away parts of the mouth and the mouth neutrals acidic environment. In addition, calcium increases the formation of teeth, drink milk.
  • Chewing gum, sticky sweets and nuts than to be avoided as mush as possible. When ingested, the teeth should be carefully process.
  • Fruit and vegetable gums are very important for the vitamins contained in fruits and vegetable, mechanical cleaning of the front teeth.
  • Sugar-free gum to chew gum prefer sugar-free chewing gums, such as if you have a habit of your choice. Because if accelerates the flow of saliva, the mouth, helps remove.

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