Number of Sperm and Sperm Quality

First, you sort of sperm count and sperm quality. According to the research, primarily if there is a food rather than to turn to, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, disorderly life, high stress, irregular performed, a negative effect on sperm quality, such as unbalanced diet is required the abandonment of the bad habits. Walnut, hazelnut products, such as the body's immune system and influence the resistance and physically available and can not be denied the benefits of course. However, sperm quality is not the same thing with physical benefits. Besides the physical benefits of those, a direct effect of sperm quality is not in question. A healthy and regular life, regular sleeping hours, regular sport and balanced nutrition from every type of food is laid out as the most beautiful style. Containing these elements into a camp. Mobile phones, computer monitors, large tube television, mocrowave oven emitting devices such as radio activity has a negative effect on sperm parameters.

 Increase sperm count and sperm quality of herbal cure, but currents course as blog promote a product which would like to remind yo 100% vegetable.

Turkey enters a new market, as previously blog Cym Plus is a product called herbal food supplement did promote. CymPlus is a product imported from the Netherlands. CymPlus, sperm quality, motility, and increases the amount. Plus, using the self-confidence, increase the Cym. Cym-Term and more intense orgasms with Plus and the number of discharges with insufficient. Sperm lives and more sexual desire, those who complain about the lack of sperm quality, infertility pill in the world is now in Turkey, plus sensational Cym. Using sperm from men portrayed , increases sperm motility, sperm count and quality of herbal products that may produce the maximum levels for couples unable to have children.


Oats (Avena sativa), Epimediyum, vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Magnesium, Green tea Extract, Vitamin E, L-carnitine tartrate, Zinc (zinc ascobate), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Folic Acid, Selenium, Magnesium stearate, silica, and gelatin capsule is located.

Sperm constitute the most important ingredients are: Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12+C, Zinc. This is some of the other important subtances, Cym Plus herbal formula is enriched with contents and extra folic acid.

Folic acid

Nijmegen is a researcher, for example, often with inadequate nutrient folic acid and zinc materials investigated the effect on the quality of male sperm. The effect of both substances were determined precisely. Food supplements in the semen of men 74% of the sperm cell count increases.

Herbal Contents Ginseng is also such as Dong Quai, Is regarded as a tonic for regulating the energy of life. Ferulik acid, an antioxidant found in Dong Quai'da also increases the mobility of sperm cells. Avena sativa, or oats are a lot of protein and durability. Avena sativa is a rich iron, manganese and zinc are the source, Cym Plus and gives him the viability of using a man in need. Cym Plus is the most complete formula in this context.

You get detailed information about this product or if you want to place an order, the following web site and phone numbers can be found in this product.

Cym Plus Phone: 0 (232) 274 77 87

In addition, Dr. Saracoglu Carob is very effective in curing this issue:

Moving to increase the number and quality of sperm and impotence in men against the Locust Regimen

6-7 pieces of about half a liter of boiling water little by little by breaking carob horse. Boil off the nozzle as a slight fever for 3 minutes. Boiling off the bottom of the cooker and 20 minutes rest time after the completion. after the rest period with a spoon, remove pieces of locust. After cooling, half of the morning on a empty stomach, drink way to bed the other night. This practice should continue every day for a week. Evening every day for 3 months after the first week of going to bed drink a glass of water. Apply the next few months from time to time.

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