Fat chance you may say but I overcame Obesity

After my daughter's birth I was busy nursing and taking care of her that I neglected my appearance. I guess this is something all of us do for a while after delivery. As a new mom you're busy enjoying motherhood and juggling house work, office as well as the new born. There is no time for grooming yourself and that is the time your treacherous body cheats on you. I put on weight and before long I was weighing 160 pounds. I was always short of breath and running around the house made me tired and weary through out the day. My temper was bad and my husband had a hard time wondering what's wrong with me. I couldn't fit into my clothes and had to sheepishly move towards the plus size counter at the store. I had severe back pain due to overweight and it was a task to get up from bed in the mornings. With physical obesity combined mental stress and I was on the verge of a breakdown.

I met my GP who advised me to start a diet program to lose weight. I tried but there was no sign of shedding the pounds. Meanwhile my low back pain continued and made life miserable for me. That is when my husband held my hand gently and talked to me about yoga. He showed me a few videos on You Tube and I was intrigued by this wonderful art form. Though skeptical I thought let me try, after all I've nothing to lose. The first few sessions went off well and I started to feel better mentally.

Yoga helps you to be agile
The basic yoga poses like padmaasan, suryanamaskar, trikonasana, paschimottanasana, pranayam gave me flexibility and I found myself being more agile. I started with the basic yoga poses and moved on to the intermediate level after two months. In these two months I could feel myself getting lighter and mentally I was more focused and relaxed than before.

Combine diet with yoga
Along with yoga I controlled my diet. I stopped eating sugar, starch and fats. Instead I devised a meal plan where I had a raw diet day, fish day and fruits evening in my menu. Instead of bacon and eggs for breakfast I substituted it with fruits and fresh cranberry/orange juice. Munching on carrots and nuts between meals kept the urge to chomp fries at bay.

Tuna fish for lunch along with salad, dressings with olive oil saw to it that I didn't add to the kilos. Following a strict yoga and diet regimen helped me to become flexible and shed the kilos. I came down to 120 pounds within two months. My back pain vanished like magic and I could fit into my old clothes. I felt so happy that I continued with the same diet and yoga sessions. Within four months I was looking my ravishing self and my husband just couldn't take his eyes off me. With inner glow thanks to yoga and a new haircut and shapely me, I am eagerly awaiting Valentine's Day. I am sure my husband will surprise me with gifts galore! Viola!!

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