Bad breath is a symptom of many illnesses that can occur during. There is a special smell of the mouth. But a special scent, such as onions and garlic, or cabbage, and cucumbers are hard to digest foods such as may occur depending on the different scents.

Not maintained as a result of oral and dental decay in the mouth is no longer of nutrients leads to bad breath. Alcohol, such as arsenic compounds for therapeutic purposes, substances or of the mouth, the smell of some makes.

Also occurs in some pathological cases, mouth odor. These include inflammation of the oral mucosa, tonsils, tooth decay, gum, oral diseases, such as ulcerated tumors, esophagus or pylorus (pyloric) stenosis and tumors of the stomach and esophagus leading to the accumulation of nutrients such as diseases, tuberculosis, lung diseases, such as abscesses and gangrene , metabolic disease such as diabetes and liver failure include whole factories.

In some cases, halitosis is typical and provides recognition of the disease. The smell of ammonia in renal failure, uncontrolled diabetes ketoacidosis phase of acetone-like smell of rotten fruit, an example of this.

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