Period Pieces

Inner surface of the egg to the uterus of each month (of pregnancy), to come her and log the vasculature will allow  for feeding and, if fertilization occurs in a layer or from the new tissue, leaving the bottom of this wall is poured into place to complete the task of the womb so the body is thrown out. Each month, this process in repeated in the same way as long as we cycle menstral cycle? One scheme, the function of the structure, leaving the new loses its place taken out of the pieces of this tissue, blood bleeding menstruation call. Each person's body, such as every order is different in each scheme varies from person to person.
As a result of the studies and the data obtained from years.

-The ideal time 28/7 means it is a day on the first day of bleeding, bleeding after the first day of the period between the normal to be at least 21 to 35 days to consider.

-The average duration of bleeding in menstruation cycle is considered to be 5 to 3 days. That is at least 2 days, which lasted up to 8 days in normal menstruation.

The amount of bleeding is also important, and one for obstruction of the average blood loss was 40 ml, 80 ml of the surplus is less than 20 ml. (Simply the normal three to five pet is accepted)

They accept non bleeding and abnormal bleeding, abnormal bleeding, we say that women constitute 10 to 15% of gynecological complaints.

Or have a small amount of bleeding than normal, more frequent or longer to arrive at intervals, such as intermediate bleeding that might disturb your quality of life, affect the nervous system. Immediately pages  future menstrual craps and premenstrual syndrome called premenstrual tension to be done and not talk about it, because it is also serious problems.

Why the layout is broken and pieces of what disrupts the normal non bleeding, body, and you ladies as well as a sign that we are doctors. These types of problems can be solved with very simple reasons that may occur and a simple treatment, such as lying under the enormous problems that may occur in reality should not be ignored. The problem is, no matter how big the success of early detection is very high.

What one can disrupt the layout of the new units in the first bleeding in young girls starts to menstruate on a regular basis may not, under any other cause we do not make the necessary examination of hormonal system, wait until it is recommended. In our study of wives of menstruation is to be cut in the order stars to deteriorate.

What can we say other reasons;
  • Pregnancy
  • Sadness
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Problems
  • Benign tumors
  • Cancer
  • Birth control pill, hormone pills such as misuse of
  • Spiral
  • Infection
  • Blood Diseases
  • Disrupt the layout of thyroid diseases, such as causing a lot of pieces.
What need to be done?
Must go and find out the cause and solution as soon as possible

Seeing is Important Number One Month?
Stress, illness, loss of weight due to causes such as the one you might not see a couple of months. Physician should be contacted a few months, there is no menstruation.

Bleeding During Piece swim?
I used to entering the sea during this period, and made sport of the many activities normally believed should be avoided. Swimming and other sports can be done provided the necessary protection. The pain and cramps, the young girls should avoid these activities.

Pain relievers increase of menstruation, will you?
Non aspirin pain relievers do not cause increased bleeding. Consult doctor before using painkillers and need to learn the side effects of the drugs. Other that do not cause any problem, a drug may be harmful to you.

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