Crooked Dental Treatment

Complains about crooked teeth, but you're aesthetically disturbing wires attached to the course of treatment?
New technology is applied in the Treatment of Dental Diseases "Invisalign" method, which does not seem as obvious in the mouth with the wire and bracket use, ergonomic and healthy teeth be treated proated properly with transparent plates.

Dental wires from aesthetic concerns, indicating that Pat keep adults away from this treatment, this is a problem in the use of the wire and bracket "Invisalign" method eliminated.

Pinar, invisalign method, in order to fix misaligned teeth attached to the teeth removable mouth, which does not seem as abvious a series of corrective transparent plates, which provide corrections of the teeth without brackets and wires be described as a system. Transparent toppers, with the help of three dimensional computerized systems in accordance with the patients tooth structure modeled exactly, each used for 2 weeks at a trimmer plate.

Pinar, two weeks after the new language is inserted in a corrective, bringing about the process gave the following information: " This new corrective of the oldest, the teeth become more uniform generation is a little different. This process is progressing step by step. The process of examination and treatment of orthodontic specialist will make the six-week intervals are directed.

The duration of treatment, according to the rate of tooth deviousness is between 9-15 months. During this period, approximately 18-30 pieces of transparent plates used corrective Wires and brackets in the classical orthodontic treatment continues to 18-24 months.

Aesthetic Advantage
Emphasizing that it is more advantageous than the method implemented in the Spring wire, wire and brackets according to the classical method, the most important advantage of invisalign "aesthetic superiority," Pinar, "corrective plaques is completely transparent and very difficult to spot. This is particularly want to have orthodontic treatment, but the image of brackets and wires due to increasing popularity of the method of treatment that delay the adults. Another advantage of Invisalign in the "oral hygiene easier to achieve," which stated that Pat, Eating and drinking in the conventional orthodontic treatment Invisalign the restriction are gone. Because, prompted by mouth after brushing can be removed and re-inserting. Invisalign Another advantage of the method previously known for the duration of treatment and it knows the outcome of treatment. Classic orthodontic treatment to the patients and the physician, depending on the duration of treatment and the values averaged to give a clear time is not very possible. On the other hand, much more comfortable undergoing a period of adaptation to treatment.

According to information from Pinar, invisalign method where all the permanent teeth replace baby teeth fell from 12 years can be applied successfully.

Such as upper or lower jaw, the jaw position to be behind the front-interest cases, 8-12 years of age need treatment. It does not matter outside the age factor.

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