Menstrual Period during sports Attention

A healthy lifestyle and to combat obesity experts talk about the importance of continuous sport in our lives. But they also needed to make the conscious sport and sports issues that need to be aware of when you need to know better.

Especially when women's sports injuries occur more commonly. And women, menstrual  periods, especially due to hormones secreted during sport.

Current Concepts in Sports Trauma " which provides information on the subject in the sport during menstruation. Scientific studies since the start of menstrual period, 10-14. a period of days shows that the more risky for sport injuries. Estrogen hormone is higher during this day period the cell for the anterior cruciate runs slower than the bonds. This also reduces the ability of an injury replacement in the immediately prior or ovulation, the more risky than in the period after the warning was published. In addition, the anterior cruciate ligaments in the range where the bone is narrower, women are more risk during sports.

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