Formation of canker sores in the mouth

Canker Sores in the mouth, cheek and lip mucosa, often, on the tongue, soft palate, pharynx, pale yellow-red to be seen on the gums become very painful, ulcerated lesions, surrounded by. 18-20% of society more or less faced with the problem of canker sores. More often found in women. Canker usually as a single, albeit at the same time can be seen in more than a few in the region. Make one susceptible to a variety of research has been conducted to determine the cause of occurrence. However, many factors that make one susceptible factors that worsen the course of the formation and detection of the accelerator, but have not identified the exact cause of occurrence. Therefore, factors that delay the healing of canker sores and can be reported to accelerate the formation.

What factors are important in the formation of canker sores?

Today, migraines, high blood pressure, and the cause of many diseases such as gastritis, considered among the most important reasons for the formation of canker sore is one of the stress.
Premenstural ladies tension (pre-menstrual period), the factors that accelerate the formation of canker sores.

Citrus fruits, vinegar, pickles, potato chips, cookies, salty and spicy foods can irritate the lining of the mouth as thrush is one of the important factors that accelerate the formation. In addition, some sufferers may be allergic to buckwheat, barley, chocolate, nuts, shellfish, soybeans, tomatoes, some eggplant, apples, figs, food such as cheese. accelerate the formation canker sores.

Cheek, lip biting, tongue, hard and soft foods without irritation and tooth brushing dentures are not well adapted to cause the formation of ground suitable for canker sores.

Cleaning the property of toothpastes to increases the form structures as a constructive participant "sodium lauryl sulfate" (SLS) is a chemical irritant that increase the breakdown of the mucosal cells. This feature directly on the formation of canker sores with SLS is a substance which is effective.
Especially people with canker sores for use today, to a lesser extent (1.25%) SLS containing toothpastes are produced. (Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste, Oral-B Sensitive Toothpaste fluoride.)

Systemic diseases
Behcet's Diseases: Genital ulcers, conjunctivitis, retinitis, such as leukocytosis, as well as inside the mouth of many systemic symptoms of a disease.

Other reasons
Vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies, smoking, tobacco chewing habits, such as are known to be important factors that contribute to the formation of canker sores.

Applied to any treatment table Canker sores usually heal spontaneously after 7-10 days. faced with the problem of canker sores or more of any of those listed below can apply this more comfortable to spend a Period:

To reduce pain and shorten the recovery period:
1.  Acidic and avoid irritating foods.
2. 2% hydrogen peroxide, canker sores with gauze or cotton dipped in cleaning solution.
3. Carbonate mixture prepared with water spreads on the fine structure of a thrush cream.
4. Half a glass of water with the addition of a half-spoon salt gargle three time a day can be obtained from the solution.
5. Meals of canker sores "xylocaine prepared for oral solution or anesthetic creams can be applied.
6. Aft applied on the orabase, Gly-Oxide, Cankaid, Ambesol such as creams can be applied in the mouth.
7. "Sucralfate" mouthwash tablet can be dissolved in warm water.
8. In particular the initial phase of the tablet becomes "tetracyline" solution obtained by dissolving the tablet in water and gargle, and make one susceptible to control pain and prevent further growth.
9. Again, the initial phase of the region make one susceptible of topical steroid, "0.1% triamcinalone implementation, or a steroid mouthwash" Betamethasone syrup' to make one susceptible to gargle reduces pain and prevents further growth.
10. "Chlorhexadine gargles shorten the period of recovery.

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