How to Use Dental Floss

Using Dental Floss

Dental floss, tooth between then in term of the removal of food remains a very useful tool. Starting from a very young age should be taught proper brushing and flossing techniques.

After brushing the teeth and the gum line and between teeth to remove food residues are used dental floss. These residues, the most important cause of tooth decay.

1. Dental floss is taken up to thirty centimeters. The other end of the middle finger of one hand a section of floss in the middle finger of other hand winds. Must remain a part of the rope in the middle.

2. In the middle section of the rope is pushed backward with the index finger. Rope, passed through the teeth. During this movement should not be hard.

3. The same application can be repeated with another piece of rope by taking the lower teeth.

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  1. Good dental hygiene is necessary to keep our teeth and gums healthy as well as the rest of our bodies.