How to Brush

Tooth Brushing Technique

The most effective way to protect our teeth to brush regularly. The first step in the selection of the correct brush teeth brushing. Nylon brush the most appropriate medium hard brushes. Easy access to the back teeth in the mouth moving and not too large for the brush head is preferred. After selecting the appropriate brush teeth brushed at least twice a day on a regular basis. Because of its pleasing aroma and mouth feel of toothpaste to brush your teeth easier. The proposal should not be used unless the dentist tooth polishing powders. Excessive use is harmful in terms of dental health.
Stance is the same as non-essential movement of the brush between teeth: brush along the gum line is placed as the slope. This small, circular movements intact teeth brushed. Then, brush, brushing is continued by moving a brush a length.

1. Tooth brush and gum level is kept to a 45 degree angle starting from the start to brush towards the oral cavity. If brushing is not hard blows from the outer surfaces, soft and to draw circles, the front teeth, back teeth must be done correctly.

2. Then the inner surfaces of the teeth brushed in the same way. In this process, the brush must be forward, the gums are move to towards to oral cavity.

3. Brush the chewing surfaces of teeth, then brushed straight back and froth by moving.

Brushing should last at least two- three minutes. Healthy gums bleed during brushing.

Person's toothbrush is a tool, not shared with other. Tooth brushes a few months, should be replaced every six month at the latest. Interfaces as needed to ensure the effective brushing interface is used brushes. Required to apply them to the dentist to get the relevant proposal.

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