Some of the things that we do not care back to us in our daily lives as the disease can return. Dirty or hazardous environments, knowing the unthinkable act, is of great importance in terms of protective and preventive health care.

Toothbrush and Toilet: Toilet in standing close to another is as harmful as a toothbrush. Has 2 million microbes per square centimeter of a toilet. Each siphon withdrawal for at least half of these germs, wash basins, floor and other objects are pushed on. This tool is extremely harmful to health of microbes to be submerged in the direct-to-mouth is the greatest danger in the tooth brushes. For this reason, personal hygiene and care products in the bathrooms should be kept in closed cabinets.

Shoes and Wardrobe: keep shoes in cupboards in the bedroom, albeit non-functional for many people is harmful to your health. Outside worn slippers and shoes, dirty materials, everything is on the path the allergens as installed. For this reason, shoes and slippers, lockers in them, especially not of their own bedrooms off a locker, so should be kept away from living areas.

Hot foods and Refrigerator: with states of the hottest food, cooked a perfect recipe for overcooking the refrigerator to put food poisoning. Refrigerator warm moist environment creates the ideal conditions for bacteria in food production. For this reason, food is cooked, cooled and then refrigerated and then taken off the loom.
Escalators: occurrence of thousands of people a day walking the stairs holding a germ paradise places. Especially because of the floating band swept the hands of millions of bacteria, removes all the surface of the sweeps. Intact or a necessity if you visit these places, hands should be disinfected after use.

Handbags: More women in the bags that threaten a shop. Harmful bacteria in a bag is 10 thousand per square centimeter. These points, the floor of a bus in a bag or a restaurant sink and contains much more bacteria. One bag is completely free from bacteria able to reduce if not impossible. It should not be left anywhere for the bags, should be kept in a chair or drawer, should be kept out of places where food is prepared and eaten.

Sinks: The indispensable kitchen sinks in a germ-store. Directly to those places where all kinds of food and cleaning process and the reduction in food should not be left to be disposed.

Headphones: Headphones provides a moist environment and suitable for the growth of microbes. Personal headphones, even thousands of aircraft or buses, especially distributed ürerken very dangerous bacteria. Bacterial growth, as well as continuous use of headphones can cause hearing loss.
Orally up blood (hematemesis)

Hematemesis: Vomiting way to live with a dark red or blackish color of fresh blood or digested blood in the case of removal. Blood is the most common causes of vomiting and liver cirrhosis, accounts for the stomach or duodenal ulcers.

Stomach and duodenal ulcers depending on the particular diameters of blood vessels in the process of erosion causing bleeding ulcer. Cause of the bleeding in liver cirrhosis due to increasing pressure in the portal veins around the esophagus suddenly ruptures (esophageal variceal bleeding).

Other causes of vomiting blood, stomach cancer, severe acute gastritis, intestinal infarction, leukemia, clotting disorders, etc. as well as diseases.
Speech in children because of late

Speech due to a lack of vitamin B12 in late

Nutritional deficiencies resulting from vitamin B12 deficiency, especially in children were reported to cause neurological disorders. Uludag University Medical Faculty, Dept. of Pediatrics Hematology Expert, the brain is extremely important for the development of vitamin B12 in the body reproduced, so from the outside, especially animal foods should be expressed. About red meat and eggs is vitamin B12, B12 deficiency in children's growth and their development, and to walk, talk or function, such as delay in sitting.
Bad breath is a symptom of many illnesses that can occur during. There is a special smell of the mouth. But a special scent, such as onions and garlic, or cabbage, and cucumbers are hard to digest foods such as may occur depending on the different scents.

Not maintained as a result of oral and dental decay in the mouth is no longer of nutrients leads to bad breath. Alcohol, such as arsenic compounds for therapeutic purposes, substances or of the mouth, the smell of some makes.

Also occurs in some pathological cases, mouth odor. These include inflammation of the oral mucosa, tonsils, tooth decay, gum, oral diseases, such as ulcerated tumors, esophagus or pylorus (pyloric) stenosis and tumors of the stomach and esophagus leading to the accumulation of nutrients such as diseases, tuberculosis, lung diseases, such as abscesses and gangrene , metabolic disease such as diabetes and liver failure include whole factories.

In some cases, halitosis is typical and provides recognition of the disease. The smell of ammonia in renal failure, uncontrolled diabetes ketoacidosis phase of acetone-like smell of rotten fruit, an example of this.
That for the treatment of vaginismus, the client should be with interest and detail. Be studied to understand the emotions. Consultant I, detail of a psychological (mental) problem, the solution phase after anamnesis is information about what to do. Believe you can do to solve the problem and ask for the treatment of vaginismus is an important step. The client, even if women are physically, emotionally, being a woman living in the inner problem.

Consultant I, as the exclusive causes of vaginismus how to be discussed may occur. And then he describes the spiritual nature of man.

Marriage therapy in people, therapists, carried out between the spouses of the trivets. Provides a positive contribution to improve the participation of spouses' support and understanding. Other ways to keep in mind a single one of our many friends living in the same problems LIMITATIONS. Therapy is not required to necessarily be his wife.

With therapy is the treatment of sexual information Vaginisimus. About the anatomy of the woman's sexual education is given. Woman wants to get rid of vaginismus definition, do believe in a preparation phase of races and ethnic groups, and information on the go. Increasingly on the problem, to solve the labor force by showing feeling. Emotionally because of the fear felt, as a woman's sexuality and power in the trust will go on from facing feels.

Advisers to find you suitable methods of sexual therapy, sexual information, relaxation exercises, finger exercises, Kegel exercises, and hypnotherapy methods applied within the framework of a protocol.

Relevant, supportive and help you in overcoming your problem could be a therapist that you trust.
Intercourse define the reasons as follows;

-Physical causes
Psychological reasons

A-I could not enter the relationship;

1-real sense, those who have physical:% 1 is the

- A thick hymen
- Vaginal stenosis, abnormal
- The entrance to the vagina painful wound, etc.
- The absence of the vagina

2-Once upon a time is an issue that physical therapy appointment on ettirip InDesign is the fear of it do not take the relationship: 1% - as much as 0.5

99% do not take the relationship because of fears based 3-Psychological

Due to a family and upbringing style
-Fear of losing hymen
-Shameful, forbidden event, filthy, sin
-The teaching of dishonesty
-Our daughter-confidence does not
Fear of pregnancy-abortion-
Fear of-pregnancy-birth pain?

b-have you heard, because what you see and think of
Hymen, a very hurt-
Blood flow in-
I crumble at the grass-
Can not sit for days come to an end-
In-films of rape, the first relationship
-The women themselves
exaggerating the conversations

c-physical or verbal sexual harassment and rape

B-is-more before the sexual life sexual intercourse have problems
-Birth or abortion issue
As a result of rape, sexual harassment or sex-scared, do not take the relationship to leave.

No matter what the problem is solvable,

a physical relationship, if for some reason it fails is for the surgery or treatment,

Treatment consists of fear and concern than the problem called vaginismus is a simple and easy first thing to do is to refer to a specialist.
"Together the couple's relationship has consolidated in the diet"

In this way, sharing between couples is rising. Relations firm focuses their efforts and support each other is increasing. Women in this business are very happy with their mates starting to diet. They are not forced to eat are fed separately to the same manner. Motivation is maintained, might break the diet decreases.

Diet List

Women / weekdays in the morning: 1 slice of white cheese, 1 slice of bread, tomato, cucumber, pepper and sugar-free tea.

Lunch: 150 grams. meat, chicken or 200 grams. grilled fish, salad (1 spoon of olive oil and lemon).

Mid-morning: 1 apple shell.

Dinner: salad of mixed afternoon in addition to what they eat.

Night: 2 servings of fruit.
Men, unlike women, 2 slices of bread in the mornings on weekdays, in addition to the lunch menu is 1 slice of bread, toast and sugar-free fat-free cheese 1 single afternoon tea, evening meal eat 1 slice of bread alongside.

Women's / Saturday morning: 5 tablespoons of corn flakes, 1 cup milk.

Lunch: 1 slice of veggie pizza, and 1 cup buttermilk. 1 medium-sized vegetarian pizza be shared with partners.

Afternoon: 1 serving thin-crust fruit dessert to share partner.

Dinner: 1 serving grilled meat, chicken or fish and salad.

Night: 2 servings of fruit.
Men's cereal spoon while eating lunch on Saturday at 6 am to 2 slices of pizza you can eat vegetarian. At dinner, the women, in addition to 5 tablespoons vegetable meal eat.

For women on Sunday morning: 2 slices bread, 2 slices cheese, 1 boiled egg or scrambled eggs, tomato, cucumber, pepper, 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon cream or 5 olives, sugar-free tea.

Lunch: tuna salad.

Afternoon: Oil-free toast, buttermilk.

Dinner: 1 serving grilled meat, chicken or fish, salad and 1 glass of red wine. (1 serving milk instead of dessert wine to share with your partner.)

For men, on Sunday morning: Unlike the women have 4 slices of bread.

Evening: In addition to the menu, drink 2 glasses of red wine.

Love foam

low calorie dessert recipe ...

Ingredients: 150 gr. Light yogurt, half a tablespoon of instant coffee, 1 coffee spoon of cocoa, a half tablespoon of powdered sweetener.

Preparation: Ingredients are mixed in mixer until it becomes foam. With a clean cheesecloth in cold water and filtered water is stored in the fridge and then serve. 5 units can use to decorate portions of strawberries.
Mental health diet!
Both mental and physical health and excess weight does not mind protecting the salmon diet, featuring ... mental and physical health to maintain weight without, in terms of calorie-controlled and pure starchy foods, but a highly nutritious diet will be able to apply.

According to scientists, mental health center in the brain, the most immediately affected by minor changes and omissions. Low nutrient and mineral value, over-fermented dough, the bread, broke the nervous system. However, the brain of fish foods, such as phosphorous tıyor shine.

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially the brain, retina, and has high rates of heart. Many of the brain function is important.

Recent studies in the United States, Omega3, which have become resistant to stress and these are used in psychiatric regimes defeat of any future depression, including suicidal ideation and manic-depressive illness prevents a lot of psychological set.

American Heart Association and the Institute of Health, in line with the results of new research, all adults eat fish at least twice a week is recommended. In addition to the recommended fish, particularly salmon, all types, known as a very fat. Omega3 for normal people 's, 1.2 grams a day is sufficient, taken, or slightly melancholic depression, the following: the need to consume 4-5 grams necessarily.

The most delicious way to get omega-3, especially oily fish such as salmon that grows in cold waters enriched menus.

However, not all fish, omega-3 fatty acid, or a much smaller amount. Higher in fish living in deep and cold seas. Salmon, mackerel, fish, such as richer in omega-3. Omega-3 level is very low in cultured fish.

Mental Health Diet

According to nutrition experts, who want to preserve your mental health to physical health, morning, fresh cheese, eggs, fresh fruit juice or cereals such as oatmeal can start the day with a well-balanced breakfast. Main meals, fish, yogurt, plenty of vegetables and fruit, whole wheat bread flour, wheat, such as nutrients, substances necessary for the brain functions gives, protects both obesity and cardiovascular disease. A quantity of fruit or nuts in between meals, consume foods such as almonds in place of a habit. During dinner, especially in the "omega 3" fatty acids, rich in oily fish such as salmon, as well as yogurt, salad and fruit, should be preferred.

Salmon STORY: High mountains, rivers of boiling the eggs are left in bed after fertilization, the offspring develops common to live in these cold waters. Then go down into the sea salmon thoroughly ripened sense of smell after using the river bed towards the place where they were born, and almost jumping the water flow to make a return journey on the contrary, interests upwards. Eggs began to give new life of their own lives after leaving the ground, but the life cycle continues Somon'un life mission ends.

Eskimos consume large amounts of fat and cholesterol, heart problems, but turn yellow life. Omega-3s in fish respond. Eskimos, the researchers examined blood samples, found in a very low level of certain substances in the blood of Westerners, Arabs in the blood established that very high rates. These substances, Poliınsatureol (unsaturated) fats with long chain Omega-3 EPA and DHA groups, respectively. That further studies of both substances, especially fatty fish such as salmon and herring proved that. Studies show a decrease in the rate of 30% of deaths. For example, the Japanese are also very few salmon caught eating and heart disease and live longer.
If one knew that a regular romp in bed can help lose calories, who would not want to binge on food and add calories? And if you try it out, Rather more and more people try it, Perhaps gymnasiums around the globe will have to close shop!

In His book, "The Ultimate Sex Diet ', Kerry McCloskey's has stated that a 30 minute session of lovemaking burns 150 to 250calories, of course depending whether you are an active or a passive participant. Kissing and smooching is known to burn about 200 calories! Moreover, kissing tones the face and neck muscles. Women love kissing and smooching and do not need to exert in anyway. You do not need Medifast NutriSystem coupons and discounts to indulge in these activities.

A good sexercise not only tones your muscles, but also renders RADIANCE to your skin. When the great stuff you sweat, you certainly open pores unclogged and your skin glows.


The huffing and panting that accompanies an orgasm raises the heartbeat to aerobic levels. A sexercise is more pleasurable than a mundane workout in a gym, for an orgasm releases oxytocin that promotes relaxation. Although women often complain of not getting enough of their partners to snuggle with after a romp, thanks to sleep that overcomes men, it is this kind of relaxed sleep that lessens stress. A single orgasm helps you burn almost 60 to 100 calories!

Good sex tones your abs, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves in men. In women, the thighs, buttocks and stomach shed fat. Moreover, the endorphins released are actually 'feel-good' hormones that energize you.


Men whose partners abhor oral sex, Should smile now, because I research has it that semen contains high levels of vitamin C and protein, Which prevents hunger!

The missionary position allows free thrusting by the man, Which is an exercise on the pelvic muscles. The woman has to exert equal pressure on her pelvic muscles. This tones the butt muscles.

A doggy style makes the female partner go on all fours, Which again acts as a toner to the tummy flab muscles.

The woman on top position makes her take charge. Here she does all the thrusting Which exercises her thighs, butt and hips. This again her belly fat tones too.

When a woman raises her legs to rest on her partner's shoulders, squeezes her legs get When she attains orgasm. This exercises the flab on calf muscles.

Tantric sex where a woman sits on the man's lap with her hips encircling His legs squeezes the thigh muscles. It is beneficial to the man too, as he too has to perform His act without free movement of His legs! That Gives some restrictions, at the same time a good workout too.

BE innovative

Another idea you can work out is to determine Which part of the body and toning needs' Perhaps indulge in a Certain positions that will help you lose flab from 'the' place.

There are many sexperiments to Choose from, with all of them guaranteeing a weight loss Haggard sans the worn-out look. Not only is great sex grand for the body, but for your mind as well!

As a health expert Joel Newman likes to look at extraordinary ways and means to lose weight. Though he is into research on HGH and GenF20 His favorite pass time is to blog on sex and weight loss.
Dishes do you like more romance, but not the wine comes

A typical meal in a romantic mind deyince often, sex is not exactly the recipe that should be a good night's sleep, a meal with wine and a thick juicy steak, and the continuation is plenty of sweet chocolate.

Low fat, low cholesterol diet increases the sexual power and a little exercise by applying (to improve your health and also to increase blood flow to the genitals), you and your partner can enjoy a healthy sexual life to give for many years may issue.

This diet will help with the following:

If you have any thing good for general health, sex life but also in the good. This is why this diet to feel more vigorous and well-balanced food options include low-fat.

Said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, so the water has been named as an aphrodisiac in many marine food. This eating plan, that will trigger feelings of delicious sea food contains.

Pepper, cumin, cayenne warm the body, such as spices. This diet contains spices to increase the heat.


First choice:
Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar
Fresh squeezed orange juice

Second choice:
Cherries Grapefruit Marasino on
Red onions on toasted bread, fat-free cream cheese and lettuce, smoked salmon
Fresh ground coffee

Third option:
Fresh cherries
Grapefruit juice


First choice:
Strawberry soup with passion
Whole-grain crackers with cheese
Asparagus salad with olive oil
Fresh pears

Second choice:
Nicoise salad
Tuscan grilled garlic bread
Fat-free chocolate brovni

The third option
French bread pizza
Kuruyemişli fresh hazelnut and apple slices


First choice:
Oysters bienvielle
Mixed green salad
Steamed pear

Second choice:
Chicken sauteed artichokes
Parmesan slices of warm bread
Green salad
Chocolate-dipped fresh cherries, strawberries

Third option:
Fresh lobster tail
Spinach salad
Hot sandwich bread
Low-calorie chocolate cake


Tasty, different, and perhaps prefer rare food.

The plate of food is considered an aphrodisiac, artichokes, oysters, strawberries and chocolate and a spade.

Need to stay away from

Fatty foods you eat, especially at night. Blood flow to the digestive system, reproductive system, zoom out on to the topic and guided them into practice takes a long time to digest fat.

Use of too much alcohol. Creating a more relaxing effect when a small amount of alcohol creates a hypnotic effect.
An alternative for those who suffer from overweight than the diet: the Zone diet. Dr. nutritionist. By Barry Sears developed the diet, and health without undermining the aims without Open.

Zone on the basis of 'the food you eat, where it is so important drug' lies in the idea. Food, medicines used to control the rate of insulin is seen as. Sears also says that carbohydrates such as pasta, apples, "to trick the body, suppressing the feeling of hunger is actually very simple. This is the body of protein, carbohydrate, fat balance will provide," he says.

Main rules

Water-best friend.
Sugar enemy!

Eat the palm-sized proteins, not larger.

2 of 3 in each dish you eat carbohydrates, protein, will be 3 1.

Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, bananas, grapes strictly prohibited.

Necessarily limited to fat to burn fat is essential.
Olive oil and fish oil should be preferred.

Fasting is strictly prohibited.

Not later than 1 hour after you wake up to breakfast

After 5 hours to eat the lunch.

Not later than 5 hours after lunch, afternoon snack.

After 3 hours between the evening snack or a light dinner.

Exercise is very important.

Preparing the Zone menu

Divide your plate 3.
2 of 3 equal parts of sheep-carbohydrate foods.

(Carbohydrate foods: Raw or cooked vegetables, fruit. Carbohydrate is rice and pasta, vegetables except corn and carrots, Get)

1. proteins in the directory section. (Proteins: The skin from the chicken, turkey, fish, lean meats, egg whites and low-fat dairy products)
This is also a small amount of unsaturated fat on a plate in a Zone menu string can end up with another doctor. (Olive oil and fish oil)
Breakfast options

Choose from six days a week separate alternatives. All breakfasts ratio is only 250 total calories What happened to the Seventh-day hear you. Sunday (in moderation of course, many) as you want to prepare a breakfast table and enjoy the morning market.

Corn flakes, fruit juice and yogurt: In a small bowl mix milk with corn flakes. One cup unsweetened orange juice and breakfast, complete with the small-sized yogurt.

Boiled egg and toast: One boiled egg, toast and sugar-free fat-free feta cheese in a cup of tea.

Tomato taste: 1.2 slices wholemeal bread 2 slices tomato, 1 piece of feta cheese and a cup of tomato juice.

Hot breakfast: grilled sausage and cook in a large size. Of lean deli roast beef and cheddar cheese next to prepare a toast. Do not forget a glass of unsweetened tea.

Yogurt flavors: a small cup yogurt, a slice of toast with a banana and a cup of coffee without sugar.

Fruit salad: One kiwi, a banana, an apple and yogurt and mix with two slices of watermelon diet. Note that a cup of unsweetened tea.

Enjoyable dinner

HCG Diet tips on making him a tortured before being tortured to make him out before. Which is the most enjoyable meal of the day to enjoy dinner together, Move into. Choose vegetables and fruit as a cure of certain evenings in the week. No limit on yourself and your family as long as you put the fruit and vegetables to eat. However, the crustacean peeling the skins of fruits ... We know that vegetables are not particularly favored by men. How about a day then to allocate the fish? of course, provided that the grid! fragmenting already eating fish far more palatable! bonito fish make a delicious grilled meals with the whole family would not be bad at all.

Alternatives for Dinner
We have an offer you three for a pleasant dinner. Let's try to like about a?

Creamy pasta with tomato sauce and yogurt:
125 gram serving of cooked spaghetti with a creamy tomato sauce mix. Pour over the Parmesan cheese and serve with seasonal vegetables. You may also receive a small cup yogurt side dish.

Basil pasta sauce: 200 grams of basil on top, add pasta to bow or twist. Pour over the Parmesan cheese. adding the pasta and serve next to the vegetables.
The process actually begins during the breastfeeding period to give the children the habit of eating. After a period of transition to solid foods also speeds up the process. There are some things you need to know about nutrition. Here are 12 simple but important tip!

After cutting the milk your child should note that their diet because it will continue to be an example for your child.

Children with parents who said their children eat fast food meal can cause problems. Children's stomachs are small yet small meals frequently to feed them more nutritious and it makes sense.

Develop positive approaches to meal times.
Do not force your child to eat just because you think you are healthy. Loss of appetite is normal for children during the day.

Allow him to assist in preparing food as your child grows. Thus, interest and develop creativity.

Your child, "You can eat dessert after dinner you eat well," Do not make proposals, such as bribery. Or vice versa, "You can not eat dessert plate does not finish eating," he punish him. This kind of eating habits can adversely affect the lives of future approaches.

Taste a dish before your child for the first time give a small piece. If your child does not want to eat more annoyed, and the next time you give a small piece. Maybe you like it this time.

Your family and your friends, your child junk food feeding flatly warn about Mesi. This kind of inevitable introduction of food, but how healthy snacks for your child if he is as good.

Much to force their stomach, do not use salt for babies under 12 months. For they have enough salt in vegetable in its natural state. If you are ready to salt and sodium content of food ratio is essential that you are using.

Diets, a fact widely recognized to affect human behavior. He should get a balanced diet from an early age children were small. For example, children who consume large amounts of red meat may be generally aggressive and emotionally stressful.
What is bone age?

Which is too short for all children and adolescents 'hand-wrist' x-rays are taken. This shows us the degree of bone age of the so-called skeletal maturation. Calculated from the date on the calendar age of age. In addition, the effect of hormones and nutrition on the left wrist bone age of the film and understood. Calculated by using the existing atlases of bone age bone age, the child's growth potential than their calendar years, taking into account enables the evaluation of skeletal maturation. Evaluation of bone age, grows up to what size you'll be estimated also helps. Physical development of children born at the same time can be very different from each other. Began to develop, age related changes during adolescence, these differences become more pronounced, the determination of bone age rushes us from here.

Calculate the size of your child

Have an influence in determining the length of the child's mother and father's height. The child has finished growing, the expected length, ie, the target size can be calculated as follows:

For men:

The father's height + (mother's height + 12.5 cm) / 2

For girls:

(The father's height - 12.5 cm) + mother's height / 2

Girls 25 men, 30 cm stretched

Adolescence, the increase in human life, there is the maximum length of the second period.

A new-born child, when he was a length of 74 cm, no. So we think he was born 50 cm, 24 cm length has been increased. Between 1-2 years of age will increase an average of 12 inches height. Then it up to adolescence, children approximately 5-6 inches per year biosynthesized.

Adolescence, girls 20-25, boys 25-30 inches from the biosynthesized. Some of the boys rarely exceed 30 cm height increase.

Rapid increase in size due to the time of puberty in girls increased estrogen, increased testosterone in men.

Estrogen secreted during puberty in girls, a longer length that causes the growth cartilage on the rapidly closing. Therefore, ruled the popular girls between the age is believed to grow in length. But then the girls ruled height increase does not stop, just very slow.

Regular-sized increase in predisposed menses, after the first ruled, but increases around 5-6 inches.
Which Fruits and Vegetables Which are Vitamins?

Trace element lettuce Phosphorus Potassium

(Lactuca virosa)

1. Contains vital substances.

2. Regulates fat metabolism.

3. Protects against the risk of stroke.

4. The tea leaves and roots: the liver, spleen and kidneys, regulates the activities.

RASPBERRY vitamin C, folic acid Potassium Calcium Iron

(Rubus idaeus)

1. Protects against viruses and bacteria

2. Prevents the formation of tumor

3. It cleans the blood,

4. Accumulated in the body of toxic substances in food.

5. Sweat, and a diuretic.

6. It cures constipation.

7. Gives vigor to the body.

Unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium glutathion AVOCADO

(Persea americana)

1. Perfect place for the heart and blood circulation.

2. Protect against cancer

3. A super cell protector of glutathion, (the best antioxidant)

4. Delays aging of the cells.

5. Rich in protein.

WHITE RED CABBAGE vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium

1. Strengthens the immune system

2. Combats the symptoms of stress.

Magnesium Protein PEAS

1. Cholesterol lowering the level of

2. Reduces the risk of bowel cancer.

BROCCOLI Magnesium Potassium Vitamin A Vitamin C

1. Protects against cancer

2. Strengthens muscles.

HAZELNUT WALNUT PEANUT B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, iron

1. Calm

2. Allows you to sleep

3. It reduces stress.

STRAWBERRY Vitamin C Calcium Potassium

1. Strengthens the immune system

2. Stimulates the metabolism.

VEAL Iron Potassium Protein

1. Cold

2. Cough

3. Curative against flu

Seaweed Omega3 fatty acids Pantothenic acid

1. Cholesterol level lower

2. Reduces the risk of heart attack.

Tomato Lycopene folic acid Tyron

1. Lycopene protects against cancer

2. Folic acid stimulates cell production.

3. Liver diseases.

APPLE Bioflanovoid Pectin Vitamin C

1. Cholesterol level lower

2. Strengthens the immune system.

ARTICHOKE Cynarin Vitamin B Vitamin C

1. Blood sugar and is good for the heart.

2. Accumulated in the liver and gallbladder Cynarin nicotine, alcohol, and allows elimination of the oil.

Iron and B vitamins, potassium PLUM

1. Energizes the body, helps drain away excess water.

WHEAT BROWN Lezithin Lysine

1. Nourishes the brain and the nerves

2. Reinforce learning.

Protein Vitamin B Vitamin C Calcium Iron BEANS

1. The construction of the blood and helps the cell.

RED CURRANT vitamin C, Niacin, Calcium

1. Strengthening the nervous and immune system provides.

GRAPEFRUIT folic acid vitamin C.

1. It lowers blood pressure

2. Increases the production of blood.

Carrots Vitamin A Selenium

1. Allows the production of sperm

2. Protects the body against infections.

SPINACH vitamin folic acid Magnesium Vitamin E Manganese

1. Strengthens the nerves.

2. It is recommended, especially during pregnancy.

COARSE GROUND WHEAT Iron Magnesium Vitamin B

1. Leg cramps are muscle cells, and destroy them.

2. Reduces the duration of sleep.

ROUGH GROUND Carbohydrate RYE Magnesium Vitamin B

1. Energy offers

2. Helps reduce stress.

Calcium Magnesium Potassium MELON

1. Adjusts the water level in the body

2. increases the formation of urine.

Kefir Lactic Acid

1. lactic acid bacteria, intestinal infection

2. It is good for constipation and gas.

Sodium Potassium Calcium Magnesium CELERY

1. Constipation

2. Stomach and intestinal problems, effective against.

Unbroken rice protein Potassium Calcium Magnesium

1. Heartburn

2. Effective against Gaza.

3. The excess water is taking.

Phyto-oestrogens Potassium Calcium RED GRAPES

1. It is good for high blood pressure

2. Preventing thromboses

KIWI vitamin C Karotionid Flavonoid

1. Weakens

2. Strengthens the immune system.

Lycopene is a vitamin C, vitamin E, iron ROSE HIP

1. Colds and

2. Have a preventive effect against influenza.

Magnesium Potassium Zinc Vitamin B Protein POULTRY

1. Effective against the problem of headache

2. Clean of stress.

Lactic acid, vitamin B12, PICKLED CABBAGE

1. Bacteria and prevents tumor formation.

LEMON vitamin C Glucarate

1. Strengthens the immune system

2. Preventing stomach cancer.

Zinc Vitamin A Vitamin B MANGO

1. Increasing sexual energy

MUSHROOM Sodium Potassium Calcium Magnesium

1. Strengthens muscles

2. Nourishes hair and nails.

LENTIL Zinc Amino Acid

1. Effectively eliminates the stress fatigue

EGYPT Zinc Magnesium Vitamin B

1. Stress-fighting

2. Preventing bowel cancer.

BANANA serotonin Magnesium Potassium Vitamin B6

1. Comforting

2. Helps you to sleep.

Vitamin B1, vitamin C, potassium Elderberry

1. Reduce the impact sweaty and cough.

2. It is good for constipation.

NAR vitamin C, Iron and Potassium alkaloid glycosides

1. Thanks to some of the substances contained in the balance of cholesterol and glucose

2. Protects the health of the heart, strengthens the heart,

3. In cancer cells from growing,

4. Three times more powerful than green tea has antioxidant effects,

5. The hull of alkaloids, tannins and glycosides contain.

6. diarrhea, (strip) reduces intestinal worms, bloody diarrhea are also used,

7. diuretic, blood constructive, energizing and blood pressure-lowering feature

8. Fruit peel extract, a powerful virus, and germ-killing properties, has healing properties on skin infections and wounds,

9. Fruit antioxidant and anti-tumor effects are also known to tanenlerinin shell,

Enzymes of vitamin C carotenoids PAPAYA

1. Preventing heart disease

2. Helps reduce stress

POTATO Minerals Vitamin C Potassium Protein

1. Protect against cancer

2. The body clean of toxins.

CHEESE Protein Sodium Potassium Calcium

1. Strengthens the bones

2. Protects the nerves.

Sodium Potassium Calcium Lactic acid whey

1. Bacteria in the digestive system complaints

2. It is good against burning of the stomach.

LEEK Allin Manganese Selenium Zinc

1. Lowers blood pressure

2. Strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

ORANGE B vitamins, vitamin C, Potassium Calcium Selenium

1. Excretion of water makes the body more.

Rhubarb Manganese Calcium Magnesium Vitamin B

1. Contribute to the formation of healthy bones.

Essential oils are Vitamin C Calcium Iron Potassium FENNEL

1. Prevents cough

2. Increase intake of oxygen into the body.

Omega3 fatty acids, Sodium Potassium HERRING

1. Hardening of the arteries

2. High blood pressure, prevents.

GARLIC quercetin Ajoene Allin

1. Strengthens the immune system against cancer.

Shiitake mushrooms Lentinan vitamin D

(Letinus edodes)

1. Strengthens the immune system

2. Preventing the formation of cancer.

3. Blood thinners,

4. Cholesterol-lowering,

5. Tumor degrading,

6. With the potency-enhancing effects.

7. Lentinan anti-carcinogenic agent in Japan have been registered as a medicine.

Black radish Vitamin C Calcium Iron Potassium

1. Immune system

2. Strengthens the blood circulation.

Omega3 fatty acids, vitamin D SALMON

1. Strengthens the bones

2. Reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Protein fatty acid, vitamin E, vitamin E SOYBEAN Omega6

1. Protects cells

2. Reduces the risk of cancer.

Calcium Vitamin D Milk Vitamin A Vitamin B2

1. Promotes bone formation

2. Protects against bowel cancer.

TOFU Protein Calcium Potassium Magnesium

1. Warns metabolism.

2. Important for bone density.

TUNA FISH Omega3 fatty acids, vitamin D, potassium

1. Cholesterol lowering the level of iodine

2. Protects nerve cells.

Omega3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D MACKEREL

1. Blood pressure drops of iodine

2. Morale increases the impact

GREEN-RED PEPPER Capsaicin Vitamin A Vitamin C Zinc

1. Headache

2. Have a protective effect against migraine

Vitamin B12, Riboflavin Calcium YOGURT

1. Strengthens the immune system against intestinal cancer.

OATS Carbohydrate Iron Magnesium Vitamin B

1. Energy offers

2. Prevents muscle cramps

Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E OLIVE OIL

1. Lowers cholesterol level of a malignant

2. protects cells