Family Diet

Breakfast options

Choose from six days a week separate alternatives. All breakfasts ratio is only 250 total calories What happened to the Seventh-day hear you. Sunday (in moderation of course, many) as you want to prepare a breakfast table and enjoy the morning market.

Corn flakes, fruit juice and yogurt: In a small bowl mix milk with corn flakes. One cup unsweetened orange juice and breakfast, complete with the small-sized yogurt.

Boiled egg and toast: One boiled egg, toast and sugar-free fat-free feta cheese in a cup of tea.

Tomato taste: 1.2 slices wholemeal bread 2 slices tomato, 1 piece of feta cheese and a cup of tomato juice.

Hot breakfast: grilled sausage and cook in a large size. Of lean deli roast beef and cheddar cheese next to prepare a toast. Do not forget a glass of unsweetened tea.

Yogurt flavors: a small cup yogurt, a slice of toast with a banana and a cup of coffee without sugar.

Fruit salad: One kiwi, a banana, an apple and yogurt and mix with two slices of watermelon diet. Note that a cup of unsweetened tea.

Enjoyable dinner

HCG Diet tips on making him a tortured before being tortured to make him out before. Which is the most enjoyable meal of the day to enjoy dinner together, Move into. Choose vegetables and fruit as a cure of certain evenings in the week. No limit on yourself and your family as long as you put the fruit and vegetables to eat. However, the crustacean peeling the skins of fruits ... We know that vegetables are not particularly favored by men. How about a day then to allocate the fish? of course, provided that the grid! fragmenting already eating fish far more palatable! bonito fish make a delicious grilled meals with the whole family would not be bad at all.

Alternatives for Dinner
We have an offer you three for a pleasant dinner. Let's try to like about a?

Creamy pasta with tomato sauce and yogurt:
125 gram serving of cooked spaghetti with a creamy tomato sauce mix. Pour over the Parmesan cheese and serve with seasonal vegetables. You may also receive a small cup yogurt side dish.

Basil pasta sauce: 200 grams of basil on top, add pasta to bow or twist. Pour over the Parmesan cheese. adding the pasta and serve next to the vegetables.

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