Eating habits for children

The process actually begins during the breastfeeding period to give the children the habit of eating. After a period of transition to solid foods also speeds up the process. There are some things you need to know about nutrition. Here are 12 simple but important tip!

After cutting the milk your child should note that their diet because it will continue to be an example for your child.

Children with parents who said their children eat fast food meal can cause problems. Children's stomachs are small yet small meals frequently to feed them more nutritious and it makes sense.

Develop positive approaches to meal times.
Do not force your child to eat just because you think you are healthy. Loss of appetite is normal for children during the day.

Allow him to assist in preparing food as your child grows. Thus, interest and develop creativity.

Your child, "You can eat dessert after dinner you eat well," Do not make proposals, such as bribery. Or vice versa, "You can not eat dessert plate does not finish eating," he punish him. This kind of eating habits can adversely affect the lives of future approaches.

Taste a dish before your child for the first time give a small piece. If your child does not want to eat more annoyed, and the next time you give a small piece. Maybe you like it this time.

Your family and your friends, your child junk food feeding flatly warn about Mesi. This kind of inevitable introduction of food, but how healthy snacks for your child if he is as good.

Much to force their stomach, do not use salt for babies under 12 months. For they have enough salt in vegetable in its natural state. If you are ready to salt and sodium content of food ratio is essential that you are using.

Diets, a fact widely recognized to affect human behavior. He should get a balanced diet from an early age children were small. For example, children who consume large amounts of red meat may be generally aggressive and emotionally stressful.

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