Enhance Sexual Power Diet

Dishes do you like more romance, but not the wine comes

A typical meal in a romantic mind deyince often, sex is not exactly the recipe that should be a good night's sleep, a meal with wine and a thick juicy steak, and the continuation is plenty of sweet chocolate.

Low fat, low cholesterol diet increases the sexual power and a little exercise by applying (to improve your health and also to increase blood flow to the genitals), you and your partner can enjoy a healthy sexual life to give for many years may issue.

This diet will help with the following:

If you have any thing good for general health, sex life but also in the good. This is why this diet to feel more vigorous and well-balanced food options include low-fat.

Said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, so the water has been named as an aphrodisiac in many marine food. This eating plan, that will trigger feelings of delicious sea food contains.

Pepper, cumin, cayenne warm the body, such as spices. This diet contains spices to increase the heat.


First choice:
Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar
Fresh squeezed orange juice

Second choice:
Cherries Grapefruit Marasino on
Red onions on toasted bread, fat-free cream cheese and lettuce, smoked salmon
Fresh ground coffee

Third option:
Fresh cherries
Grapefruit juice


First choice:
Strawberry soup with passion
Whole-grain crackers with cheese
Asparagus salad with olive oil
Fresh pears

Second choice:
Nicoise salad
Tuscan grilled garlic bread
Fat-free chocolate brovni

The third option
French bread pizza
Kuruyemi┼čli fresh hazelnut and apple slices


First choice:
Oysters bienvielle
Mixed green salad
Steamed pear

Second choice:
Chicken sauteed artichokes
Parmesan slices of warm bread
Green salad
Chocolate-dipped fresh cherries, strawberries

Third option:
Fresh lobster tail
Spinach salad
Hot sandwich bread
Low-calorie chocolate cake


Tasty, different, and perhaps prefer rare food.

The plate of food is considered an aphrodisiac, artichokes, oysters, strawberries and chocolate and a spade.

Need to stay away from

Fatty foods you eat, especially at night. Blood flow to the digestive system, reproductive system, zoom out on to the topic and guided them into practice takes a long time to digest fat.

Use of too much alcohol. Creating a more relaxing effect when a small amount of alcohol creates a hypnotic effect.

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