Most Unhealthy Places and Objects

Some of the things that we do not care back to us in our daily lives as the disease can return. Dirty or hazardous environments, knowing the unthinkable act, is of great importance in terms of protective and preventive health care.

Toothbrush and Toilet: Toilet in standing close to another is as harmful as a toothbrush. Has 2 million microbes per square centimeter of a toilet. Each siphon withdrawal for at least half of these germs, wash basins, floor and other objects are pushed on. This tool is extremely harmful to health of microbes to be submerged in the direct-to-mouth is the greatest danger in the tooth brushes. For this reason, personal hygiene and care products in the bathrooms should be kept in closed cabinets.

Shoes and Wardrobe: keep shoes in cupboards in the bedroom, albeit non-functional for many people is harmful to your health. Outside worn slippers and shoes, dirty materials, everything is on the path the allergens as installed. For this reason, shoes and slippers, lockers in them, especially not of their own bedrooms off a locker, so should be kept away from living areas.

Hot foods and Refrigerator: with states of the hottest food, cooked a perfect recipe for overcooking the refrigerator to put food poisoning. Refrigerator warm moist environment creates the ideal conditions for bacteria in food production. For this reason, food is cooked, cooled and then refrigerated and then taken off the loom.
Escalators: occurrence of thousands of people a day walking the stairs holding a germ paradise places. Especially because of the floating band swept the hands of millions of bacteria, removes all the surface of the sweeps. Intact or a necessity if you visit these places, hands should be disinfected after use.

Handbags: More women in the bags that threaten a shop. Harmful bacteria in a bag is 10 thousand per square centimeter. These points, the floor of a bus in a bag or a restaurant sink and contains much more bacteria. One bag is completely free from bacteria able to reduce if not impossible. It should not be left anywhere for the bags, should be kept in a chair or drawer, should be kept out of places where food is prepared and eaten.

Sinks: The indispensable kitchen sinks in a germ-store. Directly to those places where all kinds of food and cleaning process and the reduction in food should not be left to be disposed.

Headphones: Headphones provides a moist environment and suitable for the growth of microbes. Personal headphones, even thousands of aircraft or buses, especially distributed ├╝rerken very dangerous bacteria. Bacterial growth, as well as continuous use of headphones can cause hearing loss.

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