Spring Allergies in Children

After the winter season coming of spring and revival of nature change with the seasons people unaware; in spring sneezing, nasal and eye discharges that spring is starting against the complaints of allergies.

With the arrival of the coming of spring against the increasing cases of allergy Aydin Governorship Provincial Directorate of Health in a statement, "When spring comes pollen increases. This month, the grass, grass, flowers and trees, flower-ins with the pollen is emitted into the atmosphere. Features windy weather and windy days after the distribution of pollen into the air for more complaints increases. Some ornamental plants, pollen from flowers in the air is heavy with the way. These moments of the bee, and insects. Allergic rhinitis is the most typical form of allergy seen in spring. Substances that cause allergic reactions in our bodies "allergen" is called. Allergens in the nose, is a favorite tool of biochemical reactions, one of which is histamine, which cause secretions, "the statement said.


Given in cases of allergic rhinitis in a statement, "Allergic rhinitis (hay fever); allergens with airway lining the inside of the nose and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane, called the tissue sticking. Allergic rhinitis, often lifelong, but azalabilen the severity of a disease later in life. Specific seasons (the most buzzing with pollen in the spring), the resulting type is called seasonal allergic rhinitis. 19. Disease was first identified by naming the wrong century "hay fever" was called. This is because the adhesion and the wind dispersion of pollen onto the straw. Later, the disease was determined to be related to pollen. Pollens outside the house dust, animal dander, mold, fungus, chemicals, chlorine, detergents, and air pollution can make allergies. All types of allergic rhinitis, lasting for a year and called perenial rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is an extremely serious disease, although there may offend people, sleeping, eating and living the way adversely affect the school and leads to loss of labor. Urban life has increased the incidence of allergic diseases. Environmental pollution is thought to play a role in that "the statements were included.

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