The Piercing Damages

Piercings among young people and old-fashioned, can lead to dangerous consequences. The experts' can be fatal! "He says. Fashion of the era ... That does not stop counting losses in the sample of cases and the piercing piercing medical damages.

21-year old Italian Stefania, his face 20-30 times a day, lasting up to 10 to 30 seconds, similar to the pain felt by the complaint of an electric shock went to a doctor. Doctors initially, 'suicide disease' also known as a nervous disease 'trigeminal neuralgia' diagnosed.

Solution for the treatment of severe pain was attempted, but much more simple: The young woman pulled out in the language and the piercing pain disappeared after two days.

Could cost the lives of young people can be as harmful as the language is sometimes piercing. Piercing of the negative effects of tetanus, heart infections, brain abscesses and tooth decay takes place.

Stefania's the case, the young woman's language, body piercing, the chin, the largest nerves in the brain, had an impact on the trigeminal nerve. Another example is, a woman who has pierced a second language, reminiscent of the formation of a wound.

'Piercing the handicapped and extremely dangerous'

medical aspects, especially in the prevalence of piercing is starting to gain awareness and enlighten people. As mentioned before, everyone knows and is used by our people and a particular kind adopted by the difference in piercing.

Well, except for ear piercing jewelry body areas where it is known and installed.
Piercing in application areas:

Ear, nose, mouth, cheeks, tongue, lips, eyebrows, nipples, belly, female sexual organs, male sexual organs, especially on the body can come to mind that there are people who practice all over the piercing. Professional Workers piercing, piercing piercing studios in the most healthy way. Piercing studios in the world at work make for this purpose.

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