Mental Health Minutes Diet

Mental health diet!
Both mental and physical health and excess weight does not mind protecting the salmon diet, featuring ... mental and physical health to maintain weight without, in terms of calorie-controlled and pure starchy foods, but a highly nutritious diet will be able to apply.

According to scientists, mental health center in the brain, the most immediately affected by minor changes and omissions. Low nutrient and mineral value, over-fermented dough, the bread, broke the nervous system. However, the brain of fish foods, such as phosphorous t─▒yor shine.

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially the brain, retina, and has high rates of heart. Many of the brain function is important.

Recent studies in the United States, Omega3, which have become resistant to stress and these are used in psychiatric regimes defeat of any future depression, including suicidal ideation and manic-depressive illness prevents a lot of psychological set.

American Heart Association and the Institute of Health, in line with the results of new research, all adults eat fish at least twice a week is recommended. In addition to the recommended fish, particularly salmon, all types, known as a very fat. Omega3 for normal people 's, 1.2 grams a day is sufficient, taken, or slightly melancholic depression, the following: the need to consume 4-5 grams necessarily.

The most delicious way to get omega-3, especially oily fish such as salmon that grows in cold waters enriched menus.

However, not all fish, omega-3 fatty acid, or a much smaller amount. Higher in fish living in deep and cold seas. Salmon, mackerel, fish, such as richer in omega-3. Omega-3 level is very low in cultured fish.

Mental Health Diet

According to nutrition experts, who want to preserve your mental health to physical health, morning, fresh cheese, eggs, fresh fruit juice or cereals such as oatmeal can start the day with a well-balanced breakfast. Main meals, fish, yogurt, plenty of vegetables and fruit, whole wheat bread flour, wheat, such as nutrients, substances necessary for the brain functions gives, protects both obesity and cardiovascular disease. A quantity of fruit or nuts in between meals, consume foods such as almonds in place of a habit. During dinner, especially in the "omega 3" fatty acids, rich in oily fish such as salmon, as well as yogurt, salad and fruit, should be preferred.

Salmon STORY: High mountains, rivers of boiling the eggs are left in bed after fertilization, the offspring develops common to live in these cold waters. Then go down into the sea salmon thoroughly ripened sense of smell after using the river bed towards the place where they were born, and almost jumping the water flow to make a return journey on the contrary, interests upwards. Eggs began to give new life of their own lives after leaving the ground, but the life cycle continues Somon'un life mission ends.

Eskimos consume large amounts of fat and cholesterol, heart problems, but turn yellow life. Omega-3s in fish respond. Eskimos, the researchers examined blood samples, found in a very low level of certain substances in the blood of Westerners, Arabs in the blood established that very high rates. These substances, Poli─▒nsatureol (unsaturated) fats with long chain Omega-3 EPA and DHA groups, respectively. That further studies of both substances, especially fatty fish such as salmon and herring proved that. Studies show a decrease in the rate of 30% of deaths. For example, the Japanese are also very few salmon caught eating and heart disease and live longer.

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