Since ancient times people have benefited from the healing properties of water. Patients suffering from pain of the joints or muscles that are useful in medical circles of oral rehydration therapy has not been adopted until the years of 1930s. Today, however, the water treated with hydrotherapy treatment, in addition to a lot of doctors is one of the proposed methods.

Hidrterapi, any body of water with the help of an illness or disability, for the improvement of water. There are also special in today's hidrotepari centers.

Hydrotherapy How to Apply

Hydrotherapy in hospitals or in large tubs or pools of water in a single patient specific therapeutic movements are built.

Hydrotherapy is also used as a physical therapy method. But today, some of the methods used in hydrotherapy. For example, changing the patient's back and legs, as hot and cold pressure water shower squeeze methods such as hydrotherapy methods that can no longer unused. Another method used today, such as turbo-mud containing salt baths without entering the voice of the patient.

Hydrotherapy by allowing the patient to start treatment as soon as possible, helps heal early. prevent harmful situations that may arise for a long time to stay still.

Benefit from the hot water to relax tense muscles and relieve pain. Although not accustomed to a healthy person after heavy muscle movements, aches and pains in various parts of the body how to hear after a hot bath, hot water, aching joints and muscles, relaxes the patients in the same way. In some cases, the patient's movements difficult and painful joints and muscles harden. Hot water relaxes the muscles surrounding these joints. So that the platform will begin moving easier and more convenient locations. Today is a very popular hot springs of healing is the reason to give.

Hydrotherapy also takes advantage of the power of lifting water. Some patients can not take the weight of the body to weakened leg muscles. Some patients may have difficulty using the arms and legs for his surgery. In such cases, if you need to do body movements, body movements, doctors are often made from water, water exercises are recommended. When water enters into the neck of a patient to a normal weight but less than a tenth of the legs as the load rides, water can not normally be in the patient enables the system to exercise.

Hydrotherapy joints and muscles in general, for any reason, destroyed, or weakened patients are cured.
3 days to 3 pounds in a single food diet

Target: an average of 2-3 pounds in 3 days.

Daily calories: 500 to 800 cal

SOUP Diet.

First of all, I need to specify whether a single type of soup diet. I will be sharing with you in the diets of different soups. But here is a list below for the overall implementation of the soup diets have a suggestion. Onion Soup Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, nutritional value, but as high as possible, such as any low calorie diet, that this soup is a soup and then you can use.

In the meantime, because of the additive in the diet of soup ready for soups I have to say that would not work very well. You specify the content of any vegetable soup diet is sufficient for this.

The following is the menu even though I really like white cheese soup you can drink up all the extras you want to give up during the day. Long as they have sugar-free tea and coffee free. Of course, like all other diets and not eating anything after seven days during the evening, drink plenty of water.

This daily diet menus:


Morning: Breakfast: 50 grams. white cheese, tea, sugar-free

Lunch: fruit + soup until desired

Dinner: fruit + soup until desired


Morning: fruit + soup until desired

Lunch: fruit + soup until desired

Dinner: meat + soup until desired


Morning: fruit + soup until desired

Lunch: fruit + soup until desired

Dinner: rice porridge, fruit, banana, grapes, except + soup

Best diets!
5 days to 3 pounds in a single food diet

Target: an average of 2-3 pounds in 5 days.

Daily calories: 500 - 900 cal

Come and put my diet to a certain point, and unfortunately even the scales no longer plays a gram. Experts opinion on the subject that I diet in such cases "Single Food Diet", "Single-Food Diet" or "Single Food Regime" proposed application in the so-called type diets.

Such diets are extremely unhealthy, and in fact just a one-time implementation of the proposed. He also, but in certain situations. One-Food Diet on the internet 's not a single diet, I learned that the various approaches. One of the most major ones diet of bread, fruit and vegetable diets, soup diets and mixed food diet only. What I found through the internet on a diet that is very similar to each birbine I am writing as one of them.


Diet Bread

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Soup Diet

Mixed One-Food Diet

SINGLE MIXED food diet.

All within a single food diets, I think this diet more healthy than others. Of course, the single-food diets, in general, need not apply, but under certain conditions applied to the preferred diets. The only other difference between this diet food diets, eat the same thing all day every day even if we change this preference on the board. You can create your own diet by yourself, but my suggestion below.

In the meantime you the freedom of tea and coffee, of course, including sugar-free, free to know that there is need to remind you? And again, as in all other diets do not eat after 7 o'clock in the evening.

This daily diet menus:

1. DAY

Except for very high-calorie fruits such as bananas, fruit as you want.

2. DAY

Raw vegetables as you want. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, of course, stay away from this special day.

3. DAY

Boiled potatoes as you want. Very little salt and plenty of fat-free yogurt sweetened potato stick to just stay in the proposal, but dieticians.

4. DAY

Your choice, homemade vegetable soup. Yet as much as desired.

5. DAY

Grilled meat every meal. Preferably fat-free chicken breast.

Best diets!
Department of Health newborn screening program last year, about 6 thousand babies with mental and physical development of the disease was prevented.

Ministry officials, their families, "the birth of your baby's heel prick blood test was not completed after over 8 days to be occupied, the nearest health facility, please contact your local blood taken Provide your baby," she warned.

Ministry of Health, the National Screening Programme for newborn babies, infants in the early difference in the future should not be cause irreversible physical and mental developmental disorder phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism and a lack of biyotinidaz scans done.

Blood taken from newborn babies, heels, Hygiene Center (Centre that) are being tested in the laboratory. Newborn Screening Program officer, stressing that the tests done free of charge, to families, "through the birth of your baby's heel prick blood test was not completed after 8 days to be occupied, the nearest health facility, please contact your local blood taken Provide your baby" he cautioned.

According to the information provided, screening is carried out across the country last year, a total of 1 million 300 thousand new born babies biyotinidaz 314 thousand, 70 phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism in 4 thousand 300 were positive for the suspect. These babies are the centers for further diagnosis and appropriate treatment directed to introduction.

Information on the National Screening Programme said that while the important warnings. For 48 hours after birth, 3-5. days, the baby's heel of blood taken, since it provides the ideal test results that describe a healthy self-iron, first drew attention could give false results of blood taken within 24 hours. Families in the event of a normal test result to be notified of any pupil has a statement of the Self-iron, "In other words, families do not receive a notice to be concerned. This means that blood samples were not detected any distortion, "he said.

Sometimes the amount of blood is not sufficient, and sometimes the outcome is not clear enough for the second time because of the heel prick blood taken self saying that you need iron, "in this case, without delay, to the nearest health facility should be contacted. Proved in the case of a normal result from the blood, it is not news to families, "he said. Self-iron, blood taken from babies of families, the correct and full contact information such as address and phone number are taken to be sure that the warning was voiced.

Congenital Hypothyroidism (congenital laziness in the thyroid gland): congenital absence or inadequate thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone occurs as a result. A is 2 thousand babies in Turkey. Accordingly, intelligence and physical growth retardation is severe. Treatment of diagnosed cases is fairly easy. Thyroid hormone treatment is given in a timely manner to prevent the emergence of these symptoms.

Phenylketonuria: Congenital deficiency of an enzyme called phenylalanine due to a dietary amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins), broken down and accumulate in the body. Accordingly, seizures, spasticity, mental and physical growth retardation seen. A 5 thousand babies in Turkey is emerging. The emergence of these symptoms can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment. Treatment is given as a special diet foods, and phenylalanine.

Biotinidase Deficiency: Biotinidase enzyme called as a result of congenital lack of the vitamin called biotin occurs by the body in processing and utilization disorders. As a result, skin disorders, seizures, blindness, deafness, growth retardation occurs, and death. Prevention and treatment of these symptoms is possible. Biotin treatment is given. A 11 thousand-13 thousand babies in Turkey is thought to be seen.
Hepatitis B infection from person to person, blood, blood products and body fluids (sexual contact) as susceptible to be transmitted from mother to baby at birth. And carriage of the disease is prevalent in countries the most important transit route for the transition from mother to baby during birth.

In developed countries, the most important mode of transmission, intravenous drug use and sexual contact.

Who are the groups with high risk of hepatitis B infection?

First of all, dealing with health-doctors, dentists, nurses, health care personnel at risk.

Hemodialysis patients are at risk

By intravenous drug users, gay or lesbian at risk do not take precautions.

What are the results of short-term consequences of the disease?

Hepatitis B virus causes acute and chronic hepatitis. 90% of the newborns developed infection, 50% of children tend to progress to chronic disease. 5-in 10% of adults with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.

Acute hepatitis can watch as light as a result of liver failure resulting in death. Infection in some patients who had acute loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and jaundice is seen as the complaints.

Severe, could save the life of liver transplant patients who develop liver failure. However, 5-10% of the adults who had acute chronic disease can be monitored.

What are the long-term prognosis of the disease?

Hepatitis B virus is all the people who do not show clinical and laboratory findings. Some people just carry the virus in their bodies. This is a part of patients when liver biopsy is possible to detect signs of hepatitis.

There is also some people with chronic hepatitis or liver biopsy, clinical findings there is very little evidence of disease. This is a patient at the time, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer develops in diseases that are serious and cause death.

How is the diagnosis of hepatitis B virus infection?

Hepatitis B infection is diagnosed in some serological tests. Weeks after receipt of the special tests of the virus becomes positive in the serum. This parallel testing of liver enzymes in the blood rises.

Is it possible to protect against hepatitis B virus infection?

Hepatitis B virus infection is a disease that is maintained by the vaccine. All These babies should be vaccinated against hepatitis B virus infection. The first dose at birth is. The second dose 1-4 months, 3 dose can be made between 6-18 months. Currently, the recommended vaccine schedule 0, 1, is 6 months.

How is infection from mother to baby?

Every pregnant woman be tested for hepatitis B virus infection, perhaps resulting from the baby's life against a disease carried by the adoption of measures. Transmission of disease to the baby via the placenta is extremely rare. Jump to secretions and blood of the mother at birth, the baby is infected, respectively.

What should be done to protect the baby from infection?

Babies born to mothers with hepatitis B carrier or chronic infection, should be washed thoroughly immediately after birth. If the baby needed a blood sample taken after washing and vitamin K should be taken. Within the first 12 hours following the birth of hepatitis B hyperimmune immune globulin (HBIG) 0.5 ml should be made into the baby's thigh muscle. If the delay between made within the first 48 hours should be used.

Chronic carriers of hepatitis B infection or immunization with HBIG to infants born to mothers with the construction of protective reach the level of 90-95%. Recommended immunization schedule; 0, 1, 6 months.

Is Premature babies should be vaccinated?

Non-bearing mothers of babies born under 2000 grams 2000 grams of vaccine until the baby can be expected.

If the mother is a carrier of hepatitis B, even if premature baby HBIG and vaccine should be made within the first 12 hours. Baby is a month when the 0, 1, 6 month schedule should be applied.
Causes of vaginismus - mainly, vaginismus, causes entirely psychological. And vaginismus can be treated. One of the most common causes of vaginismus, the growing-age girls, who taught that sex is dirty and wrong and bad times is a way of training. For years, damaging to women, sexuality, abuse, humiliating, only benefited men, women need to escape something that grows as a young girl, to live this relationship in order to remember that the subconscious reluctantly settled the wrong ideas, hear and muscle discomfort from entering the relationship morbidities especially lymphedema.

Whatever the reason may be treated at any time if the couples vaginismus willing to cooperate. Sexual therapy centers for treatment, it is important to request and to hit the head.

This kind lady lives in a lot of the problem, the problem here, people who have gone through this thing, this problem has only itself to a physician, baby food and think that is a strange problem. Yet the number of women who are facing this problem, both in our country, both here and abroad is very high. 5 or 10 years, married, divorced mold the relationship could not come as often as the number of people are not to be underestimated.

Do not forget that the only difference between men and women, sexual difference, and therefore one of the most important events sekstir Draw or marriage, a healthy sex life will increase tolerance against bad events, and understand each other will cause you to love more.

Satellite field with a shortage of this type of woman, I would again like you have thousands of people, and this is not a shame, shame, InDesign is to consult your doctor as soon as you are treated to experience gained in a healthy sexual you know.

This type of basic-level ones woes 1-2 sessions, 4-5 sessions are completed at the most severe ones. The important thing is to decide and like to take treatment.

The first thing to do is to be examined by hitting the head physician, without further examination, it takes several sessions, there is no sense to ask questions such as what is the cost, because the type and duration of treatment is to do or how to be pursued in a way to treat people both physically and spiritually subscale, but after consideration, the decision is given. Trying to make comments or ask for comments before the inspection is completely pointless and unnecessary in! Psychological examination as a person is evaluated, problems and needs to rest, statements shall be determined and the method of treatment.

We also believe that as soon as you get rid of this annoyance, and will get the beautiful days.
What is vaginismus short - Involuntary contraction of muscles surrounding the entry of the vagina during sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse whether performed in a state of disorder. Vaginismus is an unconscious woman lives with meaning, is the reaction of the vaginal muscle contraction. Vaginismus, women who live by the level of consciousness that this preference is unwilling and uncomfortable. Sex with women with vaginismus, or can not be controlled outside the vaginal entrance.

The entrance of the vagina with the finger (see Female Sexual Organs), it simply does not contraction is called vaginismus. Shows itself during the first sexual intercourse experience vaginismus. More embryos may arise because of contraction of the muscles surrounding the vagina sexual intercourse. A big panic, anxiety and fear experienced. This fear pushed for a partner and close off women's legs tightly.

Very rare injuries, tears in the vagina, the woman's sexual disorders, sexual disorders, and dyspareunia in the organ in such cases for reasons other than as a woman knows herself safe. But other than these is a purely psychological disorder vaginismus. Therapy method of treatment (see Treatment of vaginismus).
A contact point between the most encountered problems and errors are encountered. They are divided into four species.

Short-sighted: can easily be seen in nearby objects. The remote can not be seen clearly.

Long-sighted: There is no difficulty in seeing short sighted. Nearby objects clearly visible.

Presbyopia: aging as a natural problem arises. hardened before the eyepieces near vision impaired.

Astigmatism: transparent layer in front of the eye (the cornea), slope of the least symmetrical of all objects appear as blurry.

These defects may develop fixup using appropriate spectacle lenses. Changing the angle of the rays from the windows afford vision disorder resolves. For example, the concave lens Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and a convex lens and Astigmatism Presbyopia corrected using a special lens.
Benefit Anti-cellulite Body Movements Are there

Cellulite is a subject of much debate. France, which is the origin of the word cellulite has been medically recognized as a specific situation.

Cellulite is a kind of collected fatty tissue around the buttocks and hips are. Such as orange peel skin is deep pit. under the surface of the skin in that area of ​​the body hardens. reduced elasticity of the skin.

Cellulitis often occurs presumably fat fat alone is not the case in individuals. can be seen in people with normal weight or even weaker than normal.

There are methods to prevent or to destroy cellulite. A filtering method may also lead to the formation of cellulite is usually inadequate.

For this reason, water and substances in the tissues is no longer collected. Therefore, at least 8 glasses of water a day, every day drinking.

Most of the doctors instead of a special cellulite creams and massage tools to resolve some of the exercises, body movements suggests.

Hips by doing exercises that strengthen muscles and stimulate circulation prevents sagging of tissues.
We would like to call the attention of the management of different hospitals in the Philippines especially to the provinces who are experiencing poverty. I received an email yesterday from an anonymous person and asked me to post his article for the enlightenment of those who are not familiar of the hospital bill charges.

My ____ became a patient of ___________ Hospital in Paniqui, Tarlac. Was admitted, due to _____. When we arrived at the hospital parking lot we were assisted by nursing aides and offered us a wheel chair because obviously my cousin won't be able to walk due to severe pain she's experiencing. We accepted the wheel chair knowing that it would not be charged to us.

She was discharged and got a hospital bill amounting to PHP___.__ that includes all the laboratory tests, medicines, hospital room and professional fee for her doctor. What I noticed on the billing they gave us is the payment for the use of the wheel chair which is PHP500.00.

We only used their wheel chair from the parking lot going to the hospital lobby and they offered the wheel chair knowing it is a part of their services for their patient. "I think if you walk start in parking lot going to lobby 15 0r 20 step" they said. PHP500.00 for the use of the wheel chair is too much I guess especially for us people who are poor.

There are a lot of private hospitals in the Philippines and we are calling the attention of their management and of course the government to regulate their charges. It is unjustifiable if every service they will give including how they assist their patients would be charge to patients who lacks financial support from their families.

We are not against their policies, a little consideration and help to indigenous individuals like us would be a big help.

What do you Think??
Exercise as you make the body consumes more energy. The body is converted into energy by burning fats. And as a result, reduces the amount of fat in the blood.Exercise is very important and useful to the body. Exercise speeds up the blood circulation. muscles require more oxygen and midwives. Heart works harder to accelerate the circulation of blood for this purpose. Red blood cells of oxygen and carbon dioxide storage at the end of throwing the whole system is doing a better job, start to run faster.

Causes of vaginismus - Children with a normal and healthy relationship between mother and father in the construction process does not exceed the character leads to some shortcomings. Although sexuality is something to be missed in our minds tell me pause, as the inner (conscious or unconscious level) and the person knows the intense distress experienced trouble with the remote seems to live a sexual union.

Character (personality) in people with flaws, sexuality is experienced when attempting to live or internally,

A-simplicity, or ashamed of sexuality, which is something living, and this intense feeling humiliated Oncol people feel very hurt and humiliated by a university system knows collar. Or,

B-Sexuality joy of being a woman means to live, like she's doing something wrong if they share a sense of guilt from wrong because of his anger, he will know and will know lene, will be completely alone, is surrendered, desperate to remain bjectively inner feelings. Person or may be unable to recognize that these emotions and irrational thoughts. If these feelings and thoughts of sex with his wife, though his wife, who abandoned himself to feel like you have already taken.

C-live in a sexual union internally, to be controlled, to enter into force, enslaved people to pose as the sentiment.

E-sexual unity internally, can cause intense fears of fragmentation.

E-sexual union as the inner, intense feelings may lead to extinction, and drowning.

F-sex union to live as internally, leading to intense feelings of guilt and resistance.

G-sex union to live inwardly, such as loss of strength and power can be felt.

We refer to this as a reflection of the reasons the child's developmental defects of character. Character flaws our fears cause us to live more intensely the gaps to be guilty. If the person there is a lack of sexual education, family and brothers in the sense of information have been refused, the problems related to sexuality is quite normal to live. Women talk among themselves in an exaggerated, rape scenes in movies about the images, incorrect information and beliefs in the ares of vaginismus ılablir added. Sexuality, dirty, evil is the implicit and explicit statements on sexuality damaging to women, degrading, that a bad thing, in the community implications of the psychosocial concerns of losing the hymen cause vaginismus.

The idea of ​​the terrible physical suffering that will be lost hymen and this pain for several days as a survivor of a very distorted idea concerns, vaginismus is caused false and distorted information.

When we look at maternal and paternal character which causes the problem, the majority of women in the vaginismus is a character in the mother's poor and powerless, a portion of their father's repressive and authoritarian, more control and responsibility of the familystructure that does not see that coming. Here, from childhood to adulthood, on the way toget rid of the child's mother or father does not allow decomposite. The child can gain the qualifications to decide some things alone make you experience the process. Controllerresponsibility, not dependent, with fears about life, character defects in children ofparents who observed vaginismus. That should be normal as a mother, father, daughter relationship has been observed happened.

The mother is poor and the weak phase of girls' sexual identity in the cause of somedeviations, but as adults age, sexual orientation may be homosexual orientation. Thisalso causes vaginismus.

Age periods of childhood and later life, sexual violence, harassment, rape and incestexceptions, in emotional and physical traumas, and cause a person's mental structureand related to as many tracks can be seen in vaginismus.

Yet we live in a multi-event of pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion can lead to vaginismus, such as later. Covering the whole of the emotional trauma as a result of their innersexuality knows.

The point is we are all special to us, and consequently have a different life-history ofvaginismus, because every woman is unique itself. Our friends who came to her a detailed anamnesis (history of life) and take a listen to his detailed personal information.
Fatigue is a condition that the present Bizan poison. It can not do anything until we ourselves feel powerless, do not want to even get out of bed. Here are just saving in such cases may refer to medicinal plants.

Here are some herbs you can feel fit;










This tea can be made of many of the plants. prepare yourself when you feel sluggish, linden tea, mint tea, herbal teas such as apple tea will help you get through the fatigue.

Fatigue is also applicable to some of the formulas below.

Shall be stoned 4 plums, 2 peaches, 3 konup almond mixer, mix. Drink slowly.

Least 100 grams of rose hips, raspberry, blackberry leaves, mixed with myrtle leaves, 1 cup water 1 tablespoon bought and placed. Boil for 10 minutes, 2 hours demlen enlivened. After filtration 100 g of honey is added. Every day, 1 tea cup to drink.

1 cup boiling water 1 each teaspoon of ground ginger, galanga powder, honey is placed. After waiting 10 minutes to drink. 1 tablespoon pistachio is eaten on. 2 times a day.

Whether meat is boiled water, into the honey and syrup made by adding a little vinegar, drunk on an empty stomach a glass of therapeutic interventions.

Havlıncan by 5 grams, ginger boiled and drunk like tea. On the pistachio is eaten. This composition is good in rheumatism.

Wormwood herb is boiled and drunk a cup of sugar or honey is added.
Wisdom tooth nightmare!

Wisdom tooth, wisdom tooth another name, for many people is a frightening phenomenon. A very large part of the general population living in the twenty years of age and dental clinics refers to teeth problems. Does this phenomenon is exaggerated? Or Is there really nothing to be afraid? This is somewhat related to our expectations.

20 years does not harm the teeth and surrounding tissue occurs in the correct position of the tooth in place, this is not a drawback in maintaining the report says.

Radiographs in the wisdom tooth which began to be 9 years old, 14-year-old "crown" of the so-called top formation is complete.

By the age of 16, 50% of the root formation is completed. After that, keep your chin when the room for development with the wisdom tooth starts to occur. 18 years old, completed root formation. 24 years old, all the movements of wisdom teeth, 95% complete. At this stage, teeth, or to continue to follow the path of the output completes, or works in a different direction to create its own way out. Problems can occur in any of these stages.

From different directions, buried alive, or any pathology that causes the teeth of the twenty-hat is the difference, why can not go on regular voyages? In fact, this is a very different explanation is made to describe the situation over time. To give a basic example of them;
Wisdom teeth out if you have more than one root cause of these different process can not continue the normal course of development of teeth.

Other reason than the width of the tooth, but in the jaw area is less. Accordingly, the tooth can not reach the area will be completed to continue.
Problems that occur during the development of these causes can be counted on.

So what does all wisdom tooth pulled? Wisdom tooth pulled, or what?

Unfortunately, the embedded wisdom tooth, patients often gives rise to very serious problems. For example, the female around the age of twenty half-buried anti-inflammatory (Pericoronitis) caused very severe pain chart

Rotten teeth, causing the formation of the Environment
Tightness in the teeth so that orthodontic problems, causing disfiguring
Preparing the groundwork for the formation of cysts or tumors from wisdom tooth
Infection in bone-like formations in the region where melting
Lead to a fracture of the jaw to become

Table of unexplained pain, wisdom teeth can create problems come at the beginning. But despite all the risks that we "all wisdom teeth pulled." We can not make such a determination. If a wisdom tooth wisdom tooth has lasted and is actively being used or embedded to any problem in terms of what the patient in terms of what the dentist if doing so does not necessarily capture.

But unfortunately that is embedded in a wisdom tooth is like a bomb ready to explode. We need to do a six-month randomized to go to the dentist for regular checks and inspections on a regular basis, this clearly shows the wisdom teeth, do not worry.

Twenty years of age if the female's shooting of a decision, in accordance with the rules of sterilization should be prepared to do a tooth extraction, tooth extraction and surgical principles should be applied according to the area under local anesthesia should be made as appropriate.

The biggest fear of our patients during wisdom tooth extraction, the idea that to feel any pain. Local anesthetics, because they block the nerve messages between the brain and the attraction of such a possibility, it is not possible with a local anesthetic applied to the right. But only in the sense of touch and pressure are blocked by general anesthesia, the patient feels a sense of touch and pressure. This is a very mixed pain accounts for a fitting. For this reason, the distinction between patient and physician need to better reach.

Twenty years after tooth extraction surgery, prescription drugs, which must be used regularly and on time. Tobacco and tobacco products consumed for a period of 24 hours on the subject. Consumption of hot food and beverages should be avoided. After the operation, application of cold compresses to the region outside of the face, is to minimize swelling after the operation.

As a result, regular Dentist control you will save a lot of trouble early diagnosis. Properly implement the patient's post-operative care at least as important as the implementation of the correct surgical technique.
Intercourse in women Girememe - vaginismus
-You understand!
-We love you!
-Being and respect to your problem!

What is vaginismus? in fact the question can be given various definitions but in general, although not a physical barrier problem of vaginismus woman's fear, anxiety and concern do not allow for sexual intercourse, defined as granting.

The vagina (refer to female genitals), the size of the penis during intercourse, or prepares itself to smallness. Expands on the state of sexual intercourse.

Men and women and men in fear and anxiety of his penis the vagina, while others experience these feelings in just the entrance to the vagina.

Causes of vaginismus occurrence varies according to the people;

"The vagina is too small or too tight due to the barring from the relationship" is a concept that often is not correct, because the vagina as the structure is flexible and expandable enough to lift her head at birth of a child (which is about 10-fold expansion).

Mention under the fear of Consciousness in the vagina with the woman's body and consists of non-contractions, and lockups. contraction of the muscles throughout the body at the entrance to the vagina as well as contractions, anxiety, fear, and consists of a state of panic. In this case, which will enter into the relationship of women's legs tight shut off and now does not allow the relationship or not.

Some women are very thick membranes Vaginusmus the maiden, and therefore believe that the relationship could not enter, and unfortunately also convinced that their spouses are aware of. Couples who believe in the removal of the hymen, to resolve the problem, resorting to a gynecologist. Formula in the physical sources of the problem is due to some reason, the opening of the hymen, rather than the solution, which in turn couples who do not work, more hopelessness, pessimism, in turn, leads to deterioration in relations.

The majority of women with vaginismus problem, a doctor can not be examined, as well as panic and fear in the relationship just gets carried away, closes her legs and get into a crisis crying. However, some of them can easily be may examine the relationship but may not allow them into practice.

Sometimes the problem with drugs or general anesthesia (fainting) is believed to be resolved under entering the relationship. Thus, muscle relaxation can be achieved, and even, as a method vaginusmuslu wrong for women to have sexual relations with partners, drugged and provided with general anesthesia knows. Solve this problem instead of me more aware of the zoom. Women's awake again, fear of sexual intercourse when the woman vaginismuslu caktır and wife, meanwhile, has established a relationship with his wife before the anesthesia, followed by an attitude against the challenge. This can increase the fear. Also entered in the women's relationship under anesthesia are beyond its control such as bad psychologically affected by living in a relationship.

One of the reasons this approach is that vaginismus, "contraction of the muscles around the vagina entrance of the vagina during sexual intercourse, and thus gain entry into the" thought of that. Such approach is useful to emphasize that often the wrong approach.

Again, this way of thinking made recently with the vagina and the vaginal muscle spasm botox applications are blocked. Vaginismus, in this approach does not provide real solutions.

This type of sedative troubled people, this problem is not resolved to provide antidepressant medication, but some of these types of drugs have the effect of reducing sexual desire, so as not resolved the problem another problem is added to the sexually reluctant likte trouble.

Muscle relaxants or alcohol to get drunk and took the efforts of sexual intercourse always results in sadness.

Vaginismus can be treated very easily with a problem of this type of false information and trials, grows, grows.

Women, distress, tension starts, with a sense of guilt begins to hear itself is missing, hopelessness, and pessimism is reduced.

The majority of women in the face of this situation shows the response is excessive and unnecessary in a university system knows, the reaction against the excesses of fear and of know logically it is not enough to solve it unnecessary in a university system to accept and live in an inner turmoil, I love my wife, I want him by law, my wife, my family accept it, I agree, so why can not we live in such inner confusion can, and crises.

Some women think that there are not sexual requests, I do not even want the relationship, not myself, but I do hear the complain of it, this is a completely self-defense system, the human fear of hurt or harm could be been picked what he believes, or believed may raise revenue?

Sometimes the solution such as a shot in the lives and loves me, loves me not necessarily need to live in sexual intercourse, such as defense mechanisms by developing a team tries to comfort him, but the problem has always been and will grow every day, I carry both of the spouses becomes a day, and the relationship ends.

Men who can not enter the relationship at the outset, the moderate approach them from their wives, and sometimes of incomprehension and anger and feelings of vulnerability. Although there is no physical problem and sometimes also start with erectile dysfunction in men. Male ultimately intolerant, force or deceive his wife.

Development work they want to be a woman, even though sometimes treat their wives did not mind the problem, head to hit the delayed treatment, or support their wives can not see the event approached the solution to this very surprised at the difference. Anxiety and fears related to sexual intercourse is not only women that some men may be grandfather. For women it is very difficult to understand or feel because they are focused on solutions to their problems as well. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to understand or feel, but other people think like this, sometimes you can not tell you about it. But the real problem is that out there. Here is a similar approach can tell you approach it, this solution makes it easy. Ten of the relationship, afraid to know and bent penis.

Ladies, as well as in treatment, if necessary, with the anxiety and fears of men, destroyer, supportive therapy should be made.

Men and women, vaginismus is a common problem.
How to clear spots on teeth?

Simple procedures can eliminate the problem

Tooth stains are usually removed by a simple cleaning. Applied by dentists after dental scaling is a procedure called polishing.

Polishing process on the teeth by applying a paste special with the help of a tire is the process of making teeth whiter. After the polishing process does not move or rotten teeth are spots or stains teeth deeply processed.

Penetrated into the tooth whitening way to clean stains. There are several toothpastes to prevent tooth stain formation. This gives a positive result when used in regular toothpastes.

Teeth, especially in smokers carrying the products is very effective anti-yellowing properties. But the basic principle is always to brush teeth after meals.

Leaves a stain on the teeth, especially caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee. According to the news in Milliyet, when choosing a toothpaste containing fluoride and the female is necessary to select those preservatives.

Never use abrasive toothpastes that contain the female elements. Is also very important to use dental floss. The remaining particles of the tooth can cause tooth decay and permanent color changes. Suitable for children from an early age to use dental floss and take care of your gums.
Baby born, if you are healthy, sex is usually the first question asked the second question is the height and weight. Children growing up, the doctor most frequently asked questions "Is the short length? Weight is normal? "Features, such as developmental. The answer to these questions are important, because development is a good means to be healthy at the same time. Attain one's ideal weight and height measurements, but only as an indicator of the development of a healthy person's body appearance, mental status, and even other people on the left image is a factor that affects their self-confidence. Height increase, the growth plates of the bones on each end of the development of tissue called cartilage occurs. Closure of the growth plates at the end of adolescence and the person stops the growth of adult height is reached. The most important factor affecting growth in a person's genetic structure. The genes from each parent independently affect growth. Largely genetic code, the child's future height, weight and age at onset of puberty, such as growth, determines the basic lines. Another factor that allows growth in the diet. Nutrition, growth, affecting all ages, especially in the first ages. Contribute positively to the person's neck for good nutrition in future. Another factor is that growth hormones. Growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and growth is holding. Deficiencies of these hormones seem to thrive.

Sperm in the woman's egg cell growth begins at the junction. First step of growth, "hyperplasia," the so-called increase in the number of cells. This, "hypertrophy", watching the growth of cell dimensions. Every tissue and organ development process of watching different. Brain weight at birth, the adult in the 25% to 95% reaches the age of 10. lymph tissues in children, taking up more space than adults. Also shows considerable differences according to age development of the limbs. Infants, the head is quite large. Almost one-third of the length of a newborn baby's head is. With the head-body ratio declining with advancing age. The rib cage begins to grow rapidly after the sixth month. 9-12 prolonged arm and leg. months, is accelerating. Adolescence is the period length of the legs and feet are growing fast. Width of the hips in girls, growing focus on young men is increasing diameter of the rib cage. Shoulders is expanding and increasing the length of the body. After adolescence, adulthood is reached largely paint.

Which paint to reach the person largely controlled by genetic factors. However, nutritional, hormonal and environmental factors also significantly affect the length. The process of growth begins in the womb. The mother's good nutrition, a healthy process of pregnancy affects the child's future height. Feeding the baby in the womb through the placenta, the organ is called the growth in this period and for the healthy and functional condition of a placenta. Growth retardation in infants leads to deficiencies in the structure of the placenta. The mother is high blood pressure, alcohol or cigarette smoking adversely affects the development of the baby. Belonging to the mother or the placenta, which causes growth retardation before birth, after birth, healthy, and normal nutritional conditions, showing good growth provided the majority of babies up to two years old, is closing the gap with their peers. This is premature, that is true for babies born early. However, due to the baby's prenatal growth retardation of the rind Fortunately, this difference in size and usually does not close and the children always lags in development by their peers. Overall, 15% of babies born pre-natal growth back to childhood and adult life as a short stay. Genetic factors affecting growth in the period before birth is not possible to control, but a good and balanced nutrition of the mother during pregnancy, smoking and advised to stay away from such habits. If there's illnesses, physical and psychological stresses and birth intervals closely as possible to avoid the development of the baby is not important to.

Growth is most rapid in the first 2 years of age. Which is about 3 kg of body weight at birth, or about three times a year, reaching 9-11 kg. Again, an average of 50 cm in length at birth, a baby is 12 months, reaching approximately 75cm. The growth rate in the second half of life, and (about 12 cm / year) continued to decline since the age of 4 years, coming down 5-6 cm. Late childhood, ie the time until the start of 4 years of puberty, and elongation growth rate constant is 5-6 cm per year. If the space of a year, more than one child in this period 4'cm necessarily need to be evaluated by a physician. The effect was rapid growth in the first two years of growth hormones, as well as the most important nutritional factor. So the first years of the child nutrition significantly affects the size of the future. Period of three years until 10 years longer life of the engine size, as well as environmental factors, the most important factor affecting the growth hormones. The influence of steroid sex hormones in the structure of extension of the period of adolescence indeyse size. Continue for a prolonged period of post-pubescent boy, although the final adult height is usually does not affect too much.


Adolescence is a process that is passed from childhood to adulthood. In this process, the physical and mental changes occur in children is important. Adolescence, the effect of hormones secreted by the pituitary gland, begins and estrogen in girls, the physical properties as a result of increase in the level of testosterone in men taking shape. One of the most important features of the acceleration of growth in adolescence. Breast growth in girls, male children were among the first signs of puberty testicular growth is considered in general. You study capillary growth, and is followed by other symptoms. Finally, girls, menstruation, sperm production begins and the focus on young men from adolescence to adulthood, takes over.

The average age at onset of puberty in girls 10 years of age. The mean duration 4.9 years until the end of puberty began. One begins about 2 years after the start of adolescence. Rapid height increase in girls than boys starts earlier than 2 years. Elongation speed of the fastest level reaches 11.5 years old for girls size. Onset of puberty in girls all the time until you see the one-size 7-8cm per year rate of elongation. We see the final pieces of the girls round the neck reaches a large extent. Piece after the girls average length of 6cm (1-11cm) stretched. The final length of the most important factor affecting the height at the entrance to adolescence. The average length of 142 cm in girls before puberty. The process from start to completion of puberty in girls, the average total height increase 16cm finds. Girl children from the age of 14 when the height increase of 96% is completed and reaches 163cm. Elongation seen in girls after more than 16 years. Starting at the age of puberty in boys and 3.5 years, takes an average of 12. During adolescence, boys grow a 10cm-long years. During adolescence, boys and 174cm extends the reach 26cm. Reaching the final height in 96% of men age 16 and usually 18-year-old stands of elongation. Much faster than normal before puberty, scroll quickly to ensure that children entering adolescence or adult height, are lower than expected.

Factors Determining Length of the mother's womb

Growth of the unborn, intrauterine environment, genetic factors, hormones and growth factors influence. The first steps of embryo development, mainly "homeoboks known as" Programming by a series of genes. As a result of not being able to short stature of various diseases of these genes is seen as the best. The following days in the womb, nutrition, hormones, growth factors and growth affect the amount of oxygen supplied to the baby. Insulin-like growth factors (IGF), by increasing cell proliferation, differentiation, the most important molecules that stimulate growth. Factors that stimulate the secretion of this factor to the amount of oxygen and nutrition to the baby one way or another. Increase in blood sugar levels, insulin secretion and leads to a parallel syntheses of the IGF. These factors, except "epidermel growth factor", "fibroblast growth factor", endothelin, and insulin-like growth controlling molecules. "Leptin", a molecule called an unborn baby is fed by editing the growth control. This has a direct relationship between birth weight, the concentration of the molecule. In the second half of pregnancy, hormones such as testosterone and estrogen effect on growth is seen. Estrogens accelerate the development of the baby's bones. Male infants with higher levels of testosterone, men allows them to have a higher birth weight.

Maternal nutrition, is very important organs in the first 3 months occurred. During this period, lower birth weight in infants of mothers with malnourished infants during the first months of this happening, and caught more frequent infections. This is a high risk of having babies structural abnormality. Structural abnormalities in the infants in the womb leads to problems of development. The drugs used during pregnancy, exposure to x-rays, pulses, passed infections, hormonal disorders, high blood pressure, heart and lung diseases in infants leads to retardation of development. To nourish and provide oxygen to her baby in the womb, "placenta" in the growth retardation disorders, can lead to premature or stillbirth.

Factors Affecting Length of birth

Genetic factors that control development in the womb, after birth, is one of the factors affecting the length elongation. Therefore, length is longer than the parents in their children is usually a long, shorter in children is short. Some of the genes on the X and Y sex chromosomes of the growth and development of the organizing aspect. Seventeenth long arm of chromosome "growth hormone" that controls the synthesis of a similar nature, and has 5 different genes. These are the most important genes that affect adult height. Children in the 18th months after the height curve, which is genetically determined take their places. Between genetic factors influence length of elongation can not be changed. However, nutritional and environmental factors is very important in determining the final neck.

Very important aspect of nutrition in prolonging post-partum. Normal growth and potential of the genetic aspect to take in the best way to use the child's age-appropriate calorie and balanced diet is extremely important. Especially the first two years of rapid growth in the eating disorders, chronic vomiting, chronic diarrhea or malnutrition, it is wrong and, most important among the factors that held back growth. Poor diet, IGF and growth hormone levels, leading to the decline.

The amount of protein sufficient for normal bone growth needs to be taken. The ideal hardness of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus for the bones to come, very important to take enough vitamins A and D. Elements such as zinc and copper are essential for height increase.

The excretion of hormones regulating growth and development of many endocrine glands in the body. At the beginning of the growth regulating hormones secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain "growth hormone", that is growth hormone. Growth hormone and the effect of certain growth factors produced in the body, the ends of the bone growth plates division and proliferation of cartilage cells are obtained by providing extension of the normal size. In addition, thyroid hormones, cells supports growth by increasing the metabolic events, organizing, and bone maturation. Estrogen in girls, focus on young men, testosterone during puberty, especially in the main hormones that stimulate rapid growth. All of this deceleration in growth hormone deficiency, short stature, and seems to stop.

My height Why Short?

80% connected to the structural or genetic factors. This type of a disease on the basis of size s has no shortening. Length the length of the most important factor in determining the genetic structure that is specified. So, when a baby is born largely in the future will be how long it will determine the length. Boy, is controlled by genes transmitted from parent to child. Length is longer than the mother and father are usually taller children. Genetics as a short, short of the parents of the kids is usually short compared with their peers and adult sizes also remain short. Accepted as a short treatment in these subjects, applied genetics. Some of the studies, growth hormone therapy, may affect the final length of 2-3 cm shows a maximum. Structurally, most children with short stature as a late-developing people based. These children are provided a balanced and healthy diet, which is genetically determined ideal tribes can gain after adolescence. Some of the structural short-s, the expected genetic tribes do not reach adulthood. Structured as a short, close to puberty, growth hormone therapy can be applied to people believed to be retarded. Structural brevity is usually seen in boys and testosterone therapy can be applied to children. This treatment is supposed to be applied only under the supervision of an endocrinology specialist. Unnecessary, inappropriate or when the doses of hormones, leading to premature closure of growth plates of bone ends more or shorten the length.

Length approximately 20% of the medically abnormal shortness s accepted situations, that is, connected to diseases. One of them is defective bone development as a genetic "skeletal dysplasia known as" situations. Syndromes caused by disorders in some aspect of chromosome structure, leading to shorter operating convenience. For example, Noonan, Russell-Silver, Prader-Willi syndromes, such as, respectively, 12.7 and 15 deterioration due to chromosome seen.Excess or deficiencies in the number of chromosomes in a short length can cause operating convenience. An additional 21 units chromosome in which tribes of people with Down syndrome, the average is short. Sex chromosomes abnormalities can affect the length.

Conditions that cause short operating convenience aspect is an important part of the growth hormone deficiency. The synthesis of growth hormone in the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland in the brain that control and various diseases, by affecting the synthesis of growth hormone leads to height. Growth hormone deficiency short length one-quarter of heart diseases due to disorders of the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland. The remaining three-quarters of the reason stems from the lack of certain non-growth hormone. Growth hormone deficiency, an infant is seen every 4000. This is the normal height and weight babies are born. However, the reduction in rates of growth seen after the sixth month. This hormone deficiency, delayed puberty and sexual organs, causing a negative impact on development. Height to connect to the shortness of growth hormone deficiency, the deficiency in the blood levels need to show. If the short stature and growth hormone deficiency is connected precisely, growth hormone therapy should start in the shortest period of time. These people see the most benefit from growth hormone.

Liver and kidney failure, severe heart and lung diseases, medical conditions which prevent lengthening of the length. Long-term infections, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, and to shorten the length of slowing growth is considered reasons. For example, recurrent urinary tract or throat infections in young children is able to short stature. Used in the treatment of some diseases, steroids, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can reduce the length elongation. Domestic unrest, extreme stress and mental illness, or feeding one's hormonal balance by reducing the size to break pause longer. The person's final height is mainly controlled by genetic factors, although environmental factors, diseases, stress, hormones and nutritional status is very important in determining the demand for space in adult neck.

Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone therapy, usually used in people identified the lack of this hormone. First, the growth hormone derived from the pituitary gland of cadavers in the 1950s, was banned in 1985 for vital brain caused by disease. Later, these so-called variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, the so-called prion, while achieving the pituitary hormone involved in drug and disease was understood due to the propagator of protein particles. For nearly 15 years, this hormone is produced under laboratory conditions. Treatment is usually implemented as a single dose in the evening. Thanks to years of treatment with 3-4 cm to 12 cm in height elongation rate is reached. Growth hormone, the body given in the form of a needle or a spray you know. Around $ 15,000 yearly expense for the treatment. In recent years, developed a new strategy of dose, increased the effectiveness of growth hormone. The new method, to understand the effectiveness of growth hormone, IGF-I levels measured in blood. IGF-I, a protein that mediates the effects of growth hormone. During the treatment, the dose of growth hormone, IGF-I level is sufficient as long as the upgrading. With this method, fixed-dose treatment with 50% more height increase is achieved by the application. Those who most benefit from treatment with growth hormone, this hormone is deficient individuals. In addition, Turner's syndrome, renal failure, and bone development in some very big benefits to patients with conditions there. Boy stops the extension of the period after puberty or in adults, growth hormone-long stretch the outside. However, the benefits of treatment with growth hormone deficiency in adults is. This table extends the length of people with growth hormone increases bone density, reduces fat tissue, supports heart contractions, increasing exercise capacity and improves a person's mood.

Treatment with growth hormone deficiency of the hormone not only to benefit people with the outside. Recent studies show that extends the length of this hormone in healthy children. A group of scientists at Stanford University's research on growth hormone therapy in 121 children, was shown to be very useful in children with normal hormone levels. Society to the average of 3% in the shortest chapter in the long-term follow-up of the 121 child-size lengths of 80 calculated from 5 to 6 cm was passed. Currently, growth hormone, this hormone insufficiency, Turner syndrome, or used in children with chronic renal failure. However, recent studies in healthy, but also in children with short stature and growth hormone therapy can benefit shows.

Growth hormone therapy has some side effects. Hand, face and feet, disproportionate growth, increased blood pressure, excessive hair growth, the most common side effects of growth hormone.

My Height Is Short?

One of the most curious issues during the development of man, whether or not the normal length. Mothers at the beginning of the questions asked by a pediatrician, "Is my child a short length, weight is normal?" Is coming. Although weight losses usually compensated later seen as an important problem than short stature in society. people's height, the communities, to races differ. There are important differences between the average length of the average in Japan Boyla Netherlands. Therefore, the lengths of their size, it needs to evaluate according to the size of a normal society. Height distribution in society, a bell-curve fits. In other words, a group of people the same age on the vertical axis the number, size or length of the horizontal axis is plotted a graph to show the shape of it looks like Bobby's. This percentile value of 50 is called in the middle of the bell curve. People in this part of the graph is considered exactly average. The right side of the chart, increasing the average size is considered long. The left side of the chart height abruptly shortened. As little as 3% of the left-most part of the front is considered to be taken into account. In other words, the longest queue when you put a hundred people from the most kısaya up the middle and a person 50 Persan tilde, and the last 3 Persan kişiyse 3 is considered a tilde. Height measurement charts drawn separately for each society and to understand whether the person's age at the normal length of the paint enough to look at the provision. Significantly deviates from normal people with 3 percentile of this chart, and is assumed to be of medical importance.

Height measurement is below 3% by age and sex, except in the low growth rate is considered abnormal. Experts, not growing along the foot of a number of years, a consistent body of dress pants and shortening the height of parents indicate that it is sufficient to suspect the development backwardness. 5-year extension of the child's height is less than a centimeter at a time early or normal seyrindey stands and must be considered abnormal in this condition should consult a doctor. Boy, even in a normal family of curves under the curve is determined by the target dye sometimes is regarded as a sign of developmental delay.

How can I extend seventy inches?

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the structural sense, the most important differences size comes at the beginning. One hundred thousand years ago people aspect of today's people for at least 30 cm of height difference. It seems that each new generation to grow a little more length than the previous one. According to a report published in the U.S. According to the 1960 average human height of about 2 cm 'have an increase. Over time the cause of this elongation is not just a random thought to adapt to the development or the environment. Changes in eating habits of the developing societies, a wide variety of food, healthy and conscious consumption of one aspect may be important factors in elongation between said. Structural properties, changes in the structure of genes, are transferred to next generations. For this reason, the person most important factor determining the size of the genetic code. Length to reach the person in the future, commensurate with the mother and father's height. To reach the final adult height of a child, the parents can calculate their height. Later to calculate the size of a male child, the parents gathered round it, and that figure is added to 13 is divided into two. This figure is derived from the formula, the male child in the future is to reach the final size. For calculating the size of the child's adult daughter, mother and father's clans is divided into two removed from the sum of 13. Calculated in this way, the final height, is considered a person's genetic height and 5cm differs from the average. In other words, nutrition, fitness and wellness of all the recommendations, genetic influences are 5-10 cm long. In this case, the adult height of 170 cm to 150 cm, calculated as the length of a person is not possible. Of course, such calculations, in the absence of an underlying disease or hormone deficiency in healthy subjects, ie current. For short stature, such as growth hormone deficiency have an underlying cause, in the post-treatment time 20cm'nin be provided on the height increase.

The most important factor affecting the final size of the person's genetic code, though, the most important reason for shortness all the world undernourished boy. The effects of nutrition on height increase, scientists investigated intensively. The child's mother and father to the relatively short length of the long or hereditary effects, as well as the effect of nutrition from birth to puberty period is also very important. Researchers, on the impact of food-sized state that begins in the womb. Healthy and balanced diet of the mother, should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. And the implementation of strict diet to lose weight is not recommended during pregnancy. Puts in danger from over-weight in a healthy pregnancy. The most appropriate type of diet, vegetables, fruits and proteins to be balanced. At the end of a healthy pregnancy are usually girls 48, boys size 50 cm rises rapidly continue to take. Significantly affect the length of the first two years of development ahead. The best way to use genetic height potential, particularly in the first two years of life to take the appropriate calories and balanced nutrition is very important. The amount of protein sufficient for normal bone growth needs to be taken. In addition, the A, C and E vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iodine must be consumed in adequate amounts of food during growth. Elements such as zinc and copper are essential for the height increase. And the elements necessary to obtain enough protein from meat and dairy products, childhood and adolescence, is recommended to consume on a regular basis. The body needs vitamins for height increase one way or another, has plenty of vegetables and fruits. Loop eat any uncooked vegetables and fruits can be eaten raw as possible is required. Children can receive all kinds of solid foods does not need additional vitamin supplements. So, on a regular basis in childhood or adolescence, said that the effect of prolonged length of vitamins. Excess calories from protein, and extend the length of the outside.

Great importance for the development of a good night's sleep in childhood. Regular sleep, the importance of the mind and body for the development of a scientifically proven fact. Brain development is most rapid during the first months of the day is almost more than half of babies spend sleeping. Gradually reduced but this time, remains the importance of regular sleep during all of childhood. Development of a body good, therefore, an ideal size for the child's sleep needs have enough to correct. From insomnia, excessive psychological stress adversely affects the development. Intense psychological development of children who are under stress, than did those living in a peaceful and happy staying back. Therefore, the ideal length to reach the child's regular sleep, and very important to ensure a peaceful environment.

Length prolongation, regular, sports like basketball and swimming is believed to benefit. Resemble those of basketball or volleyball but no conclusive scientific data has long passed. Some researchers, such as a secondary effect impact on the sports aspect, that is, a person's overall health as a result of the positive effects that affect the overall development of the body, thus contributing to prolongation of the neck, he says. However, it has all kinds of sport contribute to the prolongation of the neck. For example, weightlifting, wrestling, and body-building, such as the ends of the bone growth plates applied stress sports, concur on the contrary, subject to slow down a longer length. However, the weight applied to sports activities or use of this "anabolic steroid" Is the bone medications known to cause premature closure of growth plates are the ends, not exactly being introduced. As a result, a balanced diet and regular sport, by positively affecting the development of body size also contributes to the prolongation. measures must not be forgotten that the effectiveness of a particular age. Girls 14, boys 16 years old in 96% of final adult height is reached. Height increase, get the latest version of the skeleton, the bone ends of the closure of growth plates, girls 16, boys 18 years old, largely focus on young stands. After this age a maximum of 1-2 cm seems to elongation. Growth hormone than a vitamin or medicine no longer length. Length short operating convenience, some hormone insufficiency and diseases that cause the testosterone or thyroid hormone may require support. Therefore, the cause of this size have a short operating convenience, the most important step to be taken to extend the length. Height, early diagnosis and treatment of the factors that lead to short operating convenience possible to extend length. Applied in the absence of growth hormone treatment, it is possible to achieve the desired growth rate. That normal levels of this hormone can not be found, and an underlying disease, ie, the healthy growth hormone from short extension can provide a 5-6 cm.

In summary, the normal size chart, entering at the shortest 3% of the people to examine medically accepted and taken as a short. If you have a disease that causes a short operating convenience aspect, the treatment of this reason it is possible to achieve a normal paint. However, this kind of shorts, a doctor who requested a short 10-s only accounts for 20%. The early diagnosis of people with shortness of this important aspect. For this reason, parents need to be a pretty good observer. Budding, shortening trousers and inlets that were not required to accept the shoes as a sign of alarm. He was short 80-90% of the patients can not find an underlying cause or disease. Some of these, ie the normal paint reaching structural shorts themselves, and others referred to as genetic short stays as short. Can not connect to any aspect of a cause shortness ity, the needs to be done, the measures to be taken starting in childhood.However, making healthy eating and regular sports genetically determined, but they can be over lengths up to 5-10 cm. In other words, these people no matter what they do, more is not possible prolongations. Nutrition, regular fitness, sleep, and peaceful environment, especially effective in early childhood and adolescence. What do I do after the end of adolescence is completed the development of bone size is not possible to extend more than 1-2cm. An operation the size of some innate disproportionate arms and legs extended Maksan only applied larında brevity. This type of surgery is very difficult and risky. As a result, the short length of genetic structure is very effective, addiction, although determination of the elements that cause a short manuscript in preparation, healthy eating, sports and regularly return to paint the ideal life, or the amount specified on the neck of a possible exit.

Surgery to extend Boy

Human beings can be extended throughout the surgery. Various structural abnormalities birth, as visible to the user or the person's daily life, move to continue with surgery in people with a short length can be extended height. Such surgery is not the whole body, not only applied to the arm and leg bones. If you have short stature due to the curvature of the spine, the spine through the length can be extended to fix. This kind of curvatures of the spine, all along the spine with metal rods placed in a person's size can be extended up to 10-15 cm. Both the innate and late-occurring, such as legs or arms constitute a disproportionate shortness cosmetic problem also leads to functional impairments. Resolve these problems, sometimes a person's daily work can be very important to make. In these cases, surgery can prolong the length of the arm or leg. Requested extension of the bone is placed on both ends of the metal between metal nails and tacks, this method of connection, such as the bone is like a cage covers. Thanks to the connection between the metal studs on both ends of the bone, the distance can be adjusted to each other nails. Possible link between them by extending the pins away from each other. Nails, further away from each other by the metal interconnect, the parts are attached to the bone gradually separates from each other. The two ends of the bone in a short distance from each other, the space in between filled with new bone tissue. The formation of bone tissue in the intervening time to give each other very slowly removed from both ends of the bone. For prolongation of a healthy bone, both bone ends, not to exceed 1 mm a day need to remove from each other. With this method, the bones of 15-20cm of up to prolongation can be achieved. This kind of extension methods in bone and size, but must be done by experts in orthopedics in cases of medical necessity. Or from the family size due to hormonal causes of such surgical procedures.
Crooked teeth, Invasilign method

Complains about crooked teeth, but you're aesthetically disturbing wires attached to the course of treatment?

New technology is applied in the Treatment of Dental Diseases "Invasilign" method, which does not seem as obvious in the mouth with the wire and bracket use, ergonomic and healthy teeth be treated properly with transparent plates.

Spring, usually caused by genetic reasons, and corrected at an early age knew crooked teeth corrected later in life, but said that the long treatment.

Dental wires from aesthetic concerns, indicating that Pat keeps adults away from this treatment, this is a problem in the use of the wire and bracket "Invasilign" method eliminates the labile gone unnoticed and was expressed.

Springs, invisalign method, in order to fix misaligned teeth attached to the teeth, removable mouth, which does not seem as obvious a series of corrective transparent plates, which provides corrections of the teeth without brackets and wires be described as a system, he said. Transparent toppers, with the help of three-dimensional computerized systems in accordance with the patient's tooth structure modeled exactly telling Pat, each used for 2 weeks at a trimmer plate, he said.

Spring, two weeks after the new language is inserted in a corrective, bringing about the process gave the following information:
This new corrective of the oldest, the teeth become more uniform generation is a little different. This process is progressing step by step. The process of examination and treatment of orthodontic specialist will make the six-week intervals are directed.

The duration of treatment, according to the rate of tooth deviousness is between 9-15 months. During this period, approximately 18-30 pieces of transparent plates used corrective.

Wires and brackets in the classical orthodontic treatment continues to 18-24 months.


Emphasizing that it is more advantageous than the method implemented in the Spring wire, wire and brackets according to the classical method, the most important advantage of invisalign "aesthetic superiority," he said. fountain, "trimmer plaques, crystal clear, and very difficult to spot. This is particularly want to have orthodontic treatment, but the image of brackets and wires due to increasing popularity of the method of treatment that delay the adults, "he said.

Another advantage of Invisalign in the "oral hygiene easier to achieve," which stated that Pat, said:

Eating and drinking in the conventional orthodontic treatment, restrictions that do not Invisalign. Because, prompted by mouth after brushing can be removed and reinserting.

Another advantage of Invisalign method and treatment outcome of the treatment period bilinebilmesidir advance. Classic orthodontic treatment to the patient and the physician, depending on the duration of treatment and the values ​​averaged to give a clear time is not very possible.

On the other hand, much more comfortable undergoing a period of adaptation to treatment.
According to information from Spring, invisalign method where all the permanent teeth replace baby teeth fell from 12 years can be applied successfully.
Such as upper or lower jaw, the jaw position to be behind the front-interest cases, 8-12 years of age need treatment.It does not matter outside the age factor.
Some people have difficulty falling asleep. This from of sleeplessness, Particularly again parallel that can be solved easily due to simple problems. Over-diagnosis of room temperature, observed seal of the house, or street noise, such as everyday problems, sometimes thought of as intense on the cause of a problem in itself, is a lack of sleep. This kind of light a little effort insomnia, sleep helps solve the problem. As well as leading to lack of sleep cause a temporary, permanent, there may be a person problem. Resolution on there is a fundamental problem of human life-long bouts with insomnia, can confront.

Some people complain of walking up in the early hours of sleep in the morning. Although they sleep easily, wake up and fall back to sleep after a while, listen to moisture branch highly compact design. This situation need to be treated if the cause of spiritual depression. Incorrect applications of the regime, because the appetite to you psychologically waste, or weight that cause various diseases, the cause of insufficient sleep. Weight gain, by contrast, leads to a long and deep sleep.

The most common from of insomnia, sleep is intermittent. May people sleep, often suffer from fragmentation. Squadron-fragmented sleep, usually caused by a physiological disorder. Prostate enlargement, painful rheumatism, urinary incontinence, occurring late in pregnancy, such as joints inflammation that is causing the discomfort disappear, sleep fragmentation remain restores sleep patterns.