Mixed One-Food Diet

5 days to 3 pounds in a single food diet

Target: an average of 2-3 pounds in 5 days.

Daily calories: 500 - 900 cal

Come and put my diet to a certain point, and unfortunately even the scales no longer plays a gram. Experts opinion on the subject that I diet in such cases "Single Food Diet", "Single-Food Diet" or "Single Food Regime" proposed application in the so-called type diets.

Such diets are extremely unhealthy, and in fact just a one-time implementation of the proposed. He also, but in certain situations. One-Food Diet on the internet 's not a single diet, I learned that the various approaches. One of the most major ones diet of bread, fruit and vegetable diets, soup diets and mixed food diet only. What I found through the internet on a diet that is very similar to each birbine I am writing as one of them.


Diet Bread

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Soup Diet

Mixed One-Food Diet

SINGLE MIXED food diet.

All within a single food diets, I think this diet more healthy than others. Of course, the single-food diets, in general, need not apply, but under certain conditions applied to the preferred diets. The only other difference between this diet food diets, eat the same thing all day every day even if we change this preference on the board. You can create your own diet by yourself, but my suggestion below.

In the meantime you the freedom of tea and coffee, of course, including sugar-free, free to know that there is need to remind you? And again, as in all other diets do not eat after 7 o'clock in the evening.

This daily diet menus:

1. DAY

Except for very high-calorie fruits such as bananas, fruit as you want.

2. DAY

Raw vegetables as you want. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, of course, stay away from this special day.

3. DAY

Boiled potatoes as you want. Very little salt and plenty of fat-free yogurt sweetened potato stick to just stay in the proposal, but dieticians.

4. DAY

Your choice, homemade vegetable soup. Yet as much as desired.

5. DAY

Grilled meat every meal. Preferably fat-free chicken breast.

Best diets!

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