The importance of blood taken from babies' heel

Department of Health newborn screening program last year, about 6 thousand babies with mental and physical development of the disease was prevented.

Ministry officials, their families, "the birth of your baby's heel prick blood test was not completed after over 8 days to be occupied, the nearest health facility, please contact your local blood taken Provide your baby," she warned.

Ministry of Health, the National Screening Programme for newborn babies, infants in the early difference in the future should not be cause irreversible physical and mental developmental disorder phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism and a lack of biyotinidaz scans done.

Blood taken from newborn babies, heels, Hygiene Center (Centre that) are being tested in the laboratory. Newborn Screening Program officer, stressing that the tests done free of charge, to families, "through the birth of your baby's heel prick blood test was not completed after 8 days to be occupied, the nearest health facility, please contact your local blood taken Provide your baby" he cautioned.

According to the information provided, screening is carried out across the country last year, a total of 1 million 300 thousand new born babies biyotinidaz 314 thousand, 70 phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism in 4 thousand 300 were positive for the suspect. These babies are the centers for further diagnosis and appropriate treatment directed to introduction.

Information on the National Screening Programme said that while the important warnings. For 48 hours after birth, 3-5. days, the baby's heel of blood taken, since it provides the ideal test results that describe a healthy self-iron, first drew attention could give false results of blood taken within 24 hours. Families in the event of a normal test result to be notified of any pupil has a statement of the Self-iron, "In other words, families do not receive a notice to be concerned. This means that blood samples were not detected any distortion, "he said.

Sometimes the amount of blood is not sufficient, and sometimes the outcome is not clear enough for the second time because of the heel prick blood taken self saying that you need iron, "in this case, without delay, to the nearest health facility should be contacted. Proved in the case of a normal result from the blood, it is not news to families, "he said. Self-iron, blood taken from babies of families, the correct and full contact information such as address and phone number are taken to be sure that the warning was voiced.

Congenital Hypothyroidism (congenital laziness in the thyroid gland): congenital absence or inadequate thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone occurs as a result. A is 2 thousand babies in Turkey. Accordingly, intelligence and physical growth retardation is severe. Treatment of diagnosed cases is fairly easy. Thyroid hormone treatment is given in a timely manner to prevent the emergence of these symptoms.

Phenylketonuria: Congenital deficiency of an enzyme called phenylalanine due to a dietary amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins), broken down and accumulate in the body. Accordingly, seizures, spasticity, mental and physical growth retardation seen. A 5 thousand babies in Turkey is emerging. The emergence of these symptoms can be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment. Treatment is given as a special diet foods, and phenylalanine.

Biotinidase Deficiency: Biotinidase enzyme called as a result of congenital lack of the vitamin called biotin occurs by the body in processing and utilization disorders. As a result, skin disorders, seizures, blindness, deafness, growth retardation occurs, and death. Prevention and treatment of these symptoms is possible. Biotin treatment is given. A 11 thousand-13 thousand babies in Turkey is thought to be seen.

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