We only used their wheel chair

We would like to call the attention of the management of different hospitals in the Philippines especially to the provinces who are experiencing poverty. I received an email yesterday from an anonymous person and asked me to post his article for the enlightenment of those who are not familiar of the hospital bill charges.

My ____ became a patient of ___________ Hospital in Paniqui, Tarlac. Was admitted, due to _____. When we arrived at the hospital parking lot we were assisted by nursing aides and offered us a wheel chair because obviously my cousin won't be able to walk due to severe pain she's experiencing. We accepted the wheel chair knowing that it would not be charged to us.

She was discharged and got a hospital bill amounting to PHP___.__ that includes all the laboratory tests, medicines, hospital room and professional fee for her doctor. What I noticed on the billing they gave us is the payment for the use of the wheel chair which is PHP500.00.

We only used their wheel chair from the parking lot going to the hospital lobby and they offered the wheel chair knowing it is a part of their services for their patient. "I think if you walk start in parking lot going to lobby 15 0r 20 step" they said. PHP500.00 for the use of the wheel chair is too much I guess especially for us people who are poor.

There are a lot of private hospitals in the Philippines and we are calling the attention of their management and of course the government to regulate their charges. It is unjustifiable if every service they will give including how they assist their patients would be charge to patients who lacks financial support from their families.

We are not against their policies, a little consideration and help to indigenous individuals like us would be a big help.

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