Vaginismus - Childhood: Emergence

Causes of vaginismus - Children with a normal and healthy relationship between mother and father in the construction process does not exceed the character leads to some shortcomings. Although sexuality is something to be missed in our minds tell me pause, as the inner (conscious or unconscious level) and the person knows the intense distress experienced trouble with the remote seems to live a sexual union.

Character (personality) in people with flaws, sexuality is experienced when attempting to live or internally,

A-simplicity, or ashamed of sexuality, which is something living, and this intense feeling humiliated Oncol people feel very hurt and humiliated by a university system knows collar. Or,

B-Sexuality joy of being a woman means to live, like she's doing something wrong if they share a sense of guilt from wrong because of his anger, he will know and will know lene, will be completely alone, is surrendered, desperate to remain bjectively inner feelings. Person or may be unable to recognize that these emotions and irrational thoughts. If these feelings and thoughts of sex with his wife, though his wife, who abandoned himself to feel like you have already taken.

C-live in a sexual union internally, to be controlled, to enter into force, enslaved people to pose as the sentiment.

E-sexual unity internally, can cause intense fears of fragmentation.

E-sexual union as the inner, intense feelings may lead to extinction, and drowning.

F-sex union to live as internally, leading to intense feelings of guilt and resistance.

G-sex union to live inwardly, such as loss of strength and power can be felt.

We refer to this as a reflection of the reasons the child's developmental defects of character. Character flaws our fears cause us to live more intensely the gaps to be guilty. If the person there is a lack of sexual education, family and brothers in the sense of information have been refused, the problems related to sexuality is quite normal to live. Women talk among themselves in an exaggerated, rape scenes in movies about the images, incorrect information and beliefs in the ares of vaginismus ─▒lablir added. Sexuality, dirty, evil is the implicit and explicit statements on sexuality damaging to women, degrading, that a bad thing, in the community implications of the psychosocial concerns of losing the hymen cause vaginismus.

The idea of ​​the terrible physical suffering that will be lost hymen and this pain for several days as a survivor of a very distorted idea concerns, vaginismus is caused false and distorted information.

When we look at maternal and paternal character which causes the problem, the majority of women in the vaginismus is a character in the mother's poor and powerless, a portion of their father's repressive and authoritarian, more control and responsibility of the familystructure that does not see that coming. Here, from childhood to adulthood, on the way toget rid of the child's mother or father does not allow decomposite. The child can gain the qualifications to decide some things alone make you experience the process. Controllerresponsibility, not dependent, with fears about life, character defects in children ofparents who observed vaginismus. That should be normal as a mother, father, daughter relationship has been observed happened.

The mother is poor and the weak phase of girls' sexual identity in the cause of somedeviations, but as adults age, sexual orientation may be homosexual orientation. Thisalso causes vaginismus.

Age periods of childhood and later life, sexual violence, harassment, rape and incestexceptions, in emotional and physical traumas, and cause a person's mental structureand related to as many tracks can be seen in vaginismus.

Yet we live in a multi-event of pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion can lead to vaginismus, such as later. Covering the whole of the emotional trauma as a result of their innersexuality knows.

The point is we are all special to us, and consequently have a different life-history ofvaginismus, because every woman is unique itself. Our friends who came to her a detailed anamnesis (history of life) and take a listen to his detailed personal information.

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