The Most Common Vision Disorders

A contact point between the most encountered problems and errors are encountered. They are divided into four species.

Short-sighted: can easily be seen in nearby objects. The remote can not be seen clearly.

Long-sighted: There is no difficulty in seeing short sighted. Nearby objects clearly visible.

Presbyopia: aging as a natural problem arises. hardened before the eyepieces near vision impaired.

Astigmatism: transparent layer in front of the eye (the cornea), slope of the least symmetrical of all objects appear as blurry.

These defects may develop fixup using appropriate spectacle lenses. Changing the angle of the rays from the windows afford vision disorder resolves. For example, the concave lens Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and a convex lens and Astigmatism Presbyopia corrected using a special lens.

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