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We know that great things start with a small idea and yet not all ideas that occur to us are able to see the light of day in terms of a considered piece of writing. But if you are into blogging then you will know that once a great idea is there a great blog post is just a little more time away. And we all would have experienced how difficult it can be to come up with an idea on demand. Even for some of the very creative ones amongst us.

Though once we recognize that ideas are of great importance we can learn to respect them and treat them with care so that ideas that occur to us do not evaporate away as other events in our life pile up one on top of the other.
So what can one do to increase our ability to care for our ideas? Well to start with one must recognize that a good idea does not come all fleshed out in great detail, it usually comes along as a seed of an idea that we then build it into a great idea. Once we have a great idea we care for it and perhaps may jot it down, but while it is still a seed we may not be as careful and there would be seeds of ideas that occurred to us but were later forgotten and were never allowed to evolve further. And that is not the best way for a blog writer. A better way is to jot down every seed of an idea as it occurs to us in a fleeting manner. For doing this you can use a pen and paper handy or you could use your cell phone to record a brief line about the seed of the idea which you can use later to refresh your memory.

Later when we have more time we can check out the thoughts that we have jotted down and start to develop them further. This method will allow us to do justice to all ideas that occur to us without worrying about how to remember them.

I often need to write on digital scales and if a fleeting though occurs to me I use my cell phone and speak out the idea briefly. Later I do the research related to the idea and write out the full article. I hope you find this approach useful as well.

Author bio : Mark Floyd has over 15 years experience in the digital scales industry. He has been a part of it, as better products have been launched over the years & have changed how weight is measured around the world. You can know more about floor scale, NTEP floor scale and other scales at his web site

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