Make your blog fun to read by using analogies

There are now thousands upon thousands of blogs on the net and of these some get read more than others. One can expect the average blogger to be making a sincere attempt at writing useful content but some succeed in attracting readers more than others. And one reason for this has to do with the presentation of the content.

You may want to write on topics that are far removed from everyday life and may seem quite irrelevant to the average reader. So how do you make the reader get interested? Well let me explain this with an example. Let us say you want to write about cat back exhausts. You may already have knit your eye brows and asked what is that. So we must quickly explain what it is in few simple words. A cat back exhaust is a product that you can buy for your car that helps the exhaust gases from your car leave the engine quickly and easily. The engine then does not need to push out the gases as much and your car becomes more energy efficient.

But still it will be tough to get someone to relate to the product and get excited about it. So here is the key to making people relate. Bring in an analogy with something that one encounters often in life. So here is the analogy, imagine you have to leave your city in your car to travel to another city. If the exit roads have lots of turns and traffic you will make a slow exit and spend a lot of time and effort getting out of the city. On the other hand if there is a clear straight road with little traffic that leaves the city you will make a quick effortless exit. And a cat back exhaust is like the straight fast road out of the city for the exhaust gases.

You can similarly come up with analogies for other car related products such as body kits and cold air intakes. Analogies leverage past learning to help with new learning and make absorbing new information simpler. You can try them next time you write a blog post.

Author bio : Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket articles industry for over 7 years. He enjoys getting able to accomplish humans adore account about abstruse articles such as physique kits, headlights and added aftermarket products. You can apprentice added about car aftermarket articles at his website ilovebodykits.

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