Keep Your Children Active

Sometimes making sure your children are getting enough exercise is not always easy. While in school most children will attend a physical education class at least once a week. When your children are not in school for the summer it can be very easy for them to just sit in front of the television and watch cartoons all day long. It is very important to get your children involved in some kind of physical activity.

There are many sports that children can participate in during the summer. Softball and little league football are two examples. Soccer has become very popular for both boys and girls to play. This can be especially fun if their friends are involved in the same thing. If you enroll them in something that is completely new to them this can be an exciting time too.

There are many indoor activities that children can participate in. Enroll them in a dancing class like ballet or a gymnastics class. Karate or Judo classes are also great for children. What the activity is does not really matter. Just that fact that your child is doing something physical will not only help them keep fit but it will also help them mentally. Exercise can improve a person's mood. Make sure you make it fun for them. If they are playing sports get them the right shoes or buy wristbands to go with their outfit or just something that will make it a little more fun for them. Fortunately the game systems that are out today are geared toward physical activity. A lot of the games involve standing and moving. This is great because children still get to play the games but aren't sitting for hours with a controller in their hands doing nothing else.

It doesn't have to be an organized sport to be good for kids. One of the best times during the summer months to be outside is early evening. Right when the day is starting to cool down and just before it gets dark. When I was growing up all the kids in the neighborhood would get together outside and play tag or hide and seek. There were other games such as Mother May I and Red Light Green Light. We had lots of fun running around catching lightening bugs. It was at least a good hour of physical activity. The most important thing to remember is not every child is going to be interested in the same thing.

You might have one child who loves to play softball. Another one might rather go swimming or roller skating. Whatever the activity is you want to make sure that you encourage your child to pursue their interest.

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