The easiest technique is to calculate the ideal Weight

The ideal weight according to everyone's tastes and habits do not change, there is a computational technique. If you're wondering here's how we calculated the ideal weight used by doctors in the technical.


For women: the first 1.5 meters of 45 for your height, weight, and 2.2 pounds for each additional 2.5 cm add.
As an example, your height is 160 cm your ideal weight would be 45+8.8=53.8 kilograms.

For men: the first 1.5 meters of your height to 48 pounds, 2.7 pounds for each additional 2.5 cm add.
As an example, 180 cm in height, your ideal weight would be 48+32.4=80.4 kilograms.
Small hill tiplerdenseniz calculated ideal weight should be reduced by 10 percent, 10 percent of those who can add to portly.

Fat ratio and body mass, more or less the definition of overweight used to make. These measurements are done by a specialist in nutrition and diet. But you can easily make this calculation for yourself . For men and women are different.
For women: the appropriate 20-percent body fat is 21. In other words, only 20 percent of body weight or fat should be 21. Women with more than 30 percent fat are considered obese.

For men: a low -fat percentage of 13-17. More than 25 percent of those who are considered obese.
Body mass index (BMI), diet book of all passes. Mixing of mind, this is an indirect estimate of body structure. Has to take into account weight and height. Is also used to calculate the susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Remind you that the different definitions of overweight and obese. Not mean the same thing. Kilos of weight adjustment is appropriate, but for those who are regularly and continuously, can be obtained by adjusting the amount of physical activity and eating. Dangerous to give excessive weight to intentionally lose weight can lead to low. They can maintain their weight with the treatment of these people for their continuous need to obtain sufficient quantities of food. Ideal weight and stay. Weight you want to stay use the following formula, calculate the amount of total calories a day you should take: If you are inactive or obese, as above, calculate your ideal weight and 10 calories a day to get 450 grams each.

Less moving or greater than 55 years: 13 calories a day should be your ideal weight for every 450 grams.
Regular exercise, if you are: your ideal weight should be 15 calories a day 450 grams each.
If you are a regular intense exercise: 18 calories a day should be your ideal weight for every 450 grams.
Mobility and exercise, making the classification is as follows. Regular and planned at those sports do not make a mobile call or occasional sports. Several times a week, 30-60 minutes, swimming, fast walking or running in the middle decede activity, making them intensely 4-5 days a week for 60 minutes and call-intensive activity. In fact, the diet is simple to do. A little math can easily get rid of some weight is to break the psychology and health.

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