Physiological need for sleep varies according to age. Sleeps 18-20 hours a day for a new born baby. A little boy sleep 12-14 hours a day. An adult person per day varies between 7-9 hours sleep time, at least 5-6 hours of sleep per day is required in the elderly. Human sleep and would have as much as the young. An adult person must be at least 5-6 hours sleep. Normal sleep 7-9 hours. In some cases, people even sleep in 10 hours is not abnormal. for the body because it may be a need for.

Phase passes through a normal night of sleep 5. Also experienced the so-called rabbit's sleep to dream. and often woken up after dreaming. Or, during a dream. During the first 1-2 hours of sleep is an important growth hormone in the body, and then secretes the hormone cortisone. From the fatigue resulting from long-time sleep, caused by the lack of hormones mentioned. Review, some people are complaining can not get sleep, slept a normal person shows up. These people can not play them for that deep and long sleep patterns. They have to get out of bed early in the morning.
David Ludwig of America: The critical borderline obese children springing from their families aspirations to discuss

Children's Hospital in Boston who served United States of America Dr David Ludwig in America Medicine, wrote the journal article stirred up a row.

Obesity is a serious disease in the United States and growing every day as it is known, in case of illness. And every day that are also taking new measures may be taken against obesity.

D. Ludwig wrote in the journal American Medicine article stating that the United State a large number of obese children has included the following words: task of the state will have to help obese children. Rarely seen a solution to get the children from their homes "he said.

This promises to American and then saw their colleagues as well as families react. Arising from having to make explanations D. Ludwig, I'm just exhausted all the remedies I wanted to draw attention to the training halls of residence may be the last address. "he said.

Of course, a period of time is required to listen to all the people. Lack of sleep, Lead to physiological and psychological problems. Insomnia may occur as a sign of serious diseases. Among the problem caused by inadequate sleep: fatigue, nervous, forgetfulness comes first. Avoid taking sleeping pills to combat insomnia. Because of these benefits is more than temporary harm.Health Information

Blood pressure in the arteries varies according to age of the person. In general, how young people in the low blood pressure, insomuch, how old is the blood pressure insomuch if highs. Younger a person is considered high blood pressure, a pressure, a person normally include the elderly. High blood pressure is often between 40 and 60 years of age, who tend to gain in weight, and most occur in people who smoke. But at the same time, for any reason, for example, was very angry in his youth had fun with the disease has been picked more or rising blood pressure in people, advanced age, high blood pressure can be seen constantly.

Both mother and father, people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure likely to be later than fifty percent. If you have hops to high blood pressure in one of the parents alone, the probability drops to 30 percent.

Patients admitted to a doctor with complaints of high blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, first doctor to treat the symptoms. The patient need to do absolutely nothing if he quit. Because tobacco narrows and clogs the blood vessels are closer and closer. And reduces oxygen in the blood.

Plays an important role in high blood pressure diet. ratio of high blood pressure is higher than in Western countries, third word countries. This situation of poor countries, more simple, less processed diet food that are estimated to be between endurance. A healthy diet based on natural foods that are useful in combating high blood pressure. herbs and paw through the vessels to relax can be effective for treatment of paper. Kidneys, diuretics, showing an opposite effect of salt water output narrowed been picked, gives positive results in the treatment of high blood pressure, reduce salt in foods. Affecting the functioning of the body over any object, for example, stimulants such as tea and coffee can increase blood pressure.
Return to the inner universe of man's daily jar set aside, in this way can provide a calm, yoga, and walked away from the tightening of the soul itself in similar ways to treat high blood pressure.

According to experts the beauty of the skin just below the top cellulite no longer in the oil and water do not change and gel-like substances formed in the small bumps.

Clusters of fat cells in the body is found in the usual layer of under the skin. These cells are held together via fiber networks formed by connective tissue cells. Connective tissue cells in case of poisoning according to the theorty of cellulite, connective tissue cells in the body leads to the accumulation of waste materials and 

water in fat cells. Nervousness non difficulties fatigue, inactivity, excessive amounts of toxic drugs to the body system factors. In addition, circulatory disorders, poor eating habits and lose less water consumption is also an important factor in the health of the body. Disposal of waste materials from the body slowly accumulates in tissues.
What is and What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite, above ass, doctors do not accept as a special case, the more calories you as a result of human. Get too much food, the body can cause weight gain. And this is the new oil tank easily. Because fat cells to grow in number and volume of available cells. Clusters of fat cells expand and proliferate under the skin, connective tissue fibers is ejected and the surface looks rough skin.

Causes of cellulite

Doctors and bad eating habits as well as the situation caused by lack of movement of the opinion. In addition, smoking and too much as it does not deal with ones own health status is a fact to be harmful. But to this day there is a link between obesity, body, damaging any evidence that these substance were found.

In a study of cellulitis in the UK experts examined sample of tissue taken in the body that fat cells in these section only, there is more water, connective tissue, found that if an exception.

Cellulites is not correct to suggest women gathered in certain parts. Anywhere in the body of a slight tightening of the case of fat fingers of a department under pressure due to displacement of fat cells, such as orange peel skin a rough appearance. Poor women and infants, even in this situation can be observed even 18 months.

However, a fact that the oil is collected more quickly in some parts of the body. not with standing accumulation in women but for men this is more hip and neck and is part of the stomach, especially in the abdominal area.

Cellulite is thought to be hereditary and partly controlled by hormones.

Body fat in men and women is relatively smaller than those that were available. Not with standing weight% of the men, the consists of fat. For this reason, cellulite is not event surprisingly present in women more that men limitations.
This question remains a subject of debate among scientists, social scientist and mental. Of course, every human being is a "how many, or Fight" is the mechanism. This mechanism is concerned, we feel anger people or cause physical changes in the body prepares to flee or fight. This issue focuses on two points in the discussion. First, the innate human instinct of aggression and just have a spontaneous, or only when you receive a warning which is very active and "learning" there is a reaction gained through?

However the view on this issue and to discuss any definitive conclusion is not possible to prove.

Some scientists regard this animal as an example. Animals have to be aggressive to survive and defend their territory. According to those who defend this view, people can show the moment for reasons of aggression. Aggressiveness leads to disqualification of the weak, prevents the extinction of species.

Be assumed by freud in psychoanalysis, such as in the opinion, even if the innate human instinct of aggression and guilt feelings of disenchantment resulting from the purely negative attribute. It is possible to redirect the incentive to aggression. Indeed, experiments on children are displaying aggressive tendencies after watching violence on TV has proved. Suggest that it is possible not be aggressive in controlling this phenomenon.
Amplified, run the support muscles of her breasts develop. These muscles behind the breast tissue, the arms are at the top and back. In the chest area below the normal body size in this case provides a larger and more ostentatious display would be appropriate to create lines. On the contrary the problem only from the grit size and clumsy thorax, addiction is caused by a decrease in size without excess part of the disposable. Thus, the body lines look smoother gain.

Must useful to support the muscles of the chest is provided with swimming movements. The muscles work against the water pressure and the resistance movements in water.
Your personality is composed of many years, but it also develops and may constantly change. With small effort to get positive results in this regard:

  • In the current circumstances and external conditions because of the other drop the charges. Do not talk to others you provided the failure. Around you are doing well or not working tell you that your business. You already know you. Try to understand yourself, what is your lack. Possible to see the correct ones. Learn to accept things as if your life Your test result will change.
  • I am just a housewife, or the lower side of my job as a secretary. When You Get Compliments seriously. Meet with you comments about the tolerance of others. About the tasteless jokes of those who remember that they've actually put out their own personalities.
  • Believe  in your own feedback. Give yourself, your Decisions. When you want say no, say no. Please feel free to say what you think, everyone has the capability of contributing.
  • Your own happiness or miseries. Others more happy, more Successful, Richer Stop thinking.
  • The important thing in your lifetime. Note that this will shape your life in your own opinion of what is the most accurate insights. How to organize your life in your environment should behave and how, see think their lives said, its smoother this observation may be stimulating for you.
The way to have a health body is through sports. Together with other in a wide variety of sport, more preferred ones in the sports. Forcing himself to make sport alone, many people are energized. However, tennis, volaybol, others played games such as basketball or gymnastics club is easy to participate in the work. In addiction, make new contacts and expand the way people around to do with the sport also finds the possibility of having friends. Develop a human form involved is sport increases self-confidence.

Playing sport is the heart and lungs work better. Sport to prevent premature aging of the respiratory organs and muscles of the body.
Back Care

Back no matter what age are required to do maintenance. Among adults, regular exercise and back care, especially the importance of back takers do not count for much back pain are numerous. Nothing the spine to the body when carrying out moisture, is also considered the importance of back care.

Spine, spinal marrow, passes them consists of 33 vertebrae. Here the brain, spinal marrow and other parts of the body is spread between the pairs of nerves that make up a communication network.

Provides vital support to the spine to the body. Carries the weight of the head and body. Back pain is usually sub-districts, on or near the spine and bend to get something from the ordinary, such as a movement begins. Therefore, the care of back pain to take care not to draw back, and spine is very important to avoid extreme movements. In addition, the spine of women during pregnancy and menstrual periods are required to refrain from challenging movements.
Foot Care

Face the mirror of the feet
as stated in the foreign proverb tired feet in the shoes that rub against your body for any reason, fails to fulfill the function of supporting the body are affected.

Foot is one of man's most important organs. However, the concerned people at the show's feet. must be done to applied. Most people standing for hours on hard and rough surfaces.

Skin care does not give serious attention to her feet and legs into the bloodstream. Thus, the foot ailments such as corns, the narrow, tight shoes, distorts the feet.
Period Piece Back Pain

Women more susceptible to ridge pieces are positioned before and during menstruation. This result is caused by the influence of hormones. And the body stats to prepare for the birth of the spine during pregnancy is relaxation. For this reason, the menstrual cycle, and six months after birth, the body force.

The most important symptom of the crisis, the differentiation person's normal behavior. Differences vary from person to person. Extreme anxiety and extreme recession here in the from of the differences in behavior will be mentioned. The following list of symptoms is not a sort method for measuring the degree of depression.

Personal Responses
Eating Junk Food

Inability to pay attention
Continuing tensions

Feeling deserted
Feeling of Desolation
Continuous miff miffed

In both, the joint
Excessive smoking
Excessive drinking
Difficulty sleeping

Differentiation behavior

Easily routed
Entering the continuous debate
Marriage in destructive behaviors
Ignore all over himself

The control of behavior changes that can not be
Decreased productivity
Favoritism from work
Response delay

In both, the Joint
Incorrect Behavior
What is a Mastectomy

Simply means taking the breast mastectomy. However, breast cancer surgery, might not always be due to be taken of the breast. Surgeons at the part to be taken from the breast surgery facilities to the extent used to pay attention. Only tumor size and from of the breast leads to little change taken. However, the same is not the case for each tumor. The doctors will do surgery, which would indicate the status of the patients Usually open and the most Successful operation.
Wedge Cross Section: with the tumor tissue to be around

Partial mastectomy: close to half of the breast to be part of

Simple or full mastectomy: the breast and some underarm glands taken

Radical mastectomy: the breast and armpit glands to be great
The importance of smell in odors is enormous. Secreted from special glands in odors smell the smells, called the phenomenon. The female to male scent secreted by the female's mate is a symptom indicating that it is ready.

Affected and not affected by odors of human sexual behavior is not yet fully clear. However, special glands located around the organ in the human being and sexual.

These glands produce a scent, starting puberty. Experiments carried out to determine the significance of this scent for people. But this smells more sexual desire for men and women perfumes in the remarkable effect on the fully proven.
The spiral path of offspring must be inserted by a doctor. Before inserting the spiral is a general examination. It is checked whether the woman is pregnant. Measure the depth of a thin bed of offspring. The status is determined. Women my feel discomfort, but pain is felt throughout these procedures.

Then, the spiral tube is placed in a small piston. Progeny progeny bearing tube is passed through channel is placed in the bed. The piston is pushed against the walls of the spiral is based on the free bed is released offspring. Tube is withdrawn. Spiral threads, so that the path is cut 3 cm part of the offspring. All these operations take only a few minutes.

After placing the spiral, abdominal pain or back pain may be mild. May be bleeding. But they do not last long. Contractor placed the body of a woman than spiral can be just as troublesome. Women should loosen up the spiral phase tripping. Spriralin the removal phase, the spiral is drawn by keeping off the ropes with a special instrument. But in this process should be made permanent by a physician.