Back Care

Back Care

Back no matter what age are required to do maintenance. Among adults, regular exercise and back care, especially the importance of back takers do not count for much back pain are numerous. Nothing the spine to the body when carrying out moisture, is also considered the importance of back care.

Spine, spinal marrow, passes them consists of 33 vertebrae. Here the brain, spinal marrow and other parts of the body is spread between the pairs of nerves that make up a communication network.

Provides vital support to the spine to the body. Carries the weight of the head and body. Back pain is usually sub-districts, on or near the spine and bend to get something from the ordinary, such as a movement begins. Therefore, the care of back pain to take care not to draw back, and spine is very important to avoid extreme movements. In addition, the spine of women during pregnancy and menstrual periods are required to refrain from challenging movements.

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