Sexual Development in Children

When they identified as male or female based on biological features to have differentiates. Sexuality added to the structure of this biological, sociological, psychological and philosophical dimensions, including a broader definition. Before birth until death feelings, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and experiences with a developmental technique. Expected a definite period of life sexual feelings, beliefs and behaviors that choose age-appropriate sexual development.

Our knowledge of sexual development and psychosexual development theory is based on knowledge related to the essential. Faced with plenty of positive and negative criticism of the period of this theory has been developed by Freud in 1915. Theory of psychosexual development to this day remains steady. The preliminary criticism of this theory resulted from the mixing of imported kid's sexuality and adult sexuality. In fact, kids of parents who need advice about their sexuality, the sexuality of kids and adults see the mix before surgical procedure.

Different growth stages of psychosexual development, sexual energy by turning to various body parts. Mouth the first year requirements, satisfactions, and the outside surroundings is used in dealing with organ. Children to get to know everything taking them to their mouths, and it recognizes the care of the world with their mouths turn yellow. Their mothers to children from sucking her fingers sucking them in to practice periods. After the first ages of the mouth of the kid to pee or poop to give the location of the pleasure and starts laying the ability to control. Kids much enjoy having the control in the hands of their own. The second year, kids as well as the ability of gold in the work of cleaning or because of urinary tract infections and diaper rashes in this region become aware of the sex organs. In general, the body likes of touching the genitals touched in the work of this period the gratification encouraging. In addition to being female or male at this age also start on the first differences. Which is like a sister or brother to kid sexual games to understand the work, by establishing the period after the entire identification with same-sex parent. In summary, this identification of the kid's interest in sexuality and the body related to the efforts aimed at the continuation of pleasures. Dwindling interest in this place between the ages of about 3-5 more pleasurable and satisfying interpersonal interaction, and learning to play with the efforts of his friends leave.

These identifications and the effect of sex hormones in puberty earlier and sexual identity is created. Referred to here is no longer includes the steps of adult sexuality. Because his belief technique and the effect of hormones was similar to adults.

Here, sexuality is a part of the natural mental and physical development were studied to highlight the knowledge transferred. Parents, teachers and school administrators transferred from here to learn more, contact their kids are necessary to provide correct knowledge on a scientific foundation. You have no idea, "I have no idea," able to say, speak a language they understand them. Their language is the language of medicine and associate your dirmeli, reactions to their physical, mental, and psychosocial development adapted to the level of property. Providing knowledge on sexual matters as well as all kinds of kids whose parents have confidence to speak to.

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